bruce lee marijuana

Bruce lee marijuana

this might be a stupid question, but my 2 friends said that bruce lee smoked pot, they said they saw this from watching one of bruce’s documentries.
well they said bruce died of pot coz he was allegic to it or sumthin, can someone fill me in?”
and who here does get high?

I’ve yet to hear about an allergic reaction to pot that caused death, but that would not surprise me. People can die from allergic reactions peanuts, that’s crazy!

I seriously doubt that Bruce died from an allergic reaction. It doesn’t sound like he had any prior issues with ganja, which is what I base my opinion on.

I would have loved to passed the brownie dish to Bruce 😉

When I found out that Bruce used to do the hashish I remember thinkin.. Wow! Thats funny. But not shocking, im sure he didnt drink or smoke ciggerettes or anything of the sort. Almost everyone has to have SOME way to catch a buzz on occasion and keep the sanity I belive. Whether u want to use the many ciggerette smoking Kung Fu masters a example, or the Saki loving Karate masters, or Sakuraba himself and his drinking, you have it everywhere. Anything in life that is done without moderation will hurt you. Thats the bottom line. Hell, Kung Fu students used to compare styles and technqiues at night at Opium Houses in days of old.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Nietzsche

And I might get flamed for this, but I dont give a ****.

“I would have loved to passed the brownie dish to Bruce ;-)”


“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Nietzsche

BRUCE was a known heroin, speed user and took acid at parties!

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Posted by Sil Lum Palm

Skunk is not laced with anything. Its a strain of cannibas thats all. Its not a different drug, it is just usually like the stuff found in Amsterdam. I just had to get that across. I still don’t condon any drug use

Different forms of skunk you come across CAN be laced with other substaces. Skunk laced with LSD is known as ‘ginger beard’, and skunk laced with crack is generally known as ‘white widow’

Allergic reaction to Equagesic, a migraine medication.

Poor ******* had killer migraines. No wonder he ate pot.

>Different forms of skunk you come across CAN be laced with other substaces. Skunk laced with LSD is known as ‘ginger beard’, and skunk laced with crack is generally known as ‘white widow’

My god thats some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. White Widow is actually a dutch strain with large amounts of THC, its highly visible crystals give it the name white widow.

And you dont get anything out of smoking acid/LSD. If any1 were to lace it with weed I would laugh at the *******.

Skunk is not really a different drug its just a different strain. And there are many different strains of skunk. Any1 who would lace weed with crack and call it White Widow is a hurtin B!tch. Any1 dumb enuf to buy it as White Widow is a [email protected]$$.

Fact: no one has EVER died from an allergic reaction or overdose of Cannabis. Bruce would be the first, EVER. Latex has killed more people from allergic reactions, so be careful when you get Buck-Whyl’. Your body will fall asleep before you can smoke more. It doesn’t even work on the Dopaminergic or Seritonergic system like most drugs do. It utilizes Anandamide receptors (a subset of endorphins) and the receptors are neither propagated or altered/destroyed. That’s why no withdrawals and cravings. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people each year than all illicit drugs COMBINED! The reasons for Prohibition and the War on the civilian populace is purely ECONOMIC. Dow-Corning and Dupont early in the 20th century didn’t want the competition from the Hemp industry, so they paid the Government to outlaw it! Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) can be made into textiles, oils, plastics, rubbers, nutritious foods, and all in an environmentally conscious way. After all growing hemp plants puts OXYGEN back into the atmosphere!

