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The big take-away from all of this is: You are allowed to have handguns in your cars in Texas, just so long as they are not readily visible to other people. You do not need a permit to have a gun in Texas in your car. Anyone can do it, just so long as it is kept concealed such as in a glove box or something similar. And even if it is not in plain view, the UCW statute criminalizes the carrying of a weapon if it is in your vehicle or on your person and either 1) you are committing some other offense (like a DWI) or 2) you are a member of a “criminal street gang.” And, unsurprisingly, you can be convicted of UCW if you are already forbidden by law to be carrying a weapon and a weapon is found on you or your vehicle. If you are a licensed private investigator, you are allowed to have a visible hand gun in your car but only so long as it is kept in a shoulder or belt holster .

In Texas, you are allowed to have rifles and shotguns in your car that are visible to the public. FUN FACT: A Class A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in the county jail and/or a $4,000 fine, or community service (probation). Any type of conviction WILL result in the loss of ones Private Investigators license. Hartman’s next court date is February 23, 2017, in the Jefferson County Court at Law Number Three in Beaumont, Texas. Despite this being Hartman’s second arrest for committing acts of violence, Hartman is still listed as an employee of Klein Investigations. Not surprising since Philip Klein is a criminal in his own right. In case anyone has forgotten, Hartman filed a LOLsuit against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker.

However, Morgan asked that he be allowed to orally argue the case in person to the court. Guess the Justices have no desire for Morgan to have a platform for his personal insults and ad hominem attacks. A decision is expected in mid-February, about a month from now. 104, 7785 Esmeralda Way, Naples, FL 34109-0700 turns out to be a BIG SUPPORTER of REVENGE PORNOGRAPHY and the SEXUAL BLACKMAIL of little girls (and some men). In fact, she is also a big participant having posed online for nude photos and sex videos not just once, but twice over the years! And now she is complaining about it to of all people Philip Klein of Klein Investigations & Consulting based out of a shack in Nederland, Texas. Guess she forgets about Klein’s own involvement in blackmail scams. Wells and her other friend Hollie Toups teamed up with James McGibney (who we don’t like) to cyber-stalk and hack into the email account of a young man who had the temerity to disagree with Wells and Toups. And exactly how did this person disagree with Wells and Toups? All the guy did was disagree with a petition that was being passed around online. So Wells and her “hard hittin’ crew” of child pornographers and blackmail artists (i.e. the McGibney Gang) decided to try to ‘dox’ this guy and cyber-stalk him and his family. Rebekah Wells would have done well to learn this lesson. Yet Wells and her crew want you to think that they are the victims. Funny, not even McGibney believes that Wells is a ‘victim’ anymore – she is instead a perpetrator! Rebekah Wells and her “hard hittin’ crew” have teamed up with a known child abusing drug addict by the name of…. Looks to me like victory decided to be with somebody else instead, McStupid. Tell us again, McGibney, how you are ‘winning’, please. The fact that Retzlaff actually had sex with at least 32 different women is amazing! Of course, he is kinda hot looking… CALIFORNIA SEX OFFENDERS…. Is 17633 Lancia Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037-3126 anywhere on this list? From April 8, 2014, hearing on temporary restraining order. Are these child in danger from a sex offender in Morgan Hill, CA?

IN THE VIAVIEW / DERIC LOSTUTTER CRIMINAL CASE… Deric Lostutter former ViaView / McGibney employee. As many of you are aware, Lostutter filed the latest in a series of LOLsuits against random people on the internet who say mean things about Lostutter (like how his wife is a drug addict and a prostitute – which is 100% VERIFIED, by the way). The federal judge who is handling that case in North Carolina has taken under advisement a defense motion to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction. In Lostutter’s criminal case (in which he plead GUILTY to TWO federal felonies) some people have written letters both for and against Lostutter. PRO TIP: Letters of “support” written by people who have never met the defendant are of little value. Here is a letter written by someone who does not like Lostutter. So what does Alayna think of all this drama on her supposed behalf? According to John Morgan and Philip Klein, there is a mysterious person known as “James Smith” who is apparently causing Morgan and Klein some headaches by being mean to them. Apparently Morgan has figured out who this person is. Two weeks later after filing the above pleading, Morgan changes his mind and says that “James Smith” is actually someone entirely different than what he originally says.

Klein posts over on his SE Texas Political Review blog today (Jan 8, 2017) this statement that “James Smith” is really some well-known local attorney in Beaumont and not Retzlaff or Sparks at all! But like James McGibney before him (who we don’t like) Morgan just cannot seem to make up his mind as to who exactly is threatening him with death, which seems very weird. But what you do not also know is that Klein hates the FBI. Which is surprising, because Klein likes to Tweet and blog about them like they are some kind of magical spell.


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