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Here, you will learn how to patrol, have MOUT training, and learn to set up checkpoints. After the training, you will undergo a mock war setting in which you will apply everything you've learned so far. You will then hike to Camp Geiger, where you started your journey.

In this camp, you will be able to go back to the fun things you had when you started - squad bays, personal belongings, and chow hall. The entire time, all you'll be carrying your assault pack, M16, Kevlar, and flak jacket with you. The weather and terrain are grueling, but after you complete MCT, you'll look back and realize that MCT is good, fun and effective training. When attending MCT, will you be in the same platoon from boot camp? When going to MCT, some of your platoon mates from boot camp will opt to do what is called "recruiter assistance" which will hold them back in their hometown to work with their recruiter instead of continuing regular training. Another factor that will take place in this transfer will be some of your fellow platoon mates will be considered "92-Day Reservists", which means that they will complete the full boot camp, MCT and MOS school training in three parts or three separate summers. Therefore they will not continue training on the regular schedule. Because of these factors, you will probably notice that some are there and some are not, but you also may be paired up with your previous platoon mates, or they may be in other platoons during MCT. It is not mandated that you'll be with your previous platoon mates; it will basically be up to chance whether you get them in your platoon or not, so don't expect to be have all of your boot camp mates as platoon mates in MCT.

Most of the things you'll need will be provided for you, but here is a short list of things you have to bring with you: Personal IDs (Social Security card, if married or if you have kids, you have to bring records for them also). I generally agree with the people who say bring a change of clothes and a toothbrush. There are others who will tell you to bring all sorts of things. They will pretty much provide you with everything you'll need, if they don't, then they allow you to buy it yourself. I don't see the sense in packing a lot of stuff you won't need or use. When they inspect everything, it's just more stuff they can throw around when going through it all. While you do not need to bring a lot to MCT East, there are several things you are NOT allowed to bring and rules for what you cannot do. Check the list below: No computers or any communication gadgets and devices. There are quite a few things that you are not allowed to bring. For the most part, less is better when packing for MCT. Recruiters say this is all you absolutely need to have. Here is a basic list of contraband items not allowed at any military Basic Training/Boot Camp. 8.Any glass containers (plastic containers are permitted). A more detailed list of contraband can be found at HERE. For the most part, what is not allowed at one will not be allowed at another basic training course. At MCT, you have to be in bed at 2130 (9:30 p.m.) and call time at 0600 (6 a.m.). This is to prepare you for plenty of marching and patrolling at the camp. The training you get from Boot Camp is all about the basics. You will be taught the basic skills a Marine should have, and learn how to look and act like one. Here, you are taught the more complicated skills for actual combat, like navigation of weapons. After the Marine Combat Training graduation, Marines will be given a limited time (about 30 minutes to an hour) to spend with their family before boarding a vehicle (commonly a bus) that will transport them to their next destination - the Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS, where the graduates are categorized according to different career fields. Only after you settle in with your MOS training will you find out if you'll have spare time to spend with your family on a limited basis. The Marines that get to go home after MCT will be Marines who are classified as 92-Day Reservist. If you are an Active Duty Marine or a Reservist Marine you will not be able to go home after MCT training with the Marines. You won't need to bring a lot of things with you, so spare yourself from loading up your bags. Just bring the basics with you: Some civilian clothes, your identification, and your records. Of course, the most important thing you need to bring with you is a sound and healthy mind and body.

Yes, but the people who get sent home after MCT training are people who are 92-day reservists. This means they'll only train 92 days during their summer break so they can continue their college careers at home. If a person is a standard reservist or Active Duty they will not be able to go back home after training. It's even included in the HITT (Highly Intensity Tactical Training) Center the U.S Marine launched in August 2011.

This workout helps to reduce casualties and injuries among the Marines. All the other workout stations, along with rack, help to develop specific strengths of the Marines. Yes, the rack will employ everything that's important to physical training of the Marines - push ups, sit ups and pull ups.


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