As for the research: The Canadian NIDA did research on indigenous weed smokers in the Caribbean. It was called “Ganja In Jamaica” and they found no significant difference in mentation and physical health betwween the users and nonusers on the island. They did notice some decreased (very slight) respiratory )2 saturation in the long-term heavy users but attributed it to the TOBACCO they mixed with their weed. The short-term memory tests performed in fact showed INCREASED short-term memory capability in most of the test subjects. The argument that weed causes brain-damage came from this Petroleum/Pharmaceutical Co. financed researcher. I forget his name but I think it was Dr. NATAS (jj). In a published study he gave the results of force-inhaled weed candidates (intubated Rhesus Monkeys-tube in the lungs) as significant for brain damage. What the review panel didn’t question was his use of a dangerous imaging procedure called a pneumoencephalogram, that enatils “inflating” the ventricles of the brain with air. This procedure is no longer used due to the fact that it causes massive brain tissue damage. He also used a dose equivalent of 100 joints continuously, without rest, for over 8 hrs, straight! Inhaling the amount of paper alone, required to roll the joint would probably give you brain damage from the Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The Gateway argument would never hold up in court or win a debate compettition, because it asserts a very faulty cause-n-effect relationship that can be applied to assumptions only. In that case living or loud music can lead to parties, which lead to exposure. you get my drift (I hope).

These wolves don’t care about you common rabble. You’re just batteries to make their wishes for power and prestige come true. Why don’t they outlaw skydiving and rockclimbing? They have killed and injured WAY more people than cannabis ever did or will (except for the fatalities of a contrived Drug Civil War). How about abortion? It’s cut short the possibility of another Einstein or Buddha being born a Million+ times over. If you are gonna let people do what they want with their bodies you can’t pick and choose; Unless you have some ulterior motive(s).

The long-term respiratory effects of burning vegetative matter could be a prob, but cigarettes and cigars which HAVE killed millions and cost our nation millions in healthcare (as well as alcohol-work in a hospital you see what I mean) are legal. Plus, there are vaporizers now that make consumption smoke-free, and deliver almost pure THC. Just because you’re emotionally attached to an argument DOESN’t make it a non-animalistic logical one. Don’t let reality treat you like sheep to be herded and commanded what to eat, believe, and when to do it.

Do the research see if I’m telling you the truth. Even scientific research can be manipulated or slanted to project the researchers intentions or biases. As an example, many of the recent Harvard studies don’t take into account the Premorbidity involved with drug users (prior drug use, head trauma, etc.). I don’t have any AGENDA. Those who control the world do. And yes, control and money more often than not, counts for more than illusionary freedom or people on the whole.

So, most likely Bruce had an allergic reaction to some Chinese folk-remedy that caused brain swelling. Remember that Tom Gugliotta (Phoenix Suns) had a seizure and almost died 2 yrs. ago from consuming an OTC Chinese concoction. Open your eyes, all 3, and start interpreting for yourself. Lead don’t follow (especially evil idiots). Peace, Unity, love and Havin’ Fun. 🙂

The paragraph about the Canadian study should read “.. decreased respiratory O2 saturation. “

And to set the record straight there are over 150 strains of Cannabis Sativa/Afghanica, and the higher the THC content, the better it is for the cosumer physically (less is consumed). Mary Jane is the number 1 cash crop in the U.S., and the gov. should regulate to get the tax from it! There is a strain called “White Widow” and most people are referring to the hybrid “Original Skunk #1” when talking about “skunk” weed. Weed mixed with coke or crack is NOT called “White Widow” but is referred to as “Primo”. Why would you adulterate perfectly natural and pure Cannabis with CIA/DEA pushed coke and crack? Besides where is Crack now after the Reagan-Bush Era? Makes you wonder, or it should. 😎

Actually, hashish can kill you directly. During the 1800’s, when the French began a deep interest in Arab culture and North Africa, experiments were conducted with hasish. It was determined that hashish was lethal if one consumed something in the vacinity of 500 grams for an average sized adult. Considering the availability of 500 grams of hashish, it’s not surpising that deaths from this material are uncommon.

makes me sleeeeeeeeeeeeep! 😉

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yo its sounds like everyone here in this forum does drugs here. .
i was just wondering did bruce and yipman used ta smoke after training? nah jus playin
ne wayz check some marijuana myths in (
the real facts

In what amount of time?

