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Hemp oil & CBD news

What Does ND Mean?

Drug tests and THC are a common concern of most working class Americans. We’ll discuss Non Detectable THC in depth in this article.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Hemp derived products are typically placed into several different categories, including isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum CBD oil.

What is Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC?

The most distinguishing characteristic between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is the CB1 and CB2 receptors they bind with. But there is much more to it…

What is a Hemp Supplement?

Hemp is a type of Cannabis sativa, and it is an excellent phytoremediator. This means that the plant is extremely adept at absorbing all of the metallic elements as well as toxins from the soil where it is grown, and subsequently stores them in its leaves and stems. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring that only the cleanest hemp is used in the creation of our products.

Many CBD companies on the market only offer products which contain isolated CBD, which means that the plant has been extracted down to a singular CBD molecule, and it does not contain any of the other natural hemp compounds. At Eco Sciences, we believe that the true value of hemp lies in the synergistic interplay of the aggregate components within the plant, including its natural terpenes as well as phytocannabinoids

Phytocannabinoids are the primary molecules within the hemp plant, and they are specifically shaped to interact with the cannabinoid (CB) receptors that exist inside of our body. When CB receptors are activated, they release specialized neurotransmitters, known as endocannabinoids, which are designed to perform a variety of functions with regard to the modulation of our internal systems.

Terpenes are compounds that can be found in a variety of plants, including hemp, as they influence different characteristics with respect to the plant’s scent, color, and flavor. Distinct strains of cannabis are typically classified by their terpene concentrations rather than their phytocannabinoid content.

Scientists have termed the interconnected relationship of hemp phytocannabinoids and terpenes as the “entourage effect”, which essentially means that the compounds are all specifically engineered to work together. In other words, the sum of the components are worth more than their individual parts.

Get more information about our hemp supplements here and learn about everything else you might be curious about related to hemp here

Our Full Spectrum Hemp

Many people have come to discover our CBD oil products because they were searching for a hemp supplement brand that employs scrupulous manufacturing standards in addition to utilizing the finest quality ingredients. At Eco Sciences, our commitment to excellence has enabled us to formulate products of exceptional value, and our customers have consistently attested to this throughout our years of operation.

Our process begins with the procurement of meticulously sourced hemp that has been expertly grown to contain a superior concentration of potent phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and CBC. The hemp then undergoes an exceedingly clean CO2 extraction process, which enables the best full spectrum hemp oil to retain a majority of its natural, raw compounds. CO2 extraction offers many benefits over other cheaper, more popular forms of extraction, as it does not involve the use of any harsh solvents, so no harmful chemicals are left behind in the finished product.

Full spectrum CBD oil FAQ

What does full spectrum mean?

A common question about hemp extract is: what does full spectrum mean? It means that the extract contains a majority of its phytocannabinoids, including THC — which is not present in broad spectrum or CBD isolate products. Using full spectrum means to facilitate the entourage effect , which is a description of the synergistic interplay between the compounds in hemp.

What is CBD full spectrum?

CBD full spectrum is referring to the amount of phytocannabinoids that are present in hemp or cannabis oil after it undergoes extraction. CBD full spectrum is the only kind of extract that contains THC, which is necessary for the entourage effect.

What is the difference between full spectrum?

Many people wonder about what is the difference between full spectrum and other hemp extract products. Full spectrum means that the hemp oil includes the full range of phytocannabinoids after the extraction process, including THC, which is important for the entourage effect. Not all CBD products contain THC.

Can full spectrum cbd fail a drug test?

As CBD products become more prevalent, a lot of people want to know if full spectrum CBD can fail a drug test. The short answer is that it is a possibility, but it depends on a variation of factors. We have more information available here .

What are the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil?

Currently, the FDA is weighing in on what are the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil. When the phytocannabinoids in hemp extract bind with the CB receptors that comprise our endocannabinoid system , they release neurotransmitters called “endocannabinoids”, and these serve a variety of functions throughout the body.

Does CBD really do anything?

Many studies have been conducted to determine a simple question: does CBD really do anything? Although CBD is a phytocannabinoid , it does not actually bind with CB receptors; however, it inhibits the enzymes that dissolve endocannabinoids from the bloodstream.

Is full spectrum CBD safe?

Studies have consistently demonstrated that full spectrum CBD is safe to use, and the World Health Organization has also deemed it to have a high safety index. This means that it has relatively little side effects, especially compared to many kinds of over the counter and prescribed medication.

What is the best CBD oil on the market?

How do you find out what is the best CBD oil on the market? It should be able to fall under very specific criteria. First, the oil must be tested by a certified laboratory in order to confirm the concentration of phytocannabinoids. The extraction method is also extremely important to determine the quality of the oil, which is why we use CO2 extraction to create our hemp extract, as it is the cleanest and most efficient form of extraction that is currently available. We believe that we offer some of the best hemp extract on the market, and we have an abundance of verified testimonials from our loyal customers telling us about their incredible experiences with our products!

Eco Sciences is the #1 selling CBD oil hemp supplement brand since 2014! We offer the best premium Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extracts in our rich CBD oil products.

