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Canadian Hemp Company Seedbank Review
Located in Canada.

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Canadian Hemp Company is listed as “fake” at the SeedFinder. This means you will get overpriced or re-packed gear (if you are lucky), industrial hemp seeds – or nothing! Be careful if you plan to order in one of this shops.

User Reviews

guest Canada, October 2020

I ordered 4 clones of girlscout cookies on Sept 22nd. I received my package on the 29th. I was happy it came within a week. Until I opened the package. There was a bunch of dirt and leaves a real mess. as I inspected closer I saw there were only 3 cuttings 2 of which were lacking any growing tips all of them were lacking roots. They literally cut these off a plant a few days earlier stuck them in peat pucks and sent them to me like that. Suffice to say none of them survived. I ordered 4 3-5 inch clones I got 3 1-3 inch cuttings with no roots and no chance of surviving. Do yourself a favor save your money these guys are full on scammers. $100 for a box of moist dirt and some garbage cuttings. I will definitely be visiting their physical location in the future to let them know how unhappy I am in person!

LPR21 Canada, August 2020

Absolute scam of the 12 seeds o ordered only two sprouted and one of those were a male plant . I ordered jilly bean and got some total didnt he weed . I am pretty sure from the packaging and the way the packaged was addressed when it came them aphasia trained a monkey to do it absolute fraud Save your money . me and my buddies plan on visiting their address personally to see what if the place is even legit and have a chat with the fraudsters

guest Canada, August 2020

Ordered 10 Cyclops and 10 Titan seeds, both feminized types from the Seven Dwarfs strain. Turns out after months of growing, ended up with 3 out of four are male plants WTF.
out $273.75 and time growing these plants

guest Canada, July 2020

criminals wish I could get my hands around the throat of that M F**ker

guest Canada, July 2020

They suck. Took my money. No product. Won’t answer emails. Want my money back. Reported to Vancouver better business bureau. Next step fraud charges if possible.

guest United States, July 2020

Never recieved order,never recieved a reply to email. They are crooks plain and simple. Had to cancel the card I ordered with because I dont trust these thieves with my card info.

guest United States, June 2020

A total rip off. Do not spend your hard earned money here . Ordered a specific strain , and got 19 dead seeds. You

guest Canada, June 2020

Is there any way to report these people or get your money back. No answers to emails and took money immediately.

guest Canada, May 2020

we just wanted a specific strain, i paid over 100$ and a month later nothing has arrived. i know we are in the midst of covid19 but we have recieved tons of other items in the mail in the meantime from all over north america with no issue. screw canadiahempco!

Gman86 United States, April 2020

The Canadian Hemp Co or what I like to just call the Hempy (because the seed bank is so cool) is a legit seed bank. After much research on the breeder of this rare strain that is used to win Jujitsu competitions (I was at the competitions speaking with the competitors and most said they could not win without it), it turns out the breeders home location is Canada, BC. The fact that the breeder does not sell to most anyone else (there was one or two seed banks they sold to but are no longer in-stock because the breeder does not live in that country) is legit proof that the Hempy is the real deal, offering the rarest of strains that produce the most benefits. I also read some reviews about the Hempy from beginner growers whom didnt have the right equipment to even get medical cannabis seeds to germinate (a giant clue is that air and water will do nothing to get the seeds to pop, as special lights and things like a carbon filter, ect. are what does it). I say to all those whom wish to germinate your seeds regardless of where you choose to go with, pay for the right equipment and there will be a 100 out of a 100 percent germination rate as each seed will sprout. As an expert grower, and soon to be breeder, I can tell you each seed works and I will definitely go with Canadian Hemp Co again when I need seeds or if I create the new strain I am trying to create, I will choose the Hempy!

guest Canada, June 2019

I bought 2 strain, all seeds seem the same strain. lot of freebies (. ) little ordinary seeds. I read comments on review sites after I bought and supposed to be scam. Maybe bird seeds, for 430$! Readjust my review if its finally good strain.

guest Canada, April 2019

First order was inferior seeds, second order, have not recievced. No response to emails or phone cal,s

guest United Kingdom, September 2018

So quick to contact you for the money. Once they have it your screwed. No seeds and no contact.

