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By having gloves, when you’re beating someone’s face open, you can toss the gloves and you specifically need motorcycle riding gloves so you have some padding and don’t break your fist. Make no mistake, people’s skulls and faces are made of hard bone. Yes, you’re fucking them up but you’re also fucking up your fists. And as long as you wear a mask and no one can identify you, you can beat someone’s ass in board public and get away with it.

What’s another charge gonna do when you’re already caught for selling weed and on bail? Again, if you’re face is covered and you run up on someone and beat someone down in thirty seconds or less and are out of there, you won’t get caught. Run up behind someone and swing the baton into the thighs , do not use a baton on someone’s face or head, you can kill them and also get an attempted murder charge . That’s why you want a baton as well, you can deliver strikes below the belt and not get a serious assault charge. Well that’s for the grip and in case someone fights back or tries to take your baton away and use it on you, you fight them and punch them in the face. Once someone falls to the ground, start kicking them, hit them several times in the face. It’s the small things that break easily and cost a ton to fix and will let someone remember you forever.

Anyway, again this is for someone that already flipped on you. You need to avoid them going into the courtroom and this is the only way, also you need to prove a point. Informants think they’re invincible, let these little fuckers know was sup. Again, it’s from the DVD the rule is that for every person you tell you sell weed, they’ll tell ten other people. Now of course, it doesn’t make sense right away, but people talk and if they tell one person, that person tells another person and so on and so on. Nigguhs talk, bitches talk, white boys talk, hoes talk, all girls and all guys talk. Unless you’re directly selling to someone, don’t let them know you’re selling. Don’t tell your girlfriend, don’t show off, don’t tell your boyfriend, don’t tell anybody. Also, make sure the words “I sell marijuana” or “I sell” ever come out of your mouth. You never know when you’re being recorded, seriously. You do not speak on this lifestyle, you don’t ever say it. If you follow the x10 rule, you should be okay for the most part. It’ll keep you out of a lot of shit, especially if you’re in school. At the same time, if someone is selling and says it, pay attention. That may be someone you can flip or throw to the cops. For someone that talks, make sure you get in their business and just listen and observe. The best way to find out if someone smokes is just ask them if they smoke, that way you can imply if it’s cigarettes or weed. If you saw me you’d never thought I smoked weed… because I don’t. Now, it might be a serious urge to fucking talk but even back in my days, I would talk so much before I even got things off the ground I had police on me, and this was in high school. You may have to remind even your customers from time to time to keep their fucking mouthes quiet. That’s where a baton comes in useful, it’s intimidation as well. Honestly, this is what distinguishes a professional from an amateur. The phone you use to text hoes, the phone you use to text your Mom and regular people is fine to have; but do not keep photos of weed on there, do not use it to text for drugs and if someone texts you on it for drugs, drop them immediately.

at all… for anything related to drugs on your main phone, whatsoever.

There are many reasons to use a burner… Cops will sometimes go through random lists given to them by an informant asking for drugs, and the more you change your phone, the more you are immune to these kinds of attacks. Cops need a warrant to track texts and calls and by the time they get a warrant, if you dispose of your phone and get a new one, it’s much harder for them to legally tackle you. A phone that is a burner and doesn’t have any personal information is much harder to associate with you.


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