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If available, multiple free night certificates may be used for a single stay, however each certificate must be booked separately. Once your first reservation is confirmed you will be prompted to reserve additional nights on a separate reservation. EXPERIENCE AN EXCITING ASHEVILLE ESCAPE AT OUR HISTORIC HOTEL.

Serving guests for over a century, The Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes you with a tradition of southern hospitality amidst the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Relax in our unique subterranean spa or enjoy a round of championship golf on our Donald Ross-designed course. When it’s time to dine, enjoy one of our four locally-sourced restaurants. Then, retreat to stylish rooms with stunning views and plush bedding. We know you’ll enjoy the classic comfort and modern convenience of our resort. Whether escaping for a romantic getaway, retreating for rest and relaxation, or looking for a family-friendly vacation, The Omni Grove Park Inn is the ultimate Asheville, North Carolina destination with special packages that will fit all lifestyles. 30% off best available rate for new and current Select Guest® Members of the Omni Loyalty program. Make that special someone’s day and gift a getaway.

Pricing and availability based on your current search, and exclude taxes and fees. For over a century, The Grove Park Inn has been, and will always be, about creating wonderful memories. Take a moment to view our photo gallery and envision yourself at our historic resort. CBD Patches — a Guaranteed Method of Cannabinoid Delivery — Explained. From tinctures to edibles to capsules , oils , vape cartridges, and even flower, cannabidiol (CBD) products come in a dizzying array of forms, each with individual consumption methods. So you'd be forgiven for thinking CBD patches are just another item on the list. Below, we'll explain why CBD patches offer benefits other CBD products can't touch. Easy, accurate and effective, CBD patches are as simple as it gets, even if the technology behind them is complex. In this guide, we take a close look at different types of CBD patches, how they work and how best to use them. We'll wrap up with a list of three CBD patches worth trying. Transdermal patches may be relatively new in the cannabis realm, but the technology has been around for decades. The concept is very similar to nicotine or birth control patches, with a few innovative twists that ensure the patch can effectively deliver CBD to your bloodstream. They're patches that contain a measured dose of cannabidiol molecules, typically infused in an isolated solution, gel, or oil. Combined with carriers and permeation enhancers, the patch's high concentration of CBD and your skin's low concentration of CBD helps move the cannabinoids out of the patch and into your body. Not all CBD patches are the same, and their differences come down to the way they're made. Currently, you'll find two different types of CBD patches on the market: matrix patches and reservoir patches. It's important to know the difference between matrix and reservoir patches because one is more effective at delivering CBD than the other. Matrix patches usually contain five layers: a peel-off layer that protects the CBD, a “matrix” layer infused with CBD, a separating layer, an adhesive layer, and a protective backing layer. The adhesive layer holds the matrix layer to your skin, and the CBD molecules move from the patch into your skin's capillaries and from there, your bloodstream. They still have a peel-off layer, an adhesive, and a protective backing, but the key element is the CBD reservoir's permeable release membrane. Manufacturers can fine-tune that membrane to control the CBD delivery rate. This helps ensure that the patch releases CBD at a steadier, more controlled pace, rather than the tapered release of a matrix patch. If you have to pick, you should go with a reservoir patch: they're more effective at releasing CBD at a controlled rate. CBD patches pass CBD directly into our skin cells cannabinoids . Because our cells are made of lipids, and cannabinoids are also lipids, CBD readily diffuses through our cells, eventually making the way to our blood vessels.

In other words, they deliver cannabinoids into your bloodstream through the skin, which allows the CBD to reach your endocannabinoid system, where it binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce a variety of therapeutic effects. But transdermal delivery is still somewhat slow and inefficient. Our skin is very good at keeping out contaminants, toxins, and other compounds, so CBD patches need to be able to bypass the skin's natural protective layers. That's why some CBD patches use “ permeation enhancers ” that give CBD the extra push it needs to enter the bloodstream. Permeation enhancers can take a variety of forms, from chemical solutions to physical enhancers like microneedles. But there are also natural permeation enhancers that are right at home in a cannabis product, such as terpenes and essential oils. CBD patches have the benefit of being an extremely efficient cannabinoid delivery method: about 50% of what is applied to the skin gets into the bloodstream, even without permeation enhancers. When you inhale or ingest CBD, there is less of a guarantee that the molecules will eventually reach the bloodstream. The lungs are relatively good at absorbing CBD (about 50% of what you inhale), but this varies from person-to-person and puff-to-puff.

When ingested, a lot of CBD simply passes through the body without being absorbed at all, and the liver breaks it down as well. Ultimately, only about 5% of the CBD you swallow ends up connecting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) — which is the goal. CBD patches skirt those limitations by allowing you to deliver cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream and ECS with minimal loss along the way. As a bonus, CBD also activates the skin cells directly (without needing to travel through the blood), which could be very beneficial for people with skin disorders . Beyond efficiency and efficacy, CBD patches offer one of the most discreet delivery options.


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