better with mods hemp seeds

How to get started with Better with Mods

Step 1 – punch a few trees

Step 2 – make 3 wooden pickaxes and mine 3 cobblestone then make a stone pickaxe

Step 3 – repeat step 1 and 2 until you have mined 27 iron ore

Step 4 – make an iron pickaxe and mine iron, gold and redstone

Step 5 – make a hoe and how grass until you get Better with Mods Hemp seeds and plant these in tilled soil

Step 6 – Make a Hand Crank and Mill, place them next to each other and mill the hemp until you gets lots of it (watch your hunger)

Step 7 – Make a windmill, several geraboxes and axles

Step 8 – Connect up your Mill to the windmill

Step 9 – Make a cauldron, turntable and saw

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