black mamba marijuana

Black Mamba

THC: 20-23%, CBD: 3%, Type Hybrid — Sativa 40%, Indica 60%

Main features of Black Mamba Marijuana Strain

Black Mamba is an Indica Dominant strain that has the same name as a dangerous and poisonous snake. That is why some customers refer to this breed as a strong one. According to some reviews, Black Mamba can cause sleepiness for inexperienced consumers. This plant produces dark green leaves and when you dried out it has a strong grass scent. It tastes like grapes and reminds of GDP.

The main function of this herb is relaxation. But if you overdose it will cause deep lethargy for a couple of hours. It has been used by recreational and medical consumers which suffer from insomnia and pains in the night. Black Mamba contains a high amount of myrcene – that is why you will definitely feel sleepy after consuming herbs.

This cannabis also contains a low amount of CBD and that is why Black Mamba works as a sedative. Some customers point out that this herb causes an uplifted mood and helps to get rid of depressing thoughts. It will help you to reach a better state of mind. The herb is used to calm down and get some sleep.

Black Mamba main advantages

Just look at this product – it looks wonderful! Apart from black leaves, it contains a small portion of berries. Be careful while inhaling and exhaling if you have a sensitive throat. This strain is not that harsh you would still want to be careful while consuming.

This herb is for experienced users because this herb type belongs to a creeper group. It means that one should be careful with the quantity. It sets quickly and targets the nape area spreading throughout the body.

Some useful features and advantages:

  • Quick effect. It can cause sleepiness or euphoric state. You will find yourself in a good mood. This herb is ideal for depression alleviation.
  • Relaxation. Black Mamba is just great for stress relieving. Your body will feel relaxed.
  • Medical appliance. It is often used as a sedative and has strong analgesic properties.

Black Mamba is a great tool to uplift your mood and avoid depression. It is characterized by quick onset and it is really great as a pain relief tool. But please beware of the quantity because if you overdose it can cause a headache.

Main characteristics

This herb contains 25% TCH, 3% CBD and 1.1% CBN. Again this is an Indica Dominant Hybrid and it consists of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The herb has positive and negative effects. Females feel more relaxed, uplifted and happy, while males feel more euphoric.

But before fusing this product one should consult a doctor because according to reviewers males can become paranoid and feel headaches. The main flavours are cherry and blueberry.

You can use Black Mamba to alleviate such symptoms as stress, pain, nausea, muscle tension, and joint pain. Please take the following medical conditions into consideration:

  • A good tool to get rid of anxiety;
  • Some reviewers tell that the herb helped to get rid of pains and insomnia;
  • This is a good sedative that will help to ease migraines.

Black Mamba is a high-quality cannabis strain that will help you to become relaxed.

Named after the deadly African snake, Black Mamba is a cannabis strain that’s renowned for its strong effects that’ll make you want to curl up and relax. THC: 20-23%,CBD: 2% | Hybrid — Sativa 40%, Indica 60% | Buy Weed Now!

Black mamba marijuana

Context clues in the names of strains can tell us a lot.

While hardly a science, words like “dream” in the name of a strain suggest sleep, whereas alternatives named for automatic assault weapons are in fact connoting a link to the potency of a given variety of cannabis, as opposed to something more nefarious.

When we look through the shelves at a dispensary or scroll through the endless menus offered by delivery services, sometimes the name of a strain is the first thing to catch one’s eye. Though it’s always wise to proceed with caution when relying on the concept of strains and their associated terminology, there is also a reason these different varieties of cannabis are labeled as they are.

Sometimes the name of a strain appears to go hand-in-hand with the type of consumer who favors it. Is it any surprise that a strain with a name like Mimosa is popular among chefs, or that one known as Wedding Cake is beloved for its sweet, vanilla taste? Seriously, those who prefer Zkittlez equate the consumption experience to tasting the rainbow when they get lit.

In the case of Black Mamba, the reference point in question is not the late NBA superstar who brought the nickname into the mainstream, nor the character played by Uma Thurman in 2003’s Kill Bill. While both can now be retconned into fitting with the strain’s vibes, they are not, as it turns out, the inspiration for this moniker.

The strain is, in fact, almost certainly named after the deadly African snake that also has a penchant for striking with great force. (By the way, there’s a term for a snake biting something and injecting it with venom: envenomation — the more you know!) Though the true genetics of Black Mamba are unknown, it is believed to have descended from the Granddaddy Purple line, though others speculate that it derived from crossing Blue Bubblejuice and Domina.

Black Mamba produces extremely dark, green leaves (sometimes bordering on purple or even black), but it is perhaps best known for its incredibly dense, aromatic nugs. The scent — semi-sweet notes of grape — is another hallmark of this relatively rare, indica-dominant strain.

The high associated with Black Mamba is one that comes on hard and fast. In this sense, perhaps Kobe Bryant does have more in common with this strain than just a nickname.

However, while Bryant was maybe a fan of cannabis in his own right, those firing up some Black Mamba should not be expecting to start cashing jumpers and signing sneaker deals. Instead, this strain will send most consumers into a period of blissful inertia. Yes, in a true antithesis to Bryant’s infamously rigid dedication to staying active, this strain has a reputed penchant for putting butts firmly on couches.

From a medicinal standpoint, Black Mamba has potential benefits for those suffering from depression, stress, disorders that affect one’s ability to focus, as well as some pressures related to glaucoma. Conversely, given the high potency of this strain, individuals prone to THC-induced panic are advised to steer clear, or, at the very least, start low and go slow.

While there may not be basketball to watch at the moment, taking a hit of Black Mamba may make whatever is airing on television feel like an NBA Finals-caliber moment. Just pace yourself — and perhaps keep a Gatorade nearby.

The hybrid weed strain Black Mamba may be venom-free, but it definitely has a bite to it. What makes this type of cannabis so special, and why is this particular variety so damn gorgeous looking?