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We carry the largest selection of premium Cannabis Glasswear Concentrates Accessories


Tacoma’s most trusted cannabis retailer

We offer local, pre-tested, clean and effective Cannabis flowers, oils, derivatives, extracts, topicals and fantastic edibles and have a tremendous selection of strains including many high CBD strains. We complement this with our exquisite selection of Functional Glass Art and accessories including “One of a Kind” designer pieces from some of the biggest names in the functional glass art industry.

Glass around the globe.

Clear Choice Cannabis is widely known for its selection of Premium Glass Pieces, which is why we continue to bring in the new glass every week. With Mad Dabler be assured that when you walk into our store you will see some of the most beautiful glass around! Each piece of glass art is hand selected and is never the same as the last. Feel free to stop in and check some our yourself! And if you’re not a glass lover, you’ll be sure to love our selection of legal cannabis!

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Clear Choice is committed to being the most service-oriented, knowledgeable and reliable provider of cannabis flower, hybrid, sativa, indica, as well as concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, and wax in the Tacoma, WA area—and beyond. Our customers always come first, whether you’re looking for advice on concentrates or simply want help choosing a beautiful glass piece to give as a gift. We put our years of experience to work for you every day.

The Clear Choice philosophy is simple: delivering the very best quality possible at unbeatable prices so that Tacoma residents have absolutely no reason to search elsewhere for recreational cannabis. We’re always on the hunt for new and better strains of cannabis, ensuring that we have something for everyone, from the first-time smoker to the expert dabber.

Whether you’re looking for a local dispensary, a regional dispensary or a weed dispensary near you, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

Based in Tacoma, WA, Clear Choice is a cannabis dispensary featuring a wide selection of both sativa and indica strains from premium cannabis growers and processors like Tahoma Flavors, Green Valley Society and Sonic Green. You’ll find only the highest quality of recreational cannabis in our store, from our pre-rolls to concentrates and vape cartridges. We offer plenty of products for non-smokers, too…Legal Soda, The 420 Bar, and High Tea are just a few of our edible brand offerings.

The 2,000 grams of premium cannabis sold daily speak for themselves. Clear Choice is your clear choice for the highest grade of recreational cannabis in the Tacoma area, including many high CBD strains that are guaranteed customer pleasers. We understand that walking into a cannabis dispensary for the first time can be overwhelming, especially one with such a complete catalog, but we’re here to help. We love questions, so ask us anything—we want to make Clear Choice your Tacoma marijuana dispensary.

Located at 8001 S. Hosmer Street in Tacoma, WA, we’re a premium level recreational cannabis dispensary that’s open seven days a week, early and late to fit your schedule. We strive to have what you want, when you want it— no matter when you come in. By the way, parking at our Tacoma marijuana dispensary is easy and plentiful, so you can take your time or breeze in and out, whatever you prefer. Why ask Google for a “dispensary near me” when you can tell your GPS you’ve made a Clear Choice in South Tacoma dispensaries? Come visit us near the corner of South Hosmer and 80th street, just across the street from Bass Pro Shops.

If you’re looking for a cannabis dispensary near Tacoma, Clear Choice should be your clear choice. From glassware to bud, pre-rolls to edibles, we have whatever your heart desires. Make us your destination for recreational marijuana in Tacoma for the complete experience.

We feature a wide variety of cannabis bud and cannabis products, including:

  • Sativa Bud. Stimulating and energetic, Sativa bud is known to help increase focus, promote feelings of well-being and fight depression. We carry many strains, including OG Kush, Mr. Nice Guy, and Snoop’s Dream.
  • Indica Bud. Often used for pain relief, indica is also commonly believed to counteract insomnia and is a popular choice for medical marijuana patients. Our dispensary is well-stocked with strains that include Afghani, Girl Scout Cookie and Kimbo Kush.
  • Pre-Rolls. If you’re looking for weed that’s ready to smoke, our pre-rolls are the pre-packaged marijuana cigarettes you’re seeking. We carry pre-rolled varieties like Strawberry Ice King Cone, Kief and Leaf and Blackberry Kush Shake and Bake.
  • Concentrates. Looking for wax, hash, oil, kief or concentrate? Look no further than Clear Choice. Our shop offers selections from a range of vendors including Tahoma Oils, Refine Seattle and Northwest Pearl.
  • Vape Cartridges. For the smoker looking for a more discreet experience, we offer vape cartridges, too! Come check out the lineup from brands like The Clear Cart, Avitas, and Green Brothers Farms.
  • Edibles. No cannabis dispensary would be complete without edibles. From Bhang Chocolates to Legal Soda, our edibles selection can’t be beaten.

Clear Choice Cannabis is the premier recreational cannabis dispensary in Tacoma, WA, with the finest selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, and more.