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Buying a Cannabis Bubbler? Here’s What You Need to Know.

MJ Arsenal
Feb 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Bubbler Progression

It is commonly believed that the first cannabis bubblers were invented sometime in the 1960’s as a more practical and portable alternative to larger bongs.
Over the years, cannabis bubblers have become increasingly popular, eventually making their way into the hands of millions of cannabis users around the world.
What was once nothing but a practical idea is now considered a staple in the marijuana culture. (An essential item to own if you ask us!)

Bubbler Engineering

At a fundamental level, c a nnabis bubblers are very similar to bongs, but only much smaller.
As a matter of fact, they’re somewhat of a cross between a traditional glass pipe and a water pipe. Apart from their ability to contain water, cannabis bubblers also have a percolation system which provides a smoking experience that is both soft and smooth.

Bubbler Innovation

In most recent times, you might have heard words like “joint bubbler” or “blunt bubbler” circulating in the cannabis scene. In case you didn’t know, all this innovation comes from one place alone: MJ Arsenal (That’s us!)

With an entire line populated with the best cannabis bubblers in the industry, like the extremely popular Merlin or MJA’s most recent launch, The Cupid, MJ Arsenal’s dedication to providing the ultimate bubbler smoking experience is unparalleled in this game.

How To Use A Bubbler

Using a cannabis bubbler is a very simple process. It only requires water (The colder, the better!) and top shelf marijuana.
Grind up some weed (as you normally would for a regular bong) and pack it up into the bowl. Alternatively, you can also use the bowl piece to hold a joint or a blunt of your preference.

Spark it up, inhale and you’re off to the races.

Advantages Of Using an MJArsenal Bubbler

There are some very clear advantages of using one of MJA’s cannabis bubblers.
First of all, if you like clean and smooth rips but can’t be bothered to carry your bong with you everywhere, MJA’s bubblers are the perfect way to enjoy a great smoking experience while on the road.
Apart from the convenience and ease-of-use, they are also light and extremely durable, bringing together both fashion and function.
To top it off, unlike any other bubblers out there, you can actually use them in conjunction with your favorite hand rolled creations (blunts or joints).
Cleaner hits, maximum flavor and ultimate convenience all for your elevated enjoyment.

If you’re looking for ways to take your smoking game to the next level, we invite you to try MJArsenal. You can find our products here.

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It is commonly believed that the first cannabis bubblers were invented sometime in the 1960’s as a more practical and portable alternative to larger bongs. Over the years, cannabis bubblers have…

Glass Bubblers

Different types of hand blown glass bubblers

There is lots of styles and designs on the market and few different types of glass bubblers. From the classic glass on glass bubblers, through the rubber grommet bubblers to the fixed pot bubblers. Popular are also hammer bubblers. Hand blown glass bubblers come usually with a classic bowl but that can be changed to oil rigs. Therefore oil concentrates can be used as well as the dry herbs.

Weed bubblers for sale from our glassworks

Our online smoke shop offers hand blown glass bubblers made of durable Pyrex glass and except the glass on glass bubblers they all have a carb hole. Besides the classic bubblers our crafty glassblowers can make beautiful masterpieces. We have few detaily worked-out artistic bubblers for sale which are absolutely amazing. Elephant glass bubblers can serve also as a perfect decoration but they are really functional. As well as the octopus and skull bubblers with cool design.

Hand blown glass bubblers combine the function of water bongs and size of glass pipes. Weed bubblers can be handled with only one hand which is one of the greatest advantages.