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Plus, their ‘Power Rank’ score means that lots of affiliates are making a lot of money promoting these products. So, you can have all the growing equipment and accessories in the world but without the right cannabis seeds, you’ll never grow high-quality medical marijuana. And that’s where the nice people at Seedsman step into the picture. Growers all over the world have relied on Seedsman as their go-to online seed bank since 2003, and their products are now more popular than ever.

Each of their medical seeds is categorized based on your given health issue, so there’s no guesswork involved in what you should plant and grow. Discreet shipping comes as standard, and they also have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. We broke our own rule here by including an affiliate program without EPC metrics, but Seedsman is one of the most trusted companies of its type in the world. So we’ll update their affiliate metrics when we have more data. Oh, they pay affiliates quarterly, and you also need a minimum balance of $100 to receive payment. Wondering why there are so many affiliate programs for grow tent kits like the ones from Grow Rec Room? It’s because in states where cannabis is legal an adult can grow up to six plants per house. And cannabis plants require a very specific environment to grow, including lots of light.

So the best way to create that environment is in a grow tent with LED lights – like the ones supplied by Grow Rec Room. They even provide an app so you can control your grow tent from wherever you are inside or outside your home. And these guys seem to know what they’re talking about because they recently made the front cover of “High Times.” If you promote this program as an affiliate they’re happy to pay you 10% commission per sale. Grow kits tend to be on the expensive side of things, so affiliates stand to make a decent chunk of change here. That’s why it’s also nice to see a 60-day cookie as part of this affiliate offer – products costing several hundred dollars tend not to be an impulse purchase these days. Cannabis is still illegal in many of the United States and most of the developed world…for now. So the majority of the medical marijuana affiliate programs featured here are for supplies, accessories, cannabis seeds, grow kits, etc. As always, there were tons of cannabis affiliate programs we’d love to have featured but couldn’t because they don’t have publicly available stats – particularly vendors like Smoke Cartel, Green Cultured, and Grower’s Choice Seeds. In a deliberate effort to not muddy the roundup we also didn’t sneak in CBD oil programs or related affiliate marketing offers. We have too much love for our readers and fans to attempt any such shenanigans. Another reason for being straight with you is because we know most affiliate marketing “experts” are anything but. In fact, most of them spend their time just trying to separate you from your cash. But we’d just like to spend time with you – two whole hours of it, where we explain how to get started with your first affiliate marketing site. Just tell us which email address you’d like your invite sent to, and we’ll take care of the rest. Make Money from Legal Cannabis: Affiliate Programs and Resources. This is a growing list of affiliate programs and advertising networks with cannabis-related goods and services. If you publish a website and are looking for an extra income, or you are a full-time digital marketer, I think you will find this list useful. Now that hemp, CBD and other cannabis products are becoming legal in the parts of the US, Canada, Uruguay, South Africa and other countries it’s a great time to get your foot in the door. The legal weed & CBD industry is going to grow for decades to come. One way to do so, without much investment, is by affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people’s products & services and receive a commission.

Below you’ll find our round-up of the most well-known cannabis-related affiliate programs. You get paid a percentage (or sometimes a flat-rate) of sales referred to a merchant. Advertising and Affiliate Networks with Cannabis Merchants. Shareasale.com – Shareasale is probably the longest running/most reputable affiliate network that supports some cannabis-related merchants. If you don’t already have an affiliate account with Shareasale, you’ll need to sign for one before you can access the affiliate programs for these merchants: CBD Dog Health – 10% Commission. I like the landing pages (for example: CBD for cat seizures) and think this would convert well. Diamond CBD – features celebrity CBD brands with nice landing pages including Tommy Chong’s brand of gummies and oils. EveryoneDoesIt – Calls itself the worlds one-stop, online smoke shop. Large selection of bongs, pipes, vaporizers and all manner of other smoking accessories.

GreenGoddessSupply – Popular smoke shop with wide range of merchandise including glass, grinders, vapes and various bundles (great gift ideas). Avid Hemp – Wholesale CBD with affiliate program NotPot CBD Gummies – Vegan CBD supplements.


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