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Avida CBD Coupon

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Avida is a premium brand that creates a line of high-quality CBD vape juice, oil, and isolate. Like most other CBD companies, Avida’s products are lab-tested to ensure purity and consistency.

About Avida

Avida was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping people live an active, healthy lifestyle. Their commitment to using the highest-quality organic and ethical materials ensures that you’ll get a great product every single time you order.

Avida was founded with three core principles:

  1. Let the customer know exactly what they are getting
  2. Only offer the best CBD products at affordable prices
  3. Offer a five-star customer experience

Based on feedback from real customers, it’s safe to say that Avida is living up to their lofty goals.

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AVIDA CBD Products Review

Brand Overview

AVIDA is a relatively new company that was founded in 2018 with three core principles: Let our customer know what they are getting, only offer the best CBD products at affordable prices, and offer a 5-star customer experience.

All of AVIDA’s products come from US grown hemp in the state of Colorado. Further, all of their products are manufactured in a clean and safe, GMP certified facility and then third-party tested to ensure the purity and potency to what is advertised on the their label. To achieve the quality and consistency of their products, the company has implemented its own in-house, standard process, or AVIDA Core, which it follows during the complete manufacturing process. During cultivation testing is done to ensure the soil is absent of any heavy metals, pesticides, and molds. After cultivation, the raw materials are then processed through AVIDA Core’s proprietary extraction processes to remove all THC and produce the purist CBD isolate.

At the time of this review, AVIDA offers CBD oils, vape juices, and topical products to their online customers. It’s worth noting that in addition to their full spectrum oils, they are one of the few companies to also offer a broad spectrum CBD oil.

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AVIDA Vape Juices

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Online Shopping

We found AVIDA’s website to be delightfully easy to use and the overall shopping experience superb. All products are clearly described in great detail on the website, with their third-party lab certificates readily available to view. Additionally, AVIDA’s site offers informational resources, including an FAQ and blog, for those seeking general information related to CBD.

One area that we found to be a bit lacking on AVIDA’s site is the number of product reviews. We’d like to see more reviews and testimonials for each of their products. That said, of the product reviews on their site, all were very positive. It’s also plausible to believe that AVIDA is a newer company and they just haven’t gotten due recognition yet.

AVIDA offers a few shopping incentives for its customers. One incentive is a free rewards program that allows customers to earn one reward point for every dollar spent on their products. For every 100 reward points earned, customers wil receive a $5 credit on future purchases, even for sale and promotional items. Lastly, AVIDA offers free shipping on all orders of at least $75 and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all their products.

Final Thoughts

AVIDA is a company that truly gets it. With so many CBD products available online and questions as to what exactly is in many of them, it’s evident that AVIDA truly cares about their products and customers when it comes to being transparent about the source of their products and how they are produced. AVIDA has made quality and consistency in their products the overall priority by taking great care in its hemp cultivation, adhering to its own rigourous, in-house production standards, and ensuring each product has been third party tested. We like that it’s very easy to locate each product’s lab certificate on their site. An additional reason customers can feel good about purchasing from AVIDA is that they are dedicated to utilizing eco-friendly practices when producing their products.

We think AVIDA’s products are a fantastic offering to customers looking for many options in their CBD products. AVIDA’s CBD oil line will meet any customers personal needs and preferences by offerring Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate options. We’d love to see additional flavors offered in the future for their full and broad spectrum lines, but the available spearmint is more than adequate and very flavorable. Speaking of flavors, AVIDA’s vape juices are some of the best tasting CBD products we’ve come across. Combine that with the high quality of their CBD isolate and you have a truly special vape juice. Lastly, AVIDA’s website offers a convenient and informative shopping experience for customers. We feel that their product prices are reasonable and affordable, offering great value for the high quality and effectiveness of the CBD they produce.

In summary, we believe AVIDA is hitting on all three of its aformentioned core principles and we highly recommend their brand. If you are already a loyal AVIDA customer, we’d love to hear about your experience using their products. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

AVIDA CBD Products Review Brand Overview AVIDA is a relatively new company that was founded in 2018 with three core principles: Let our customer know what they are getting, only offer the best