cbd oil for pancreatitis


“I have acute chronic pancreatitis. Can you recommend something to help me manage this?”

Acute, chronic pancreatitis is a life-threatening inflammatory disease usually triggered by carbohydrates especially alcohol, or in a newly diagnosed diabetic. Obviously you can no longer do any alcohol and you must be extremely careful with sugars especially high fructose corn syrup sweeteners or beet sweeteners but a paleo diet may work well for you. I encourage you to investigate the CBD cannabis. CBDs tend to make you calm and well while the THC makes you high and happy so the combination of the two will help you with your symptoms. I encourage you to use cannabis in a sublingual spray, non-alcoholic tincture, vaporizing oil and even the topical salve for inflammation and pain relief. Massaging the Cannabis CBD salve into your upper back and your upper abdomen over the pancreas should give you relief especially if you do this frequently at first and then start spacing the application out as you start to get relief of the pancreatic pain. If you are eating meats you may need to do specific digestive enzymes to help take the strain off your pancreas at meals. If your stools float you are passing too much oil in your stools and you may need to address your digestion a little more. To help stimulate your appetite you may need a little moreTHC because it is known to stimulate your appetite. If you are overweight and you need to lose weight then please don’t do higher THC because it will give you the munchies and being overweight increases your risk of cancer. I think CBDs makes you fall in love with yourself and you take much better care of yourself if you’re taking your CBD’s regularly but do consider being happy with your THC. If you’re having difficulty with sleep be sure to rubdown with the CBD salve and consider using a one-to-one, CBD: THC spray in the mouth or vape pen for sleep. You can live through pancreatitis but the old rule is you might not live through the next attack, so please do learn to love yourself and recognize that your pancreas sits in the emotional center of your body and you want to ask yourself what relationship inflamed your emotions. No one else is responsible for your emotions so you are the one who has to delve into this and find the answers in order to heal your body.

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"I have acute chronic pancreatitis. Can you recommend something to help me manage this?" Acute, chronic pancreatitis is…