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Ryan also makes a good point in the Leafly article concerning how a concentrate’s clarity can be misleading. Quite often a clear color can indicate a lack of proper purging, while proper purging can and does darken a concentrate making it more opaque than clear. This is especially the case with alcohol extraction. He points out, “[Steep Hill Labs] has done over 10,000 tests, and when we test these concentrates, it’s more likely that clear shatter is going to have higher parts-per-million residual solvents. That doesn’t mean there’s not clear shatter that doesn’t come out with zero PPMs, it just means that more times than not, (clearer) shatter will have higher parts per million.” Another article by Green Soma, “How to Shop for Marijuana Oil” (scroll down past mid page) goes on to explain, “There are many dark brown oils, which are properly extracted, aromatic, with wonderful affects.

Conversely, there are plenty of lighter gold oils which are actually improperly extracted with bad solvent, and which do not produce the best psychotropic or other affects. Don’t take color as the best indicator.” So what does color tell us? Color is affected by many factors from growing, through harvest, all the way to a concentrates final purge. A big influence is how long after harvest the cannabis was extracted. Fresh trichomes, like in live resin and fresh frozen, will inevitably extract with a much lighter color. However, if the cannabis used in a live resin was not grown well and the trichomes didn’t mature well it will still be very light in color and pretty in appearance, while a darker concentrate produced from material grown and cured by a master will be darker and vastly superior quality. Furthermore, if the lighter live resin wasn’t purged well it would be even lighter, and if the darker extract was perfectly purged it would be even darker. Just like everything, color is not a reliable indicator of what’s on the inside.

Hands down, the best way to control quality is to grow yourself, harvest yourself, and extract yourself, then, you can be absolutely certain of what‘s in your final concentrate. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that kind of time or talent, so we have to exercise caution in our purchasing decisions. When purchasing concentrates you can’t be positive of the original material’s origin, but you should always ask the question and demand a solid answer. If the answers aren’t forthcoming nor satisfactory, don’t buy. If you’re comfortable with the origin of the cannabis used in the concentrate’s production then an initial visual inspection should confirm three things. First, there is no foreign object contamination incorporated due to an unclean working area. Second, the color of the concentrate is reasonably consistent throughout the sample. Swirling of considerably inconsistent color is sometimes referred to as “poop-soup”, indicating poor butane purging. Third, for smoking material, there shouldn’t be any green or black coloration. *photo and caption from below referenced article ‘How To Tell If Marijuana Dabs Are Good Or Bad’ Lastly, rely on your nose, it’s the best quality analysis tool we amatures have access to. A full, clean aroma is going to be your best indication of quality processing performed well from beginning to end. To illustrate how your eyes can be deceived while the nose is most reliable I love this account of identifying the best concentrate in the above photo in The Weed Blog’s ‘How To Tell If Marijuana Dabs Are Good Or Bad’. The darkest concentrate was by far the best quality of the four samples. Further proof that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to discerning concentrate quality for yourself! The undeniable ultimate measure of quality is proximity . If you’re the only one with smoke at the party, your shizzle is top quality! Top quality e-liquid with OG Kush terpenes from Cali Terpenes . Vape with real OG Kush flavor and enjoy making some tasty clouds. Discount for quantity: Quantity 1 3-4 5-9 10-19 +20 Price 7,50€/u 6,75€/u 6,38€/u 6,00€/u 5,62€/u. The OG Kush e-liquid with terpenes from Cali Terpenes is ideal to vaporize directly in e-liquid vaporizers . Vape lovers, enjoy now the e-liquid with real OG Kush flavor. It can also be used to dilute concentrates like Rosin or BHO and vaporizing them in an e-cig or vaporizer. Flavour of OG Kush e-liquid: The OG Kush e-liquid have an intense and fruity flavour reminiscent to forest fruits and citric Diesel-type touches, for the OG Kush terpenes ( OG Kush aroma ) added in the formulation. Technical characteristics: 0% THC, CBD, CBG, CBN… 0% Nicotine PG/VG proportion (Propylene Glycol /Vegetal glicerine): 90/10.

Recommendations: Do not use in pregnants and under of 18 years old. To get a better experience in flavour and enjoy a vaporization as healthy as possible we recommend to use atomizers with 1 ohm resistances at least . Once you fill the atomizer with e-liquid, let it stand for a while so that the resistance absorbs the e-liquid, otherwise you can burn the resistance of the atomizer and taste burnt. Do not vaporize with the atomizer partially empty (less than a quarter of its capacity), so you can burn the resistance of the atomizer. Mode of use: Shake well before use, fill the atomizer up to the size indicated on your type of atomizer. Formats: Package: 10ml bottle PET transparent, dropper obturator, capful with evidence of tampering and child proof (ISO 8317). Vape lovers, enjoy now the e-liquid with real OG Kush flavor.

It can also be used to dilute concentrates like Rosin or BHO and vaporizing them in an e-cig or vaporizer.


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