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We currently raise Berkshire pigs , Murray Grey beef cattle, Boer and Savannah goats , Katahdin sheep and multiple breeds of geese and egg-laying chickens . When Autumn’s Harvest Farm was created by Tim and Sarah Haws in 2001, they took into account how damaging the agriculture industry can be to the environment. Because of this, they set out to create a farm that has a positive impact on the environment while raising our animals with the highest animal welfare standards.

We do this by using regenerative farming tactics like putting up bird houses and encouraging bird activity to control our fly and mosquito population instead of chemicals, and rotating our chickens behind our cattle so they can create and spread their nitrogen and phosphorus-rich manure around the recently-eaten field to encourage more forage growth. We currently sell our products at local grocery stores around us like Greenstar in Ithaca, NY and Lori’s Natural Food in Rochester, NY. We also have a store located onsite at one of our farms. There you can buy our eggs and meat, as well as other local products from our region. While at our farm store, you always have the option of taking a tour of our farm. We are so proud of what we have achieved with our regenerative practices, we would love to show you how happy our animals are and share our knowledge. Baldwin Farm is a family farm which returned to operation in early 2017 to provide organically and sustainably raised meats and produce.

We offer pasture-raised broiler chickens , hogs , beef and turkey , along with eggs and seasonal produce . Our animals never receive antibiotics or spend time cooped up in a barn. Eggs & Broilers : Our layers and meat chickens are raised on pasture and fed only organic, soy-free feed. Turkey : Available each year for Thanksgiving, we raise our turkeys on pasture and feed only organic feed. Pork : Our Berkshire/Tamworth hogs farrow in the wild and are allowed to roam pasture throughout the summer months. They are free-fed a diet of organic, soy-free feed. Beef : Our cattle are rotationally pastured year-round. Our Farm Store is open year-round, and we sell our meat products both by the cut or whole animal. Beartown Farms supplies healthy grass fed lamb and beef . We are situated in the ‘lake effect’ zone east of Lake Ontario - an outstanding location for a grass farm. Forty inches of rain, cool summers, and water holding soils enable us to grow excellent forages without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. With more than 650 acres of meadows and pastures, the sun provides all the energy required to sustain our farm operations. In order to efficiently manage the land for our animals, we practice rotational grazing and harvest all of our winter feed as hay and grass silage. The farm is home to more than 500 Dorp-Croix hair sheep and 125 Angus cattle. Our lamb is for people who don’t normally like lamb, as there is no wool lanolin taste to the meat, and Angus beef is among the best. Sustainable agriculture and healthy grass-fed lamb and beef – it doesn’t get better than that. Our farm grown lamb and beef are USDA inspected, custom cut and vacuum packaged. Cows are sold by the whole, half and split quarters and lamb by the whole. You can contact us to order or arrange a delivery directly to specific locations within the northern New York region. Beaver Brook Ranch (exit 12 NJ Rt 80) specializes in providing dry aged 100% Grass Fed and Finished Black Angus Beef (non-GMO, no antibiotics or hormones) and pasture and woodland raised Pork (non-GMO, no corn, no antibiotics or hormones). Our beef and pork are prepared by a single local small-scale USDA inspected butcher. All cuts come vacuum sealed, labeled, and frozen (stays fresh for 12 months). —Exclusive Offer: For new customers only, if you find us on enter coupon code BBR25 in the notes section at checkout to receive $25 off your first share package— Beef is available monthly, and pork shares are available in the late summer, early fall. Beef Shares come in: Samplers (20 pounds) 1/8 Shares (45 pounds) 1/4 Shares (90 pounds) 1/2 Shares (180 pounds).

Pork Shares come in: Samplers (20 pounds) 1/2 (50 pounds) Full Shares (100 pounds). Free delivery on most share packages within 35 miles of the ranch. We can also ship Samplers and 1/8 Shares via UPS Express-One Day to most states on the east coast. We are happy to give you a tour of the ranch when you pick up your Share package. Ben Wever Farm is a diversified family farm raising grass fed beef , pastured pork , chickens and turkeys , and eggs . This farm has been a sustainable, diversified farm for 180 years. Today we are a grass and pasture based system that offers locally (all animals spend their lives on the farm) produced beef, pork, eggs, chicken, and turkey retail at our farmstand and from a select number of stores in the local Essex County, New York area. We produce food seasonally, safely, and using organic practices that avoid hormones, pesticides, herbicides, routine antibiotics, and grains for ruminant animals.

We aim to feed our Adirondack neighborhood, not the whole nation. Bennington Beefalo is a family business located in the green hills of Wyoming County in western New York State. Beefalo , like their relatives the American Bison, thrive on the grasses and various legumes found in our pastures. We try to provide as much green grass, fresh air and sunshine as possible to our animals by employing rotational grazing to provide them with a fresh salad bar eating experience. This menu of grasses helps to provide our meat with more flavor and nutrition than found in conventional grain fed, feedlot beef from the supermarkets.


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