“The ratio of cannabinoids (the chemicals in marijuana that make you stoned) necessary for overdose to the amount necessary for intoxication is 40,000:1 [1]. For comparison’s sake, that ratio for alcohol is generally between 4:1 and 10:1”

You would pass out before you could consume enough THC to kill yourself.

this might be a stupid question, but my 2 friends said that bruce lee smoked pot, they said they saw this from watching one of bruce’s documentries. well they said bruce died of pot coz he was allegic to it or sumthin, can someone fill me in?" and who here does get high? d

Bruce Lee : Badass, Philosopher, Stoner

by Jordan Lejuwaan

Bruce Lee is famous for his amazing martial arts skills, rock-hard body and insane workout regiments. Before I delve into what other feats he should be known for, watch these videos. He just can’t be human:

Yes, he is using nun chucks, not a paddle.

2 Finger Push-Ups.

Sidenote: In that last video where Lee punches his partner Bob Baker from 1 inch away, Bob reportedly said, “I told Bruce not to do this type of demonstration again. When he punched me that last time, I had to stay home from work because the pain in my chest was unbearable.”

According to Wikipedia, Lee’s other physical feats included:

* Lee’s striking speed from three feet with his hands down by his side reached five hundredths of a second.[61]
* Lee’s combat movements were at times too fast to be captured on film at 24 frames per second, so many scenes were shot in 32 frame per second to put Lee in slow motion
* In a speed demonstration, Lee could snatch a dime off a person’s open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind
* Lee would hold an elevated v-sit position for 30 minutes or longer
* Lee could throw grains of rice up into the air and then catch them in mid-flight using chopsticks
* Lee could thrust his fingers through unopened cans of Coca-Cola. (This was when soft drinks cans were made of steel much thicker than today’s aluminum cans)
* Lee performed 50 reps of one-arm chin-ups
* Lee could break wooden boards 6 inches (15 cm) thick
* Lee could cause a 300-lb (136 kg) bag to fly towards and thump the ceiling with a sidekick.
* Lee performed a sidekick while training with James Coburn and broke a 150-lb (68 kg) punching bag
* In a move that has been dubbed “Dragon Flag”, Lee could perform leg lifts with only his shoulder blades resting on the edge of a bench and suspend his legs and torso perfectly horizontal midair.

Lee also created his own martial arts style called Jeet Kuno Do (JKD), which translates to “Way of the Intercepting Fist.” However, JKD cannot truly be called a style because Lee defined it as having no style. The goal was to be adaptive to the situation instead of relying on specific rules and moves like most classical martial arts. He wanted JKD to be “simple, direct and non-classical. It is the direct expression of one’s feelings with the minimum of movements and energy.” A great example of this is Lee’s famous 1-inch punch which utilized almost no movement but still delivered tremendous force to the victim. Water was actually the specific metaphor Lee used to describe JKD because it so fluid, adaptive and powerful. Water can erode the largest of rocks and takes on the shape of whatever container it is put into. Likewise, a true JKD master should be able to change his fighting style to fit each environment and opponent.

JKD taught that one should conserve as much energy as possible by countering attacks with attacks instead of defensive maneuvers. More specifically, one should parry attacks while punching simultaneously. The advantage of parrying over blocking is that it uses less energy because it uses the opponent’s energy against them and puts them off balance, leaving room for a subsequent attack in their moment of weakness. Lee also taught that kicks should only be delivered to the middle and lower parts of the body as high kicks simply wasted energy and put the fighter at more risk.

Bruce Lee’s epic run as the martial arts king of the world sadly ended in 1973 when he was just 32 years-old. Upon having a intense headache, he took a pain-killer called Equagesic which contained both aspirin and a muscle relaxer. Lee was found later that night unconscious and was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour or so later. The autopsy concluded that he had an adverse reaction to the muscle relaxer, causing his brain to a deadly size. The autopsy also showed that there were trace amounts of cannabis in his system, which the doctor originally tried to blame for the death. However, upon further investigation, the ignorant doctor was shown to be incorrect as cannabis cannot realistically kill anyone.

So Bruce Lee. Wonder of the martial arts world. Trainer of 3 United States Karate Champions. Paradigm of physical fitness and health. Marijuana Smoker. Fancy that..

Bruce Lee : Badass, Philosopher, Stoner by Jordan Lejuwaan Bruce Lee is famous for his amazing martial arts skills, rock-hard body and insane workout regiments. Before I delve into what