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Using customized libraries gives ERASPEC OIL the ability to learn completely new parameters that are not covered by the factory libraries. ERASPEC OIL offers the possibility to plot the measurement results of the used oil analysis directly on the large color touchscreen. This allows to track the temporal changes of parameters of interest. ERASPEC OIL can plot the values of the driven distance of an engine or the operating ours of a gas turbine for example.

All relevant information, such as trending ID, fresh oil spectrum and libraries needed, are pre-configured on the instrument. After selecting the trending ID a measurement is run and the trending graphs are display directly afterwards. That way, for example, a sudden rise in oxidation or a major drop in base reserve will be noted at first glance directly on-site. eralytics’ patented rugged and light-weight FTIR spectrometer design allows measurements giving results as previously known from laboratory systems only. With its ligth-weight instrument design ERASPEC OIL can easily be brought on-site. For the operation at remote locations ERASPEC OIL can also be operated by a vehicle battery. There is no need to send in samples for analysis anymore.

Using ERASPEC OIL you can bring you laboratory oil analysis directly to spot where the analysis results are need. In IR spectroscopy always two measurements are needed: A reference measurement of the background and a sample measurement. Often the reference measurement is performed by filling the measurement cell with a solvent because a measurement of the empty cell is not favorable due to optical interferences. ERASPEC OIL uses a special reference cell to automate the background measurement process. Whenever a new reference is needed the instrument can perform this measurement automatically so that ERASPEC OIL is always ready for the next sample measurement when needed. To perform spectral analysis with the ERASPEC fuel analyzer can be done in 4 sample steps: Select the oil type and enter sample ID, as well as operator name Select the method (Direct Trending, Spectral Subtraction or a Trend) and follow the instructions on the display Put your sample or fresh oil next to the fuel analyzer and insert the inlet tube Press the RUN button. The measurement steps are visualized on the display, showing the deflection of the moving mirror of the interferometer. When the measurement is completed the results are displayed and can be printed or added to a library with a single click. When the sample belongs to a trend measurement, this trend of all corresponding samples can be displayed, too. Degradation Standard Unit Oxidation ASTM E2412, D7414, JOAP, DIN 51453 A/cm Nitration ASTM E2412, D7624, JOAP, DIN 51453 A/cm Sulfation ASTM E2412, D7415, JOAP A/cm Properties 1 Standard Unit TAN ASTM D664 mg KOH g -1 TBN ASTM D2896, D4739 mg KOH g -1 Viscosity Index Viscosity at 40 °C / 100 °C ASTM D445, D2270 VI, cSt Additives 2 Standard Unit 2, 3 ZDDP ASTM E2412, D7412, JOAP A/cm, %, wt% Phenolic Antioxidants ASTM D2668 %, wt% Aminic Antioxidants %, wt% Contaminants Standard Unit 3 Soot ASTM E2412, JOAP, DIN 51452 A/cm, wt% Water ASTM E2412, JOAP A/cm, wt% Ethylene Glycol (Antifreeze) ASTM E2412, JOAP A/cm, wt% Diesel Fuel ASTM E2412, JOAP A/cm, wt% Gasoline ASTM E2412, JOAP A/cm, wt% FAME wt% Polyolester wt% Phosphate Ester wt% 1 … The range and repeatablility for all determined properties depend on the used database. 2 … Additive depletion in % remaining additive are available only for spectral subtraction measurements. 3 … wt% values are determined by an eralytics calibration. Patented rugged FTIR and laser / temperature design for highest precision “Direct Trending” method when no fresh oil can be used during lubricant monitoring “Spectral Subtracting” method for lowest LoD and increase range of oil properties and parameters Easy expandable libraries to tailor the reference matrix to special applications Data evaluation according to latest international standards. Watch this video to get an overview on the standard operation of ERASPEC OIL: From installation to measurement and some extended measuring options. Providing excellent dental care to your entire family is essential to our mission of bringing healthy smiles to everyone. Our inviting office in Milton is built around our patients. We handpicked each member of our team for their talent and commitment to serving patients with quality dental care and customer service. We will listen to your goals, explain your options, and answer all your questions. Explore our site, then call us to talk about what you want from your dentist. We'd love the opportunity to give your family a lifetime of healthy smiles. Pham of Dental 1 in Milton has made it a focus of her practice to stay on the cutting edge of dental technology so that she can provide better, faster service to her patients. This includes digital records, digital X-Ray and CEREC 3D Technology for same-day crowns and tooth restorations. Pham is also proud to be the only Invisalign Platinum Provider in Milton, Braintree, Quincy, and surrounding areas. Come in to our Milton office for a comprehensive evaluation. Has your crown become loose or have you lost a filling? If you are experiencing a throbbing toothache or a loose implant, call the very best emergency dentist in Milton.

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