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CBD Oil Review rates Bhang with four stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission, Safety & Innovation Badges.

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Bhang: 60-Second Summary

Bhang is an up-and-coming leader in the CBD world. The company currently develops products that are cannabis- and cannabidiol-friendly, though its range of CBD oil-specific products is pretty extensive, including a range of edibles, CBD vape oils, and CBD oil tinctures. It also seems to put its money where its mouth is in terms of cultivating quality hemp and producing CBD oil that’s safe for consumption, though to be a truly five-badge company in our eyes, we’d like to see a few more charitable efforts on the company’s behalf.

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Bhang Brand Review

Bhang seems to have its eyes on the prize, with a focus on producing the world’s most well-recognized and trustworthy CBD oil brand through the development of a wide range of products known for their quality and safety.

And in many ways, it seems the company is achieving those aims.

Those looking for a CBD-only experience should be warned that Bhang does offer some products that include THC, which is why customers can currently only find Bhang brand products in selective states, and products can only be purchased in person, at a dispensary or specialty store.

Still, there are a number of items made purely from cannabidiol to choose from, including a line of CBD chocolates, CBD oil tinctures, cannabidiol vape juice, CBD gum, and several flavors of CBD mouth spray. (Most of these products—with the exception of some chocolates—are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.)

Its chocolates come in milk and dark varieties and two different sizes, selling for either $29 or $20 depending on total CBD oil strength. (Every bar includes full-spectrum cannabidiol.) Tinctures—which are artificially flavored—come in two flavors and retail for $50. Bhang’s vape juice line has the most options, including several products that are cannabis-derived. Those that are THC-free (at $27 each) don’t include an ingredient list, though the company does also offer a vape juice cartridge of pure CBD oil for $30.

Its CBD mouth sprays ($20-$30) are all-natural, including bio-friendly fresheners like mint essential oil to aid with taste and smell. And its gum goes the opposite route, utilizing juicy mango and lemongrass extracts to achieve its all-natural flavor. (Packs sell for $7.50.)

Bottom line: If Bhang’s ultimate goal is to become well-known for its quality products, it seems to be well on its way. The company utilizes our preferred CO2 extraction process to obtain its cannabidiol oil and sources its hemp from pesticide-free farms. The quality of its CBD oil can also be checked against recent lab results, though we’d like to see a bit more on those reports about the absence of heavy metals and other potential contaminants from the final product.

This Bhang Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Bhang CBD Products.