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Cannatonic CBD Indoor

fleurs Cannatonic CBD come from a hybrid strain unique produced by the Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds. This cross has been specially validated for its low THC and high CBD content (6 to 8%). The whole produces high quality flowers, with lemony and relaxing aromas.

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CBD flowers Cannatonic indoor: a soothing hybrid

Strain Cannatonic indoor was developed with the aim of highlighting the Benefits of CBD on the Human Body. If France is slow to recognize thevalue of medical cannabis (studies are underway), it is however for this purpose that the plants from which CBD flowers have been selected Cannatonic. In Belgium and Luxembourg, CBD is already used for therapeutic purposes, provided that strict conditions are met.

1G, 2G (6.50 € / G), 5G (5.50 € / G), 10G (4.50 € / G), 20G (4 € / G)

CBD flowers Cannatonic (indoor) offer the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa. Discover their soothing effects and their lemon scent!