guest Canada, September 2018

Ordered 10 Nova OG and 10 ACDC for $472 CND. Received old cracked unusable seeds. I am not a newbie I make seeds all the time, have my own strains. Total rip off, they lied to me when I asked what they shipped me. They said they guaranteed germination but never sent me my replacement order. They shipped me seeds jammed in a piece of corrugated plasctic. This, in my opinion in not a real seed company. Just some kids ripping people off.

guest Canada, August 2018

Didnt order seeds, live plant. No delivery. Sent two emails. They have other stuff some thats probably illegal to sell, even in this grey market.

guest United Kingdom, June 2018

Sends more seeds than you ask for, however they are fake and inferior seeds. Never get what you ask for and no one answers emails and no other way of contacting them. Rip offs

guest United States, June 2018

Ordered VCDC (a high CBD strain) early April 2018 w/VISA. Quickly told couldnt process CC. “Sara” said order would be shipped within a day behind PayPal (PP rcpt listed my payment as a gift). A month later (after emails) seeds showed up. None popped, all empty shells. SCAMMERS. Was in a hurry, late (life!), didnt check reviews. my error. FUCKERS! Later still. FUCKING SCAMMERS, fucking cancer!

guest Canada, June 2018

Tried to buy Valentine X seeds, which were incredibly expensive. None of the seeds sprouted, then after many emails back and forth, they resent the shipment, and the seeds look just as crappy and small, and none of these are germinating. Wish I had looked for this rating system before ordering. Will for sure next time, as these folks are just ripping people off.

guest Canada, April 2018

I ordered 20 seeds of the strain Pennywise and ACDC. 0/4 of the ACDC germinated and 4/15 Pennywise germinated barely. We will see how many actually turn into a plant. This compared to some seeds that I created that germinated 23/25. The seeds were very small didnt look vital and overall it appears that this seed company should be avoided at all costs. Also after i ordered I didnt receive anything after a month even though the money transfer went through. I emailed them and I received the seeds a week later.

guest Canada, April 2018

My cc was used to buy phone equipment in Regina. They said it was charged correctly. Bank says fraudulent. Stay waaaaay far away.

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Canadian Hemp Company Seedbank Review Located in Canada. User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 76 user reviews. SeedFinder Info

Canadian Hemp Co

Canadian Hemp Co. Marijuana Seeds

Canadian Hemp Co is a large seedbank that offers marijuana seeds for sale from a number of breeders worldwide. They have around 1000 strains to choose from and almost a complete line-up of regular seeds, feminized, medical marijuana seeds, and auto-flowering ganja seeds. Canadian Hemp Co reviews are many and it focused mainly on the quality of service that they have as well as the weed seeds they carry. Some of the weed seeds they have in stock are 8 miles High seeds, Apollo 11 G Pheno, Taskenti Seeds, and Khola Dutch passion. As for breeders, some of them are Dutch Passion, Ace Seeds, Cheap Seeds, Brazilian Marijuana Seeds, DJ Short, Mr. Nice, and original Fast Seeds. By the last count, they have over 100 breeders that supply them with fine marijuana seeds.

Aside from selling marijuana seeds, the Canadian Hemp Company is also a source of useful information about the use of hemp products. They have videos, books, and other tools that serve as guides to help the newbie and even regular pot growers on how best to maximize the benefits of growing pot seeds. They also sell tools and accessories that can be used to smoke marijuana like pipes, bongs, rolling papers, scales, and other useful paraphernalia.

Canadian Hemp marijuana seeds are offered in original breeders pack and they also have single weed seed sales. Prices are available in US dollars but the same can be converted to other currencies using the currency converter on their webpage. Canadian Hemp Co discount coupons are not available as of this writing but they do have a section about discount coupons and it might be available sometime in the future. They also have a gift certificate section where the customer can buy them. There is also a 5% discount given to those who will buy marijuana seeds online and all regular weed seeds are packed with15 seeds at the price of 10 seeds so there are free 5 seeds in each pack. . They ship marijuana seeds worldwide but the buyer must be familiar with their local laws. Payment options are credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

Canadian Hemp Co is a large seedbank that offer marijuana seeds for sale from a number of breeders worldwide. ]]>