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In September 2017, Guerin’s was bestowed a historical South Carolina marker by the Summerville Preservation Society. It is located outside of the pharmacy on the Richardson side of the building. We offer short wait times and if you have to wait, why not enjoy the fountain? Come browse our selections of South Carolina souvenirs, postcards, local author and local interest books, and t-shirts.

We also carry Yardley products, LorAnn oils, Occasionally Made products, holiday and seasonal garden flags, and mailbox wraps. Guerin’s has been serving Summerville since 1871 and would like to serve you into the next 100 years. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to our patients and customers. If you are looking for a hard to find item, recommendations for the dreaded cold or flu, or just want to enjoy a lemonade , Guerin’s is the place for you. We offer up-to-date pharmacy information for our patients’ prescriptions and over the counter purchases. We accept most insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Medicare D, and Medicaid. We offer 24-hour telephone prescription reordering. The soda fountain in Guerin’s Pharmacy has delicious treats! Guerin’s Pharmacy has served Summerville since 1871. Whether you need your prescription filled, are looking for a gift, or want a soda, Guerin’s Pharmacy in Summerville, SC is the place to be!

Call 843-873-2531 or contact us to refill your prescription. The health and safety of our community is our main priority. We are following all recommendations set forth by the State, CDC and Department of Health. During this time, Guerin’s Pharmacy will remain open during normal hours. Our store is open to customers, but we ask that those who enter kindly follow the CDC’s recommended social distancing protocol of 6ft. There is no cap on the number of customers allowed inside the store. Along with cleaning and sanitizing our common surfaces throughout the day, we have taken a number of other measures into effect to ensure your safety. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: – Employees must wear face masks at all times – Employees working food service must wear gloves. – Employees are required to have their temperature taken. – Curbside pickup is available for prescriptions and food (please call when you arrive). – We are offering limited delivery (fees included). We want to ensure everyone that understand the severity of this situation and will continue to keep you updated throughout this process. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding these measures we are taking. Guerin’s Pharmacy appreciates your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you soon! DIY Recipe: Marijuana Infused Topical for Pain Relief. Cannabis topical products are a great introduction for people entering into the world of cannabis. Marijuana topicals provide a powerful dose of medication without the need to ingest cannabis directly and without the psychoactive side effects. Even with high levels of pain-fighting THC, topicals applied to the body do not enter the blood stream. The cannabinoids when absorbed into the epidermis bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin providing localized pain relief. Cannabis topicals may be the key accessing a wider audience, especially one that may be skeptical about its potential benefits. I find that when someone I know is unsure about using medical marijuana, cannabis topicals are a great place to start. Common stigmas against cannabis tend to dissolve out of peoples’ minds when they find such positive and unique relief from cannabis infused topical products without any of the negative side effects that are unfairly attached to marijuana. Answer more questions to win cash at Daily Bonfire.

Cannabis infused topicals are also a great alternative to other pain relief options, which often come with negative side effects. Many products also unnecessarily target the whole body, compared to topicals, which target pain on a localized basis. Topicals allow you to apply cannabis medication directly to the source of discomfort, be that from chronic pain, swelling, headaches, or cramping. Topical products are great at providing relief to people with conditions like arthritis or chronic back pain. Topical products are easy to create on your own depending on your personal preferences and needs. You can create a topical with a cannabis strain based on the level of cannabinoids most appropriate to targeting your personal condition.

CBD heavy strains, for example, are a great choice if you need to reduce inflammation. High THC strains, on the other hand, are a great choice for targeting chronic or acute pain. The first step in curating a personalized topical medication is to start with cannabis infused coconut oil. Cannabis infused coconut oil alone can be used as a topical, but you can also create s more customized cannabis salve through the addition of other skin loving ingredients like like olive oil and shea butter. Here is a simple recipe for creating a customized cannabis topical salve.


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