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When you have a sore muscle, an achy back, or minor arthritis pain, you can reach for many different things. I personally would rather reach for Icy Hot than reach for a bottle of pills. While Oral Pain Medication does have it's place, nothing is faster than Icy Hot Gel.

It glides on just where you need it and right away starts easing away any of your aches and pain. It is safe to use on almost any part of your body, avoiding your eyes and mucous membranes of course, and it will start to work immediately. Sure the smell can turn some people off, but personally I enjoy that wintergreen scent and find comfort in it. I have even used Icy Hot Gel on my back during cold season when my breathing is compromised. I do recommend applying it with a clean sock or a rag to avoid accidentally rubbing it in your eyes. As a person who suffers from various aches and pains that tend to occur in your 60's , I have been using this Icy Hot gel for more than a decade . I have some on hand in my medicine cabinet right now as a matter of fact . I suffer from arthritis and this is not what I primarily use this for , but it is great for a stiff neck , muscles aches from hand trimming thick bushes , raking , etc . This is when I run for the Icy Hot when my muscles ache from simple tasks that never bothered me when I was younger but make my muscles scream at this age .

IcyHot goes on as a gel and feels very icy cold at first , bringing a bit of a chock to pain receptors and cooling down the aches in just minutes , After about ten minutes , the cold sensation begins to penetrate the muscle and you will feel a pleasant warming sensation that shows the gel is reaching the deep muscle , bringing deep pain relief for at least a half an hour before you may need to reapply . As with many of these gel pain relievers, there is a strong menthol odor which I personally like but people will be aware of the smell if that is a concern to you . For me , it is worth smelling like menthol to be pain free . The Spanish version of the Icy Hot commercial basically says "get well with the icy-warm feeling. I do not know what this cream is made of but it is worth every penny. The thing is that you DO feel an immediate icy sensation that (I think) triggers your brain to focus on it so that your actual pain shifts in favor of the immediate sensation. Then, (again, I THINK) that as your body acclimatizes to it, the sensation changes and it does feel warm and cozy. Hey, it is all fine and well as long as I do not have cream showing through my clothes, nor do I smell like any kind of medicine. This is why the gel option is by far better than the paster option. If you choose to go with the patches keep in mind that they too have a limit, so you need to re-apply as you go. Overall, for eternal stiff back and shoulders like mine, Icy Hot is part of my personal "army". I so very much wanted to love this topical gel; alas it falls well short of expectations. I thought it would be an improved version of my grandma's old camphor poultices. The thing is while it may provide relief one would have to be totally anosmic to withstand the horrendous smell! Not to mention the overpowering scent transfers to hair, clothes and bedding. I knew I was going to have to live with pain for the rest of my life. When I got pregnant with my son, my back pain got even worse. I have a very short torso so there was very limited space for my baby to grow. I had to get several massage because of the growing knots in my back. I could not afford to be massaged everyday so I needed to look for a cheaper alternative. Don't get me wrong, I still had pain, but I was able to feel relief. The only downfall is it needs to be reapplied quite often. The roll on applicator makes it so easy and it's not messy at all. The odor is strong, but I have bad sinus's so I actually enjoyed the scent because it would help clear up my sinus's. This is a great product, and even though you may not become pain free, you will get relief. I love to use Icy Hot all all my sore muscles, aches and pains.

Effectiveness The burning tingle of the icy hot is a great way to end my day. Ease of Use The deodorant type applicator makes application so easy. Plus it is convenient that it won't get your hands messy . Majestic Spa - Irvine, California 92620 - Woodbury Town Center.

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