cbd oil for spinal stenosis


CBD Oil For Spinal Stenosis

Cannabis is emerging as a great therapeutic agent, all thanks to the vast number of studies being carried out in this aspect. Along with the treatment of temporary conditions such as migraines, nausea, etc. Cannabidiol has also been found to be effective in conditions that last for life. Such as, CBD oil for spinal stenosis has made a great turn in the chapter of treatment of this particular medical condition. Stick to the article to learn more about how cannabis helps in alleviating the drastic symptoms of the narrowing spinal canal.

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

A spinal canal is passage for a complex network of nerves, those nerves which originate from the brain. It also acts as a passage for the nerves that travel from end organs to the central nervous system. In spinal stenosis, this very spinal canal starts to narrow. As a result of this narrowing, the nerves that are present in the lumen get pressed upon.

Causes Of Spinal Stenosis?

Following are mentioned some common, as well as rare causes of this medical condition:

Osteoarthritis: in most of the cases, the narrowing of the vertebral lumen occur as a result of arthritis. Arthritis leads to formation of bony spurs, narrowing of lumens, and thickening of ligaments; all of which contribute greatly in stenosing a passage
Injuries: if there occurs any injury to the spine, the surrounding inflammatory response shall lead to stenosis as well
Disc herniation: such a condition is more common with, as well as and in the context of history of an injury. With the vertebral cushions herniating between the vertebral bones, lumen can get narrow and nerves are impinged upon
Tumors: if there is any tumorous condition of the spinal cord, it can produce stenosis as well by obstructing the lumen
Symptoms Of Spinal Stenosis:

Symptoms of spinal stenosis may vary according to the part of the vertebral column being involved. This condition usually tends to affect the lower back, and hence, the common signs and symptoms that emerge are mentioned as follows:

Sciatica: sciatica is referred to the pain that begins from the lower back and shoots down into the legs. It occurs as a result of the lower spinal nerves being pressed upon

Inappropriate bladder and bowel control: if the nerves to bladder or the bowel are interrupted, the patient may experience loose

CBD Oil And Spinal Stenosis:

CBD oil has been known to play a huge role in treating many conditions including those related to inflammatory and psychogenic causes. Conditions like spinal stenosis, that occurs basically due to a previous or an ongoing inflammatory reaction, has also shown to benefit with the use of CBD oil.

The fact that CBD hemp oil contains lesser amount of the psychoactive compound THC proves its use within a safe range
Cannabidiol acts as an anti inflammatory agent that helps to subside inflammation. Thus, Cannabidiol for sciatica can make a great remedy in this context
It helps to treat nerve-related conditions like MS and other neuropathies
It helps to reduce tingling sensations, motor and sensory weakness, as well as chronic pain, which are the symptoms of neuropathies like spinal stenosis
Back ache is a common and annoying symptom of this disease. Hence, cbd oil for back pain can be used by the patient’s of spinal stenosis under a health care provider’s supervision
CBD Lotion For Back Pain:

Lotions are applied directly onto the area of problem for topical relief. Cannabis-contai ning lotions or balms bind to the CB2 receptors after being absorbed via the skin layer. By associating with the CB2 receptors in the body, cannabis exhibits its anti-analgesic and anti-inflammato ry properties. Natures Best CBD Pain Cream claims to provide instant, as well as long-lasting analgesic effects, just what is expected from back pain relieving agents.

CBD Cream For Sciatica:

The conventional treatment strategies for sciatica involve OTC pain killers, heat and ice therapy, and bed rest. In few extreme cases, surgical interventions could be brought into use. However, the use of topical CBD preparations for sciatica can improve the symptoms up to much extent owing to the plant’s anti-inflammato ry characteristics .

Cannabinoids For Spinal Cord Injury (SCI):

According to a study, the endocannabinoid system is present in an intact spinal cord, injury to which can destroy the system’s regulation as well. As cannabinoid acts on the endocannabinoid setup, the activation aids in overcoming the untoward effect caused by SCI.

CBD Pain Killer:

Along with back pain, CBD oils, ointments, lotions and edibles are produced to combat pains caused due to chronic ailments such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Best CBD Oil For Back Pain:

For relieving chronic pain, Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil may be the good product of choice for you. Along with treating inflammatory conditions, it also helps in combating anxiety, sleep issues and sore muscle problems.

CBD For Herniated Disc:

A study has suggested that cannabidol can trim the harms done by degeneration of intervertebral discs. In the experiment, it was observed that induction of cannabidol did not improve the injurious condition, however, it did positively influence the damage caused by it.

Dosage Of CBD Oil:

For the treatment of chronic pain, approximately 2.5 to 20mg CBD oil by mouth for a duration of 25 days is recommended.
For the treatment of neuropathies, 2.5 to 120mg dose of a combination of CBD-THC, for up to 2-15 weeks.
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The increasing use of CBD hemp oil in accordance with its benefits has subjected its use in a vast variety of medical conditions among one of which is Spinal Stenosis. CBD oil proves to be a great treatment for spinal stenosis, since it alleviates symptoms such as pain and motor and sensory weakness; as well as improves the condition by reducing the inflammation.

CBD Oil For Spinal Stenosis Cannabis is emerging as a great therapeutic agent, all thanks to the vast number of studies being carried out in this…