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How to Use Already Vaped Bud: 9 Amazing Uses for AVB

In today’s era of cannabis legalization and big business bud, flower vaporizers have emerged as one of the most popular forms of consumption. From tabletop models like the Volcano to sleek handheld vapes from Pax, GPen, and countless other brands, dry herb vaporizers are here to stay and only getting better. Outside of their sleek design, muted odor, and stellar effects, flower vaporizers are a great way to stretch your bag of bud. Because vaporization doesn’t burn your weed, the leftover already been vaped (ABV) flower is perfect for a myriad of secondary uses and will be a lifesaver for any frugal stoner.

What Is Already Vaped Bud (AVB)?

Vaping cannabis is a little different than smoking. Vaped flower has a unique, airy, almost popcorn-like taste, and saves your lungs from the often harsh burn that comes along with combustion. While joints and blunts leave only piles of ash and giggling memories in their wake, vaporizers heat your weed only enough to activate the cannabinoids and leave behind bowls of slightly crispy brown bud.

That leftover weed is AVB or ABV (don’t worry, the acronyms are pretty much interchangeable). Even after a solid session in your vape, the AVB still contains noticeable quantities of THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids. Because the bud was already decarboxylated in the initial vaping process, it can be easily incorporated into a variety of exciting – and intoxicating – homemade creations.

What To Do With Vaped Weed

Water Cure Comes First

Whether you’re going to use your ABV weed for edibles, RSO, or any other infusion, it helps to remove the brown bud’s toasted taste. That’s where a cold cure comes into play. By wrapping your AVB in cheesecloth and letting it soak in room temperature water for a few hours (or overnight for even better results) you will clear out the leftover vape flavor. Once the water turns brown and has time to leech out the undesirable scents and taste, spread the bud out on a baking sheet and let it dry. Because THC is not water-soluble, your H2O cure will still leave behind those precious cannabinoids, and make them smell and taste much better than their original ABV status.

ABV Cannabutter for Edibles

Once you’ve cured your AVB, the most popular secondary use is a batch of edibles. You can follow a standard cannabutter production process and substitute fresh flower with ABV weed to make any number of AVB recipes. Or for an even easier method, use a sous vide machine, slow cooker, or double boiler to simply mix the already-decarbed bud with your favorite butter or oil and let it sit at low heat. From there, any edible recipes become ABV recipes. Once your butter is infused, strain out the plant matter and let the remaining butter solidify before baking magic ABV brownies, cosmic cookies, or just spreading it on toast for an easy infused brunch.

Sprinkle ABV Weed Like Salt and Pepper

If making a batch of cannabutter sounds like too much work after vaping a bowl and water curing it, you can always skip the cooking part and use your herb as, well, an herb. Because the AVB is pre-decarboxylated, you can sprinkle the weed on a salad, steak, or your popcorn for a stress-free and still-effective edible experience. If you’re looking for what to do with AVB, using your leftover bud as a cooking spice is just about the easiest route you can take.

Make A Tincture

Making a tincture from already been vaped weed is a long process, but if you’ve got time to kill, the results are usually well worth the wait. Just like making edibles, using AVB means you can skip the traditional decarboxylation step in your tincture recipe and jump right to infusion. Use a plant-glycerin or high-proof alcohol and very low heat to mix your concoction, but no matter which base you use, remember that ABV weed will produce a weaker tincture than fresh flower, and adjust the recipe accordingly.

Mix AVB With Your Morning Coffee Beans

If the tincture process is a little too involved for your taste, you can still incorporate your ABV bud into your favorite beverage without those extra steps. The versatility of pre-decarbed pot means that you can simply stir your AVB into your morning coffee grounds and brew up a fresh pot of caffeinated cannabis every morning. It might not taste the best, but it will certainly add some pep to your step.

Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

On the other hand, if the tincture process isn’t enough of a science experiment for your taste, you could always extract the leftover cannabinoids and terpenes from your pre-vaped weed. The RSO process requires ethanol, a closed-flame heat source, a few household items, and a lot of patience. Just like tinctures, RSO made with ABV bud will not be as strong as its fresh cannabis counterpart.

Distill a Batch Of Green Dragon

A refined tincture process is designed to compound cannabinoids and terpenes into small quantities of glycerin or alcohol. But if you’re looking for a quick and strong option for your AVB, grab a bottle of high-proof alcohol (151 rum works best) and throw in a healthy handful of water-cured ABV weed. Put that bottle in the closet for a couple of weeks and your next round of shots will come with an extra-strength THC kick. The old school infusion method is perfect for anyone who likes to mix their bud with booze.