CBD Drip CBD Drip Onyx

£ 25.00
Earn 125 Vape Points

A 7ml bottle of CBD Drip Onyx containing 140+mg of CBD

CBD Drip Onyx is the max strength CBD liquid of The Official Vape Additive line. CBD Drip Onyx has 10x the strength of our Gold CBD Oil. Every bottle of Onyx has a minimum of 140mg all natural, non-synthetic and organic CBD sourced from the highest quality European industrial hemp.

This proprietary blend of liquid can be added to any of your favorite e-liquids, or put under your tongue as a sublingual solution.

Taste Profile: N/A
Size: 7ml
Ratio: N/A
Nicotine: 0mg

You will earn: 125 POINTS

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Product Description

  • Max strength
  • Single 7ml frosted glass bottle with child resistant cap
  • 140+mg of CBD
  • All natural and organic European sourced full spectrum hemp oil
  • Proprietary blend of VG/PG engineered specifically to mix with your favorite E-Liquid
  • Full spectrum
  • CBD Enriched Multi Cannabinoid Full Spectrum EU Hemp Oil
  • USP Kosher Glycol
  • USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Terpenoids

The new CBD Drip Onyx is the maximum strength of CBD oil at 140mg. The main ingredient of CBD Drip is derived from the industrial hemp plant. Enjoy the benefits of CBD oil with any vape device by itself or by adding it to your favorite e-liquid. Onyx is the newest product from CBD Drip and is one of the strongest CBD vape oils on the market. It contains 140 mg CBD compared to the 58 mg of the Platinum series. Both CBD Drip Onyx and CBD Drip Platinum contain no artificial colors or flavors. Platinum remains a good value but for those who need an even higher level of CBD, Onyx may be even more cost effective. It’s derived from imported industrial hemp with less than .3 percent THC per 7ml unit. For maximum effectiveness shake well before using.

Close observation has shown that CBD Drip Onyx has thicker flavor compared to other CBD Drip products, bolder flavor than platinum and a hint of sweetness like gold.

CBD Drip products can be used with e-liquids or herbal oils in any e-cig or vaporizer device.

Lab Test

Lab Test

CBD Drip Gold

Date Submitted: 04-04-2017
Sample Number: 170404R011
Sample Type: Infused, Other
Total Wt/Vol: 7.0000 Milliliters

Moisture Content Test: Not Tested

Potency Test: Tested

Full spectrum cannabinoid profiling and analysis utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC/UV)
Cannabinoid Summary

Total THC – THC + (0.877 * THCa)
5.6 mg

Total CBD – CBD + (0.877 * CBDa)
189.7 mg

Full Cannabinoid Profile

Tetrahydrocannabinol – THC
5.6 mg

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid – THCa
0.0 mg

Cannabidiol – CBD
189.7 mg

Cannabidiolic Acid – CBDa
0.0 mg

Cannabinol – CBN
0.0 mg

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol – Δ8THC
0.0 mg

Cannabichromene – CBC
11.2 mg

Cannabigerol – CBG
2.1 mg

Cannabigerolic Acid – CBGa
0.0 mg

Tetrahydrocannabivarin – THCV
0.0 mg

Cannabidivarin – CBDV
2.1 mg

Cannabidivarin Acid – CBDVa
0.0 mg

Total Active Cannabinoids
210.7 mg

CBD Drip Gold Cannabinoid Ratio
THC 5.6 mg
THCa 0 mg
Δ8THC 0 mg
CBD 189.7 mg
CBDa 0 mg
CBC 11.2 mg
CBG 2.1 mg
CBGa 0 mg
THCV 0 mg
CBDV 2.1 mg
CBDVa 0 mg
CBN 0 mg

Terpene Test: Not Tested

Microbiological Test

Screening for Fungal and Bacterial Contamination


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How long is the warranty on the products?

All kits come with a 28-day parts warranty from date of receipt. Purchasers should be aware that our electronic cigarette atomizers and batteries, although made to the highest quality, may fail or degrade over a period of time. (A disposable or coil replacement electronic cigarette atomizer’s natural lifespan is around 14-60 days and an electronic cigarette battery’s expected lifespan is 2-6 months depending on use and capacity). This is not a guarantee that the Consumer will “like” the Electronic Cigarette, simply that it will function as described within the specified timeframe.

Batteries and Atomizers purchased as “singles” i.e. not as part of a multi-pack are also covered by a 28 day warranty period from date of receipt. Any replacement parts are warranted from the date of delivery of the original order.

How do I return a faulty item?

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Any unauthorised returned items may not be dealt with.

Bit and Pieces Vape only offer a warranty on faulty products. This warranty becomes void if the product has been damaged or is not suitably maintained, kept clean and in good working order.We do not offer refund or exchange if you simply do not like any electronic cigarette or shisha pen product this is due to hygiene reasons. Please check all goods when you receive them as the warranty runs from date of purchase until 28 days after therefore please retain receipt for proof of purchase.

If you claim your product is faulty you will need to return it to us within the 28 days from purchase and allow us 5 working days to accurately inspect the product and respond with the findings.

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Can I return an item that I simply do not like?

As the product is an oral product, once used it cannot be returned unless faulty.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled any time prior to shipping by calling us on 0121 457 7951, quoting your order number. This should be done as soon as possible, as once the products have been shipped they cannot be recalled.

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A 7ml bottle of CBD Drip Onyx containing 140+mg of CBD. Add to your favorite e-liquids, or put under your tongue as a sublingual solution.