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Some stoners swear that there are certain “symptoms” they experience after smoking weed that are much more prevalent than others. What I mean is that some smokers always feel light headed but never get the munchies. Other stoners always get the munchies and always get tired, but never get paranoid.

However, there are certain signs that seem to pop up again and again that are almost like symptoms of the stoned effect. What’s interesting is that some of these symptoms are the reasons that stoners love marijuana, while the very same effects are the reason some people choose never to smoke again. The very sensations that are linked with feeling calm and relaxed can be the same sensations that are linked with anxiety and paranoia after smoking weed. You never really know which side you’re going to tinker on. But your attitude towards smoking weed will mean a lot. That should mean a lot for the topic of warped time perception. It is a particularly common experience among first time smokers.

However, if you’re starting to feel anxious and wanting the stoned effect to go away, a warped sense of time can be really uncomfortable. Just as with time perception, I think the symptom of spacing in and out is something that you come to manage after frequent marijuana use. I can liken it as phasing in and out of your mental world. Marijuana can have the effect of making thoughts overactive, and it becomes easy to get “sucked in” to that world. The effect is so strong that there is almost a forgetfulness of the people around you. But in a moment, whether it is triggered by the sound of one of your friends or by music, your attention is brought back to the physical world. One of the medicinal values of marijuana is that it is a muscle relaxant. After using, you can feel immediately that all the knots in your body simply fall away and that there is a sense of freedom about the physical body. For some this sensation can cause laziness or drowsiness, a sensation of wanting to go to sleep. Because of the previous two, there can be the feeling of increased energy in the body. When some people’s muscles get relaxed, they feel this as the perfect time to go for a walk or do some stretching. The mental activity paired with the physical relaxation can actually cause the feeling that it is time to do something creative, such as make music, paint, dance or do yoga. This has more to do with the emotional consequences of smoking weed, and it is probably what Bob Marley was talking about in his songs. Smoking weed can come with a sense of euphoria or joy that is unparalleled with any other high. It is like having no worries in the world, or literally not giving a shit about anything. This is the place where people lose all of their inhibitions, have increased libido, increased self-confidence and a sense of “flow” with all that is happening around. The feeling of paranoia is something that comes up a lot on the topic of smoking weed. It is the flipside of the care-free attitude that can happen sometimes. It’s the sensation of giving too many shits about everything , causing a sense of anxiety, mistrust or paranoia. It could be caused by a number of factors, such as who you’re smoking with, which strain you’re smoking, where you’re doing it, whether your day was good or bad, what you ate before you smoked — there are countless things that could have an effect on the emotional reaction you have towards smoking weed. For some people, just the fact that it is all very new can cause this sense of paranoia. If you’ve smoked weed before, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You put your keys in your pocket and then instantly forget that you even touched them.

Then you’re running around your entire house searching for them, convinced that they’ve been stolen! And after wasting 30 minutes of your life, you finally realize they are in your pocket and all of a sudden you remember putting them there. This is a really common effect that many stoners report after smoking weed. Once you return to sobriety, your memory pretty much goes back to normal. However, frequent users could be experiencing short-term memory loss frequently.


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