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CBD Seems to Be Giving People Bizarre Nightmares

Rough Night

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, gave Yasmin Tayag terrible nightmares. Or maybe it didn’t.

The cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high is seemingly everywhere right now, so when Tayag received some CBD oil as a gift, she didn’t see the harm in smearing it on her forehead before bed, according to a story she penned for Inverse.

When the hellish nightmares started, the CBD was the only thing she could think to blame — but her subsequent investigation revealed that, despite its growing ubiquity, no one seems to really know what CBD does.

Conflicting Reports

The logic behind Tayag’s suspicion that the CBD oil caused her nightmares is sound — after all, the dreams started when she started using the oil, and stopped when she stopped.

She even found others online who shared her experience. But then she also found people who said the compound prevented them from having dreams, and others who claimed it gave them vivid dreams that weren’t scary.

And the science on CBD’s effect on sleep was about as contradictory as the anecdotal evidence, as Tayag would learn from the published research and her conversations with both cannabis and sleep experts.

Jury’s Out

Ultimately, Tayag was left with little choice but to accept that her suspicion about a link between the oil and her nightmares would remain unconfirmed — another indication that our best understanding of CBD remains thin.

“And considering the gray legal area in which CBD currently exists,” she wrote, “it may be some time before its effects on sleep, dreams, and everything else it’s purported to touch can be distilled into a science.”

In recent CBD news, researchers investigate CBD sleep. Studies reveal a potential link between the cannabis compound and CBD nightmares.

CBD oil could ease PTSD and nightmares

Individuals who suffer from night terrors, harrowing nightmares and fear of loud noises after dark are turning to CBD oil in a bid to find effective alternative treatments.

A new study reveals that the oil could help prevent distressing dreams, especially among those who suffer from varying degrees of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). There is also new research indicating that CBD oil could eliminate night terrors and reduce the number of prescriptions for mental health.

According to author Lucas Elms, who led the study, CBD appears to provide relief in a subgroup of PTSD test patients who reported experiencing frequent nightmares as one of the symptoms of their disorder.

The endocannabinoid system

Elms, who carried out the research at Rocky Vista University, Colorado, USA, continued to explain that the effect is believed to be a result of the actions of the cannabidiol compound on the ECS (endocannabinoid system).

The ECS consists of a complex network of CBD receptors in the peripheral and central nervous systems. While everyone has an active ECS, in some people, the system malfunctions, resulting in hormone imbalances and the subsequent exacerbation of fears.

PTSD is at its core an anxiety disorder caused by an extremely stressful, frightening or distressing event. According to the UK’s NHS website, a person suffering from PTSD often relives the traumatic event that caused their condition through flashbacks and nightmares.

Lucas continued to reveal that there has been a big surge in research related to the potential positive benefits of CBD in the management of neuropsychiatric conditions, recently. His study consisted of 11 participants and took place over the course of eight weeks.

CBD for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

CBD has been assigned an open-label classification allowing for flexible dosing regimens for those diagnosed with PTSD by a professional mental health care provider.

Patients taking the drug as part of the study received standard psychiatric care, which included psychotherapy and medication.

The CBD was administered orally alongside standard PTSD psychiatric care and was well-tolerated by all patients – no patients opted to discontinue treatment due to negative side effects – and appears to result in a reduction of PTSD symptoms.

According to David Barcly, CBD oil specialist and founder of UK CBD supplier CDD Armour, the CBD administered appeared to provide relief to a subset of sufferers of frequent night terrors and he is not all surprised by the study’s findings. He claims CBD oil can offer effective treatment to many people dealing with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Barcly explained that CBD Armour has reports from many customers saying they sleep better at night and generally feel less anxiety when they take CBD oil. After all, if CBD oil can prevent extreme nightmares in PTSD patients, it can surely offer those who just have a hard time sleeping a better night of rest. Others studies have indeed shown that CBD can reduce anxiety symptoms and promote better sleep.

Take a recent study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado, Denver: the study aimed to find out if CDB could help improve anxiety and/or sleep issues.

Within the first 30 days, 57 out of the total 72 patients reported decreased anxiety and improved sleep quality after taking CBD for the designated time period.

The study’s author, Dr. Scott Shannon reported that it appears CBD is better tolerated than many routine psychiatric medications and displays promise as an alternative treatment for reducing anxiety symptoms in clinical populations.

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A new study reveals that CBD oil could help prevent distressing dreams, especially among those who suffer from varying degrees of PTSD. The Extract reports. ]]>