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Highland Park, Illinois

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Receive a wide range of therapeutic and health benefits by purchasing the Cannabidiol extract dietary supplements American Science offers. The supplements we offer are infused with Cannabidiol extract enriched with over 80 cannabinoids. You can also avoid the hassle people typically have to deal with when buying CBD or medical marijuana. You don’t need a prescription, don’t need to import it, or be part of a domestic Cannabidiol program.


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Highland Park, Illinois

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Cresco Labs

We are industry experts – leading the cannabis conversation with a dogged dedication to developing quality cannabis products, each one obsessively researched and refined. Our fixation on regulatory compliance, passionate product improvement, and innovation have made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

Joy Organics

Joy’s family run business started with a need. After searching for natural and organic methods to relieve pain and help her sleep, Joy learned about the benefits of CBD oils. To her disappointment, however, she found that only one of the seven biggest CBD brands offered products that gave her relief. The rest? No benefit whatsoever.

Nurturing Hemp

The concept of Nurturing Hemp evolved one day during a conversation between two former high school buddies. The dialogue between the two pals disclosed the evolution of Hemp products in the commonplace market. The discussion advanced just as the Hemp evolution advanced into the alternative medicine realm. As one currently suffered from an old sports injury, the friends expressed interest in looking into the healing benefits of CBD Oil and CBD derived products. CBD products are known to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and for someone looking for a replacement to the addictive properties of painkillers and the side effects…CBD Oil seemed to be a perfect alternative to try. Our Founder, who was there that fine day, decided to research and find if CBD Oil would in fact actually give him an alternative treatment option and relief from the daily knee & joint pain he was experiencing from his old sports injury. After adding CBD Oil to his daily protein shake,

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