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Barking, chewing, howling, cowering, hiding, the whole spectrum of scared puppy actions not only puts stress on your dog, but on you, too. From an upset stomach due to a scary car ride, being too afraid to eat or sleep, or even lashing out in fear, there are dozens of ways stress can overtake our dogs. When it comes to calming treats, there are dozens of options to pick from.

While dogs give us plenty of signs that they are anxious, being able to take stock of just how anxious they are is very important. While there are plenty of guides out there that give you the signs of anxiety and aggression, look at the face, tail, and pose your dog is in. Those three will tell you just about everything you need to know once you know the signs. Dog calming treats are meant to help eliminate that fear and anxiety, so you will not see those signs in your dog. Treats, toys, calming vests, pheromones are all available, and we will be focusing purely on the edible treats for your dogs in this article. Making a vet trip safer and a car ride more manageable, or keeping calm during a thunderstorm or fireworks are all reasons you should have calming treats on hand. If given in proper amounts, yes, all calming aids are totally safe. Many of them use all natural ingredients, such as Melatonin, a common sleep aid, and L-Tryptophan, the amino acid found in turkey that makes us tired, to promote a calmer, more relaxed dog. Some used medicines that can only be given by a vet in more severe cases, but we will be focusing on just the over the counter options that you can take. Just like any oral medication, these treats are eaten by your dog, allowing for the chemical receptors in your dog to receive them, telling the animal that they are safe or comfortable.

If you do not know what certain chemicals or ingredients in your dog’s treats are, looking them up is never a bad plan. Just because it is hard to pronounce does not mean that it is dangerous or toxic. With so many types of calming chews out there, we are going to focus on two main groups: One with Hemp, and one without. Hemp treatments are a relatively new entry into the dog and cat medicine field, but the preliminary results seem to be a big positive, and the results of hemp oil on both dogs and humans is becoming better documented by the day. Take a look below at the top five dog calming aids without Hemp first. These soft treats use a mixture of several different, high-quality ingredients to help soothe and calm your dog. The specific blend they use works wonderfully well for large and small dogs, and has the quality that NaturVet always delivers. If you are looking for one of the best treats available, this is a great choice. This treat uses L-Tryptophan, Thiamine, Melatonin, and Ginger, giving a good balance of ingredients for anxiety, upset stomachs, and aches and pains. This treat is also excellent for keeping dogs from getting too drowsy compared to come of the others, and the blend of ingredients is balanced. Pros: Highly palatable treats mean easy to give Variety of ingredients help effectiveness of treats Multiple size containers. Cons: Slightly drier than other treats Smaller treats mean higher dosages. These chicken flavored, grain free soft treats are another calming aid for dogs who can be a bit more picky about their medicine. The active ingredients in this treat are similar to some of the other treats in this list, but the added ginger and Valerian Root help with nausea and upset stomach better than some other treats can. These treats use Valerian Root, Organic Chamomile, Organic Passion Flower, Organic Ginger Root, and L-Tryptophan, resulting in a good mix of ingredients for a healthier dog. These treats are some of the best when it comes to vomiting and nausea that can result from anxiety or motion sickness. This treat is one of the best when it comes to motion sickness or car rides, rather than just plain anxiety. Pros: Grain-free avoids some food allergies High-quality stomach aids help prevent vomiting, nausea, and loose stool from anxiety. Cons: More ingredients mean a better chance of possible medicinal allergies Small treats require a higher dosage. These wheat calming aids use a blend of various active ingredients to both soothe nerves and stomachs at the same time. The easy to administer soft treats provide both medicine and treat together, as all the soft chews in this article do. The varied mix of ingredients helps provide a better chance of success, in case of the dog being resistant or unaffected by another ingredient. The main active ingredients of these treats are Chamomile, Passion Flower, Thiamine Mononitrate, L-Tryptophan, Ginger, and Melatonin. The ginger and thiamine (more commonly known as vitamin B1), while not as useful for the direct stress, contribute to soothing the upset stomach that can come with stress.

Many calming treats contain ingredients like that in order to solve more than just the anxiety, but many of the side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Pros: Good variety of ingredients for both calming and stomach issues Tasty flavor is enjoyable to dogs Ingredients are well balanced. Cons: Inert ingredients may cause stomach issues Nothing special compared to other treats on the market. These treats use a blend of all natural substances that do well to calm a dog down. However, it is not quite as powerful as some of the others. For smaller dogs that may be more sensitive to these meds, these treats would be an excellent choice, especially if you are worried about how much medicine your dog is getting.

This treat uses Biopeptides, L-Theanine, and Thiamine. While this is not as full of a selection as some of the other treats, the Biopeptides are not found anywhere else, making this option stick out a little more. On top of that, there is also a liquid formula of this calming aid that can be added to water or wet food, in case a dog does not want to take a direct treat. Pros: Small dosages great for little dogs Blend means less chance of dog resisting all ingredients. Cons: Smaller dosages mean less suitable for large dogs Less powerful than some other choices, so less suited for extreme stress.


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