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“It’s a year for farmers, if they’re interested in this market, to start small.” She agreed with Rodriguez there will be periods of “trial and error” before cultivators figure out the specifics of the new crop. Heath Grider, a hemp grower in Portales, said one of those specifics is whether hemp seeds from places like Colorado will actually show significant low levels of THC, or the chemical in cannabis that produces a high. “I’m going to play with it this first year, because I don’t think anybody’s going to pass their inspection for their THC limit,” Grider said.

But, Grider said he expects hemp to eventually become a major crop for the state. “It will be a big deal before it’s said and done, like peanuts and green chile,” Grider said. NM Political Report is awaiting the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s response to an Inspection of Public Records Act request for the names of licensed hemp growers in the state. Given the relatively easy process to get into the hemp industry, the list is likely long. All three companies NM Political Report spoke with about hemp cultivation praised the state’s Department of Agriculture for working with growers to get licensed and ready to start growing. Rodriguez compared what he called the “paranoia” from the New Mexico Department of Health—which oversees the state’s medical cannabis program, including growers—to the Department of Agriculture. “So far, to this date, having to interact with the Department of Agriculture has been completely refreshing, positive and gives us great optimism,” Rodriguez said. Further, Balizan said, the difference in costs to get into the industry between medical cannabis and industrial hemp are stark. “In the cannabis market, if your looking to get into that industry, you’re looking at millions of dollars and to come into the hemp market as a cultiver, it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Balizan said.

Brad Lewis is a Department of Agriculture division director who manages the state’s hemp program. He said the department intentionally kept license fees low and encouraged feedback from growers. “Everything we’ve done has been in pretty close cooperation with the hemp industry,” Lewis said. “We’ve worked together very closely on everything we’ve done.” While Lewis said he and the department are “cautiously optimistic,” he does think by next year growers will be able to make money off their crops. “This first year we’re going to see a fairly good return on growers’ investment if they can bring the crop to fruition,” Lewis said. But Lewis agreed the first year of hemp growth will come with challenges for growers, namely making sure their hemp plants have less than .3 percent THC and that their seeds come from a decent source. “We’re telling people, ‘Be sure that whoever you’re buying your seed or your clones from, that their reputable,’” Lewis said. Get a professional manicure that lasts for 2 weeks in the comfort of your home with ASP Professional Gel Polish Manicure Starter Kit. Before you begin your application of Gel Polish, you must perform a mini manicure. Dehydrate all ten nails using 2-In-1 Dehydrator & Cleansing Wipe Apply Bonder to all 10 nails. Application of ASP Gel Polish is very similar to applying traditional nail polish. Clean up skin around cuticle area to prevent lifting. Apply Base Coat as a full even coat and cure in the ASP LED Lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a second coat of ASP Gel Polish and cure 30 seconds under LED lamp, or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. Cure 30 seconds under LED lamp, or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. Wipe the sticky layer off all the nails with ASP 2-In-1 Dehydrator and Cleansing Wipe using a lint free wipe. Removal of Soak Off Gels and Hybrid Gels can be very damaging when using straight acetone. The acetone dehydrates the nails as well as the skin surrounding the nails. To eliminate harsh removal process, ASP has Conditioning Soak Off Solution. Using a 180 grit file or block, throughly remove the shine from the ASP Top Coat. Saturate a cotton ball with ASP Conditioning Soak Off Solution.

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