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Had the blackberry been any stronger, I’m not sure if I would have liked it as much as I do. The exhale is all mint and leaves a nice refreshing aftertaste. This is one I enjoyed on my porch during an extremely hot and humid day.

I was a little worried with this all-natural organic line. I haven’t found an organic line that I have liked yet. That said, the Blackberry + Mint from Vape Organics is pretty nice! The blackberry is nice and sweet with a cool minty mix. The flavor of the mint is a little overpowering for me, but all together it was a very decent taste. It has a horrible soapy-like inhale and sweet mint exhale that is not all that strong. I really didn’t get any blackberry taste at all in this eliquid. I normally do not like mint liquids anyway, but this mint is very light and quite enjoyable, which I found surprising. This would be a great vape if it didn’t have that soapy taste in the beginning. The blackberry and mint flavor was definitely interesting.

I thought it had an overpowering mint flavor on the inhale with notes of a tart blackberry on the exhale. I also noticed that the flavor of this juice faded out quickly. I would have enjoyed this eliquid a little more if the flavor stayed around longer and if the spearmint flavor was smoother. “ A truly fresh tonic overflowing with sweet strawberries on the inhale and smoothly transitioning to a tangy lime exhale. Created using only premium quality organic extracts, it’s hailed as an excellent all day vape, especially on hot summer days.”. On the inhale, it brings forth a nice strawberry flavor that hits my taste buds before the lime mixes in. Before the exhale it seems the flavor fades somewhat and mellows pretty fast at times. At other times, the lime lingers on in the background throughout the exhale. I’m vaping this down between 20-30 watts since it’s an all-organic eliquid. I only get about two to three draws between drips and it seems that the flavoring has gone. This flavor seemed to just get a bit boring to me in short order. I learned from Louis that these flavors all seem to taste better with lower heat. And at 20 watts with my .35-ohm build, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn’t feel the need to bump up the heat at all. Although, just to see how it vaped, I turned it up to various settings and well, yea, I’ll stick with 20 watts. I’m not sure why these flavors can’t seem to handle higher heat… possibly because it has organic nicotine, or the organic ingredients tend to not need the higher wattages of non-organic ingredients. Whatever the case just keep that in mind when trying these, lower wattage seems to be the best way to go. I’ll start Strawberry Limeade off by saying strawberry vapes have become very boring to me lately. The limeade comes out so much more than the strawberry and because of that, I am really enjoying it. The inhale is a light and tasty limeade that even has a slight ‘crisp’ take to it. On the exhale the limeade is still just as strong and tasty as it is in the inhale, but there are flavor notes of a sweet and tart strawberry tucked in, and it really adds to the limeade and I love that it’s subtle and not taking over the limeade. It almost feels as if I’m drinking this flavor topped off with a ton of crushed ice. Limeade fans give this one a try but remember to keep it at lower temps. I could not handle this one at all, and the only reason I gave this one 3.75 stars is because I was able to get the strawberry flavor with a nice, sweet taste. Once the limeade kicked in, I could not handle the combined flavor because it was just too overpowering.

I just couldn’t pull myself past the tart taste or I would have given it a higher rating.

I love a good strawberry eliquid with lime added to it… well it hit the sweet spot for me! Strawberry Limeade has a lightly sweet, fresh picked strawberry inhale and a tart lime exhale. Strawberry is a hard flavor to capture when making an eliquid. Most normally taste too sweet, like rotten strawberries sometimes, or like candy. Vape Organics has captured a true red ripe strawberry flavor here.


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