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If you do some research you will find a lot more experienced and big growers are with me on transplanting as little as possible. I always want to think my friends give the best info. I learned in growing the best info is the best info regardless of what friends may say.

I have only been growing since 09 however and lots of guys have more experience than I do. When I started learning I spent 6 months reading books and watching videos, and visiting ever grow I could get access to. All before I ever purchased a light a pot or a seed. I just wanted to give you some advice for the future if your going to make a habit of seeds or clones transplant as little as possible for best overall results. I want to warn you the pump in that bad boy has a tendency to overheat the water. Buy one of those pool or aquarium thermometers that just stay in the water. I had to constantly keep a 1 liter bottle of frozen water in the water to keep the temp under control. (Jack Herer and Querkle) in the long run I retro fitted the bottom tank with one that held about 15 gallons of water and sat right on the concrete floor to fix the heat issue without having to babysit. We have received a lot of inquiries from folks who have been taking a look at, or have already been using, Miracle Smoke CBD Vape oils .

Some of the questions were, “Why are you not carrying the vape oils?” Others were, “Do you have anything that is stronger? I don’t feel like this is potent enough…” Rest assured, we here at CBDGum.NetworkofHemp.com are always looking to bring to you the best in CBD Hemp Oil products, and being able to weed out (pun intended) the products that we feel are either not safe, are marketed deceptively, or do not fit our theme that hemp CBD products should be geared towards being clean and effective. When a company passes those tests, we will put them on our site. For starters, we are going to look at their website and how the product is described. Below is a screen shot of their website, with the second slider image displayed. You can click to enlarge it in a new browser window/tab. At first glance, the slider on the homepage claims that the product contains 30% Hemp CBD Extract. This may hold true for their source oil, similar to what we carry here. It is very reasonable to believe that this is a true statement. However, where things get fishy with the product is that they DO NOT inform you to the exact amount of CBD contained within their 10ml bottles, or this information is not readily available and easy to find (we have yet to find it!). So, according to their advertisement, their vape oil is actually a 30% CBD concentration. After digging deeper, it is found that there is supposed to be 30mg of CBD per bottle. A far cry from the deceptive 30% advertisement in their slider. Each single milliliter (ml) of fluid will weigh approximately 1 gram. Already we are at a 3% CBD concentration if you had a full 30mg of CBD in only 1 ml of fluid. But it gets worse…there are 10 ml’s in each bottle. That means that their advertised 30% CBD is really only 0.3% . What we also found deceptive was the claim that their oils are the strongest in the industry, at 30mg CBD per 10ml bottle. 0.3% is far from the strongest, especially when compared to the 1% in the Tasty Vape products, the 1.5% strength of the Hemp Honey Liquid oils, and the 5% strength of the Bluegrass Naturals EMist vaporizer oils. And it definitely isn’t anywhere near the 24 – 41% CBD Dabs from Hemp Remedies. After performing a little more research, we were able to find some test results for the MS vape oils here at Analytical360. What we discovered there is that their product actually out-did their stated estimates. This particular bottle contained approximately 75mg’s of CBD, where their stated amount is 30mg per bottle. This is a step in the right direction, though we still do not like the 30% CBD in their advertising, as we feel that is incredibly deceptive marketing, and is nearly 50 times the amount actually found within the product. All in all, we would like to see some more candidness regarding the product from the manufacturer/distributors of Miracle Smoke before we look into possibly carrying their oils for our customers.

[ UPDATE ] We have just discovered that there is a ‘45%’ Miracle Smoke Product. When you do the math, 45mg in 10ml of fluid DOES NOT equal 45%, but a paltry 0.45%, which is a 100x increase between what the product actually contains versus what they claim it contains. If it were a 45% CBD product with 45 mg’s CBD, there would only be .1ml of liquid, not the 10ml currently in the product. CBD Oil Review rates the Miracle Smoke line with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Innovation Badges. Learn 10 reasons why CBD Living is our top choice and SAVE 20%! Quite simply they say, “Since CBD is so new in the market many people have a lot of questions and really don't understand CBD so I've tried here to answer a few of the most common ones”. What is clear about Miracle Smoke is that they have a private label service where they put your label on their products. Due to the lack of public information we have ranked this brand quite low.

Quality Verified – Miracle Smoke uses Co2 extracted full spectrum CBD oil made from industrial hemp.


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