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Managing Psychedelic-Induced Anxiety with CBD

Anxiety is a condition that can affect one’s health and well-being. Psychedelics, such as dimethyltryptamine (DMT), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), mushrooms, and mescaline, all affect a user’s mood and perception, often causing hallucinations. As these feelings and visions, of a sort, known under the slang term a “trip,” are primarily driven by the current state of mind of the user, psychedelic-induced anxiety can be a real problem—a bad trip.

Psychedelic-induced anxiety is best avoided by first identifying its source and dealing with it, even as you treat this induced feeling. Did you know that triggered anxiety can be due to various unresolved issues? Psychedelic-anxiety sufferers experience disproportionate levels of worry, distress, and fear.

Though induced anxiety can be treated, it is advisable to identify and solve its trigger. Is it that the victim is sick, has personal issues, or undue stress in their life? Whatever the cause is, addressing it is the first step towards a more positive psychedelic experience.

There are various methods of managing psychedelic-induced anxiety, and what works for one user may not work for another.

Can CBD be used to reduce psychedelic-induced anxiety symptoms?

Studies show that CBD possesses both anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties. There have been theories of cannabinoids triggering psychedelic-induced anxiety, but this is not proven for medicinal CBD and CBD oils. On the other hand, THC is sometimes attributed to paranoia in users and is best avoided with psychedelic use.

Anxiety symptoms CBD may help with before, during, or after psychedelic use, include lack of sleep, severe worry, agitation, fatigue, restlessness, and irritability. It may also help with more severe cases, where patients suffer from lack of concentration, muscle problems, headaches, fear, and frightening hallucinations, in some cases.

CBD is a natural remedy, which has been proved to cure anxiety by interacting with serotonin release in the brain. Those suffering from emotional problems often experience awful side effects with psychedelic use, using CBD oil in conjunction can help put the user in a positive state of mind to avoid this. Be sure that your CBD oil is high quality and pure: conduct research, using guides like the ones on to find out where to purchase CBD safely locally.

The recommended dosage for CBD during psychedelic use is about 1 mg per two pounds of body weight. This dosage may vary by user. It’s recommended you experiment with CBD to identify the correct dosage for you before using it with psychedelics. The goal is to achieve a calm, relaxed state of mind.
CBD may also be effective in stopping a bad trip if used with a vape for immediate results.

How does CBD help with psychedelic-induced anxiety? The effects of CBD on the body are relatively well researched, particularly regarding mental health conditions, such as general anxiety, stress, and pain relief as well as depression. In the case of psychedelic-induced anxiety, it may:

Relax the muscles

CBD oil is a natural muscle relaxer. While psychedelics themselves may not cause muscle tension, the fear and anxiety of a bad trip can cause the user to tense up. In cases, this can even lead to oxygen deprivation if the user experiences breathing irregularities as a result of the tension.

Relieve pain

Emotional or physical discomfort often leave users in a poor state of mind, which can translate to a less-than-pleasant psychedelic experience. CBD oil is a natural pain reliever that likewise increases serotonin levels in the brain (so it, in essence, makes you happier).

Induce sleep

Induced anxiety is a known cause of insomnia. When a user can’t sleep, the recovery process is delayed. CBD oils help a user relax, sleep, and get maximum rest. Psychedelic-induced anxiety is also often exasperated by sleep deprivation, and rest can allow a user to sleep through the bad experience.

Suppress discomforts

CBD oils help to alleviate discomfort. The oils interact with the body systems to offer overall comfort and promote a feeling of security.

Are there any risks or drawback to using CBD for psychedelic-induced anxiety?
CBD use is entirely safe during psychedelic use and has no known negative interactions with hallucinogenic substances. As mentioned earlier, marijuana-derived or full-spectrum CBD which may contain THC as well as marijuana use itself, should, however, be avoided. This point is particularly important for users who have experienced paranoia with certain cannabis strains in the past.

It is also possible to be allergic to CBD, so if you have not used it in the past, it’s best to do a test run before combining it with psychedelics. This test period is a great time to, also as mentioned, experiment with the proper dosage for your needs.
As with any supplement use, it’s important to always source your CBD from a reputable seller with the proper third-party testing protocols in place. Due to the popularity of CBD, there are some low-quality products on the market, which may contain additives that negatively affect your experience or just cause it not to be effective for your needs.

In Summary

CBD is an extract from the hemp plant that has been proven to have medicinal value. One of its major benefits is the ability to suppress and reduce anxiety symptoms, including those as a result of psychedelic use. CBD oils are known to fight restlessness, irritability, concentration difficulties, fatigue, excessive worry, stress, depression, muscle tension, sleep problems, and fear.

If you enjoy the use of psychedelics but have had or are afraid of having a bad trip, CBD might be the answer to your conundrum.

Managing Psychedelic-Induced Anxiety with CBD Anxiety is a condition that can affect one’s health and well-being. Psychedelics, such as dimethyltryptamine (DMT), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD),