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Organic Hemp seeds

For specific product inquiries, we would like to point out that our minimum order quantity per product is 750 kg.

Available in the following varieties

Production of oil, confectionery and muesli, as cooking and baking ingredients, for the production of hemp flour and drinking hemp, as animal feed.More…


Annual, late summer to autumn depending on growing area.More…


Seed of hemp (bot. Cannabis sativa var. Sativa).More…



Presumably Central Asia, rapid spread from Europe to China.More…


Depending on the conditions, 1000 to 2000 kg of hemp seeds can be harvested per hectare of cultivated area.More…


The versatility of hemp has been appreciated since time immemorial and has long been underestimated in recent times. In recent years he has made more and more friends. Fibres, seeds and the oil made from them are valuable natural products. Residues from oil production go into the production of animal feed. Intensive research is also being carried out into the usability of hemp as biomass. Hemp fibres are not only used for the production of fabrics, but are also used as insulating material.More…

Special feature

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the cultivation of useful hemp has only been permitted again since 1996 under strict regulations.More…

Organic hemp seeds are suitable for the production of high-quality oil. The pure seeds are increasingly used for food purposes. Like other grains, they are also used in cereals and bars, as an additive in bakery products and enrich vegetable dishes. Hemp chocolate is becoming a big seller due to its advantages. Organic hemp seeds are caramelized to sweet or baked to salty snack. Together with the flower flour, organic hemp seeds are a popular composition for stimulating teas.


Useful hemp is grown as an annual plant. The herbaceous shrub grows up to 5 m high as fibre hemp and up to 3 m high as pure grain. The hand-shaped leaves of all varieties have a sawn edge. Female flowers have a spherical ovary in which the seeds ripen by the end of summer.

Grain hemp thrives especially well at altitudes of up to 500 m. Depending on the region, the seeds are brought into the soil from April to May. Hemp belongs to the cold germ family, it is insensitive to light frost during germination. However, heat is required for later growth. The grain varieties are sown in a further row spacing so that the seeds can ripen all around.

Nutrient-rich, humus soils are suitable for commercial cultivation. It should be deep, the hemp does not tolerate waterlogging. Thanks to its strong tap root, which is 1.5 m long on average, useful hemp can also absorb water from deeper levels. This usually regulates the large water requirement in a natural way.


Hemp has been used since ancient times. Hemp fibres found in a cave in Georgia are estimated to be around 30,000 years old. Evidence comes from China that hemp has been cultivated for about 6000 years. Until the recent past hemp was in demand as raw material for fibres, for hemp seeds, for oil production and as natural medicine. At the beginning of the 20th century, starting from America, only the intoxicating effects of hemp containing THC were considered. As a result, the entire cultivation of hemp was banned in more and more countries. Only gradually were these bans relaxed again by the individual authorities. We obtain our hemp seeds from certified organic and sustainably managed farms.


In many cases hemp is cultivated in double use, fibres and seeds are harvested equally. Crop rotations with hemp have an advantageous effect on the post-cultures. It suppresses weeds so that no seed is sown here. Its roots loosen the soil, the green mass has a positive effect on the soil ferments. In addition, neither the use of herbicides nor other pesticides is necessary for organic hemp cultivation.


Pure fibre hemp is harvested when the male flowers have reached their peak. However, if these plants are also used for grain production, seed ripeness is waited for. Grain hemp is harvested from September to October using special combine harvesters.


Peeled hemp is mildly nutty, unpeeled more savory in taste.


After China, France ranks second in hemp seed production. It supplies about 5000 tons of oleaginous seeds annually.

Special feature

The cultivation of hemp is regulated by law. Only varieties approved in the EU and certified seed can be used for cultivation in the relevant countries. The THC content may not exceed 0.2 % in most EU countries. The cultivation of useful hemp and hemp grown for fibre must be notified to the competent authorities.

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Hemp Foundation

Uttrakhand is a beautiful little state in the foothills of Himalaya. Though it is unimaginably beautiful, its air unpolluted, its rivers full with water yet perennial gloom lurks in the background. Life in the hills is very tough. There are no industries, no jobs, and no infrastructure so it has seen mass migration to cities.

Nearly 2000 villages have no inhabitants as people have migrated to cities in search of jobs and opportunities

Once thriving villages are filled with old people, women and children and are dependent on Government aid or money from their family members in cities. This is creating unbalanced families and unbalanced societies.

People in the villages have left farming as animals destroy their crops or there are not irrigation facilities. A miniscule percentage of the farmers does farming but due to lack of market linkage they are not able to see their products. 80% of agricultural land is unused in these hilly districts. We want to create cottage industries around hemp and hemp products by promoting farming on these divine land which is full of nectar.

The hemp grown in this pristine land which has never used pesticide make this magical plant almost divine. Hemp is not destroyed by animals, takes little water, does not use and pesticides, can create thousands of allied industries around its product. We don’t only train these farmers, give them know how, get them licenses but we also connect to the markets around the world.

We already have met more than 500 farmers and motivated them to resume farming by growing hemp. We try to remove their misconception about which often times is very difficult. We promise them to buy all their crops at a fair price at their place which are often very remote and these farmers have no means of transportation to travel to distant markets to sell their products. Your every purchase directly or indirectly helps us create more opportunities for these hardworking people.

These People Need Us. Join the Right Cause

Last but not the least, we are not doing anything new. These people used to grow hemp for centuries but misconception and legality made them leave their traditional crop. There is a tremendous amount of traditional knowledge present about hemp in old generation. They used to make clothing, ropes, craft, food so many things but we made them forget everything forcibly and now when the world awakens to the benefits of hemp, these older generation must be thinking what their fault was. Why did we destroy their livelihood, who will pay for the ignorance? Ignorance destroyed entire generations. We want to resettle them, rebuild these villages, and unite the families. We want beautiful cottage and allied industries. Jobs and prosperity where only sadness and loneliness prevails now.

Every single seed you buy from us has grown in the most pristine environment of earth and nurtured by pious and pure rivers like Ganga as near it source. We don’t want to demean our produce by calling it industrial hemp but we call it Himalayan hemp for its nutrition’s purity and grade..

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Cultivation of Himalayan


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