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Where To Get CBD Infused Drinks In NYC

Where To Sip On CBD Drinks In NYC

CBD infused coffee was only first introduced to NYC by Caffeine Underground earlier this year. As of late, Bubby’s – an upscale Tribeca diner serving up homestyle breakfast fixings – has introduced CBD infused sweeteners to the menu. Relax to the max while sipping a $10 glass of special lemonade or sweeten your morning drinks with the good stuff. Bubby’s joins a growing number of innovative companies and eateries in reshaping the image of cannabis in the eyes of the community.

So where can you get these delightful cups of relaxation? Let’s take a look..

Caffeine Underground

Caffeine Underground was the first spot in NY to offer CBD-infused coffee drinks – and it caught on like wildfire. The flexible Bushwick DIY cafe sells Flower Power CBD infused coffee as well as Trippin’ Tea.

Patent Coffee

Patent sets itself apart from most, offering an entire spring drink menu and will infuse anything on their menu for a $2 fee. Those already infused include the CBD Arnold Palmer and signature CBD cold brew, but don’t hesitate to spice up your coconut matcha or charcoal lemonade.


Since introducing Azuca’s CBD-infused sweetener to their extensive menu of offerings, you can now cool down with a class of CBD lemonade, with the option to sweeten your coffee and tea beverages with the special sweetener as well.

Flower Power Coffee House

This Queens coffee shop also offers a batch of cold brew with the CBD infusion and you know it’s good because the cannabidiol hails straight from the source: in Colorado.

Oliver Coffee

Oliver Coffee is anything but average, so when Aisa Shelley introduced 3 specialty lattes with a CBD twist, it came as no surprise. Stop in to try the golden coconut, rose-infused maple, and oat milk lattes with an admirable dose of CBD in each.

Gregory’s Coffee

With some luck and willingness to try, this could ease the temporary pain of waiting for recreational marijuana to be legalized in one of America’s most progressive states.

Where To Sip On CBD Drinks In NYC CBD infused coffee was only first introduced to NYC by Caffeine Underground earlier this year. As of late, Bubby’s – an upscale Tribeca diner serving up homestyle breakfast fixings – has introduced CBD infused sweeten

Where to Buy CBD Oil in NYC

November 8, 2019

It seems everywhere you go, everyone is talking about CBD oil and what it can do for you. But what is it, why should you buy it, and where to buy CBD oil in NYC.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, an extract of the hemp plant. Even though it is sourced from the same plant as marijuana (a plant known as cannabis sativa), CBD does not get you “high.” People are using CBD oil for a wide range of potential health and wellness benefits because of how naturally CBD works with the body’s internal ECS or Endocannabinoid System.

The ECS helps maintain a state of equilibrium or internal balance in the body through cannabinoid-like substances that are created in the body. The ECS helps maintain temperature, mood, stress, pain/pleasure responses, reproductive systems, and more.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in NYC

Is CBD Legal in NYC?

In December of 2018, the passing of the U.S. Farm Bill legalized CBD at a national level. Subsequently, a few states have passed their own additional regulation. Some states have specific guidelines or require sellers or growers to obtain permits or pay additional fees to produce or sell CBD within the state. Additionally, some municipalities have passed additional laws and ordinances regarding CBD. For the most current updates, be sure to check local laws in your area of New York.

CBD is legal in New York City, with one exception. Acting in an abundance of caution, NYC has passed regulations that prevent establishments within the city from selling food or beverages that have CBD added to them. Establishments in NYC that sell CBD-infused alcohol, food, treats, baked goods, etc., may be subjected to fines, and goods may be confiscated. In short, if you live in NYC (or are visiting), you are allowed to consume CBD-infused food and beverage, but city businesses are not allowed to sell it. The easy answer here is: make your own! You can easily blend full spectrum CBD oil into your favorite smoothie or cocktail, or infuse it into salad dressings and flavorful dishes. Here’s a short article to help you get started.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in NYC?

You might be surprised to learn that CBD oil can be purchased in many locations throughout NYC. CBD oil is sold in some of the places where you’d expect to see it, such as vape shops, smoke shops, liquor stores, and natural groceries. But it’s also available from pharmacies, natural healers, energy workers, spas, boutiques, naturopaths, pet supply stores and groomers, gift shops, markets, and more.

Besides buying locally in NYC, you can order direct from NuLeaf Naturals by visiting our online shop. Click here to buy CBD oil or CBD capsules online, or click here to access an interactive map to find a NuLeaf Naturals retailer near you.

Do you know where to buy CBD oil in NYC? Not sure if CBD is legal in New York City? Read our guide on where to get CBD in NY. ]]>