Create Cannabis Capsules

Don’t have time for a water cure or can’t seem to get rid of that toasted flavor, you can always make cannabis capsules. Empty easy-dissolve capsules are available online and at health food stores across the country. Simply pack each capsule with ground-up AVB and pop one, or two, or three whenever you need a mid-day pick-me-up.

Pack a Bowl and Smoke Your ABV Weed

Lastly, if none of those options are up your alley, you can always pull out your favorite pipe or papers and spark up your AVB. For this method, skip the water cure, and light up right after removing the crispy flower from your vape bowl. Smoking AVB won’t taste very good, but it will still do the trick and is at least one step up from smoking the resin scraped from the bottom of your pipe.

Do you have other methods for using your already-vaped weed that we didn’t mention? Hit us up in the comments below and let us in on the secret!

In today’s era of cannabis legalization and big business bud, flower vaporizers have emerged as one of the most popular forms of consumption. From tabletop models like the Volcano to sleek handheld vapes from Pax, GPen, and countless other brands, dry herb vaporizers are here to stay and only getting better. Outside of their sleek design, muted odo


How to take advantage of already been vaped cannabis which can contain ten, twenty or more percent of the CBD and THC..

Some people’s favorite thing about vaporizerizers is that they can get the bonus of ABV weed. ABV stands for already been vaped, or the residue, and this residue still contains ten, twenty or even thirty percent of the cannabinoids found in the original vaped product. This ABV can be effectively consumed. This article tells you how to store and use this bonus product.

How to Store ABV

The strength of ABV varies. Depending on the temperature of the Vape, there can be a lot of THC and other cannabinoids with a higher boiling point left in the residue, which again is known as ABV. The way you inhale from your Vape can affect the concentration of the useful ingredients too, if you pull slow, hard or long. A slow drag can extract more of the psychoactive THC. As a general rule, the darker the ABV, the lower the quality of the residue. Dark brown or black residue tends to contain almost no THC, but it still contains something that could be medicinal.

Can you use ABV in edibles or eat it straight up?

Yes, but you need to carboxylate it, which means you have to heat it up over 240 degrees F to convert all the CBD and THC that is left over into an active form.


Dark ABV

If the ABV is really dark, you probably won’t get stoned off it, by you can try it by adding it to a cigarette if you smoke, or to a brownie recipe to see the effect. If there is no noticeable effects, then then super dark ABV is probably a waste of time.

How much ABV to use?

It is hard to tell. It all depends on the product you Vape, the temperatures, the quantity and your inhaling style. By noting the color and your Vape conditions you can figure out how much it takes you to get high. If you have lighter ABV, 2 grams might generate a very good buzz. This kind of ABV contains about ten to twenty percent of the goods as compared to fresh, so you may consume three to six time more than fresh herb to get the same effects.

How does an ABV buzz compare to raw weed?

ABV tends to produce a relaxed body high as opposed to an energetic one, which can be especially good for sleeping issues or winding down. In fact ABV might be proven to be better for those who like the subtle effects of weed. The concentration of CBD can be higher in the ABV and higher doses of ABV edibles can last eight hours. You can even adjust the temperature of your Vape down so that your ABV has more kick in it, while not delivering too potent a dose the first time round.

Can eating ABV capsules give you an upset stomach?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. But it depends on the type of ABV, the quantity and your own biological makeup. Some people find that ABV works well after a meal or even a light snack. In fact, most people that consume the residue don’t have any issues if their stomach has something in it. People with low tolerance for weed find that ABV provides a better and more enjoyable experience all round.

Can I smoke AVB?

It’s an any port in a storm thing. Yes, you can smoke it, but the taste is not very good for most. However, you can mix it with tobacco or even smoke it as an alternative to tobacco.

At the end of the day, ABV is something every Vape user want’s to check out. Do a few experiments with Vaping temperature. Try to lower temperatures and see how you like the effects. You could be pleasantly surprised that you like the lower temperature better than getting a full on blast at higher ones, with the side effect that the ABV is of a high quality, which delivers desirable and different effects as compared to the original Vape experience.

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How to take advantage of already been vaped cannabis which can contain ten, twenty or more percent of the CBD and THC..