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The organic grocery store opens at the former site of the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library, 9920 Lin Ferry Drive. 10, when the first 250 shoppers in line will receive a free bag of groceries. Every 100th customer throughout the day will receive their groceries for free at checkout. Tuesday will feature representatives from the South County Chamber of Commerce, the Affton Chamber of Commerce and the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Area Chamber of Commerce. The south county location is Fresh Thyme’s fourth store in Missouri.

The latest opening is part of Fresh Thyme’s rapid Midwest expansion with scheduled openings in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and other new markets. The slate of activities on Wednesday includes: Muffin Man (5:30 to 7 a.m.) Welcome speech by store director (6:50 a.m.) Activities Include: Balloon Animals and Face Painting (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) Boar’s Head Hot Dog Cart (Noon to 3 p.m.) Live Music with John Scott (5 to 8 p.m.) Thursday, Oct. 12 Kids’ Activity with Kiwanis Club of Crestwood-Sunset Hills (9 to 11 a.m.) Live Music with Mr. Parker’s Band (5 to 8 p.m.) Beer Tasting (5 to 7 p.m.) Friday, Oct. 13 Kids’ Activity with Angels’ Arms (9 to 11 a.m.) Live Music with Perry Thebeau (5 to 8 p.m.) Saturday, Oct. 14 Balloon Animals and Face Painting (Noon to 4 pm) Live Music with John Scott (Noon to 4 p.m.) Boar’s Head Hot Dog Cart (Noon to 3 p.m.) Kids’ Crafts with South County YMCA (Noon to 2 p.m.) “Fresh Thyme is passionate about their connections to the local community, from stocking local products and produce to hiring local residents and partnering with nonprofit efforts that benefit the residents,” the store said in the release. “To further express its commitment to the south county community, Fresh Thyme will donate store sales from Boar’s Head hot dog proceeds to the Kiwanis Club of South County. In addition, Fresh Thyme will make a $2,500 donation to Angels’ Arms, an organization dedicated to providing and supporting loving homes for foster children, and the Lindbergh High School Band.” Fresh Thyme is a rapidly growing Midwest specialty retailer focused on healthy and organic products and groceries.

It boasts an extensive produce department with organic and local fruits and vegetables, a natural meat department, healthy deli foods to go, bakery goods, 400 bulk food bins, dairy and frozen and health supplement products, according to a news release. Marijuana or weed doesn’t need any introduction, whether you are a new consumer or an old faithful. You might have definitely heard your friends say that the weed they got is sticky-icky, which means it is super high quality. In simple terms, sticky weed is moist enough to turn your finger sticky on touching it. And like you would’ve guessed, it gives you a great buzz. Sadly, sticky weed is difficult to find, since growing it is high commitment and is rarely sold for recreational purposes. If you want to find top-quality sticky weed, you’ll find them compassion centres and dispensaries that are authorised to use weed or cannabis oil for medical purposes. It has a distinct fragrance because it is well-stored, well-cured, and not exposed to oxygen after it was plucked off the plant. Their moisture content is between 63 to 67 per cent, which gives it a moist texture, neither too wet nor too dry. Anything with a musty aroma indicates low-quality marijuana . The stickiness or gooey texture comes from trichomes, which are resin-producing microscopic glands in the flowers, towards the end of their growth cycle. If the flower is picked too early, trichomes won’t be as developed, and the weed will barely have any euphoric effect. There are six different strains of cannabis resin, but the capitate-stalked variety is present in sticky weed, which produces the maximum euphoric effect. Along with resin, trichomes also produce cannabinoids and terpenes, which have proven to fight cancer cells by shrinking the tumours. These chemicals have several other benefits including appetite stimulation, inflammation reduction, reduce depression, and decrease nausea. Also, these chemicals don’t produce unwanted side effects and eliminate the negative effects of other medical drugs. Cannabinoids are further divided into cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, while terpenes are divided into pinene and myrcene and are responsible for the typical cannabis fragrance. Another reason for sticky weed being high quality is that it doesn’t have seeds. The female plant puts a lot of energy into making the seeds, so there’s barely any energy left to develop the psychoactive chemicals. When you buy weed with seeds, you are mostly paying for them and very little of the flower. If you buy weed with seeds, make sure to clean them up properly because they can cause infertility in men. Sticky weed has a rich green color, which indicates that it is of the best quality possible.

It is common to think that because sticky weed is a good weed, dry weed will be bad, but that’s not the case. It produces more number of nugs and is mostly used to make pot brownies because they can be ground up easily. However, it burns faster and hotter compared to sticky weed.

A dry bud is a sticky bud that was kept to dry for too long, and its exposure to oxygen has led to the breakdown of resins. The biggest benefit of the dry bud is you get a larger quantity for the price you pay since they are lightweight (very low in moisture). Regular weed users, go for the dry variety because they have enough psychoactive chemicals to keep you going.


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