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conditioner, coconut milk etc after I see dye release. There is no harm in adding conditioner/coconut milk/oil etc to the paste, they actually help to make your hair feel less dry after you rinse out the henna however, at the moment I am more focused on the ayurvedic benefits which is why I opt not to add anything to the mix. (I turn to my DIY Henna Gloss Bars on days when I want to henna without the punch that is packed in my full strength henna paste). Henna Paste: Ingredients/Tools: Henna 5 oz Amla 0.7 oz Hibiscus 1.2 oz Green Tea 6 oz Glass Bowl Spatula Old material/newspaper to cover the work space. Mixing: I first combine all the dry ingredients and then add my warm green tea (not boiling hot – I let it cool down first) and stir.

I like making my paste quite thick because I don’t like the henna to drip down my face/neck. After mixing I will cover the paste with Clingfilm and wait for dye release.


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