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On CBD Radio, David James Weale brings you inspiring conversations to help you understand and harness the power of your own mind. Our mission is to do our part to dissolve the stigma around cannabis and CBD and help bring its many other benefits into the light. An interview-based podcast diving into discussions about cannabis, sex, fear, performance, truth, spirituality, mindfulness and other interesting topics facing society today.


Ep 28 – Brandon Pitcher

Brandon Pitcher is an award-winning developer, change agent, and educator; sharing his passion for social and ecological entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and sustainability for over 15 years. Brandon is the CEO of Blue Circle Developments, one of the larger players in the hemp and cbd world in the US and the first fully certified organic hemp producer. In this episode of CBD radio, we dig into all sorts of things about cbd and the hemp industry in general. We talk about his background, his company, where he sees things going, what challenges they’re facing now, the legal situation of the industry, some of the other companies they’re invested in, and what he sees coming in the future for the industry. Show notes: 1:45 – Background on how Brandon got involved in the industry. 4:00 – Being the first certified organic cbd producer in the US. 4:45 – Some of the other companies that Blue Circle developments have under their umbrella. 8:00 – Forward thinking, research, etc. 9:15 – What does Brandon be

27 – Hiroko Demichelis

Hiroko Demichelis is the founder of the Vancouver Brain Lab and co-founder of Moment Meditation. I was lucky enough to sit down with her recently and chat about her story and meditation while also simultaneously doing a little test on the effect of the Grind Bar on brain function. We dig into all sort of interesting stuff about brain function, meditation, and how pain inspired Hiroko to learn about all of this. And, we get our first pieces of evidence about the effects of the Grind Bar on focus and anxiety in this interview. Definitely worth a listen! Show notes 3:15

What does Hiroko believe? 7:00

Why did she start the Vancouver Brain Lab originally? 15:45

What do you measure when looking at people’s brain waves? 22:00

Eating the Grind Bar and talking about cannabinoids. 23:30

Testing for types of people that cannabis could be not so good for. 25:45

More about Moment Meditation studio. 31:00

Do you prescribe meditation for patients at the Brain Lab? 32:!5

The benefits of meditating

Ep 26 – Wade Graham

Wade Graham is one of the co-founders of Cultivated Cannabis, an online dispensary based out of Alberta. In this convo we dig into Wade’s motivation for getting into the industry, some of the hurdles he’s had to overcome being in it, some of the implications of the upcoming legalization, Wade’s love of the outdoors and travelling with his family, and much more! Show Notes 2:45

What does Wade believe? 5:15

What inspired him to get into the cannabis industry? 8:45

What sets Cultivated Cannabis apart from other online dispensaries? 12:30

What inspired him to focus on education and canna-tourism rather than the LP path? 16:15

About the industry is moving from the darkness into the light. 17:00

Does Cultivated Cannabis have a specific niche market? 19:45

Discussing driving while using cannabis. 24:00

Why I love doing this podcast and being in the cannabis industry. 27:15

The hypocrisy of what we allow people to do and not to do in our society. 30:00

025: Tim JP Collins

“If you weren’t afraid and you weren’t anxious, what would you do differently in your life?” Tim JP Collins is the host of the Anxiety Podcast and does 1 on 1 coaching and workshops all around this topic. In this episode Tim shares his story of his own life collapsing under the weight of his anxiety, and how he’s rebuilt himself and how he now helps people all over the world learn about and deal with their own struggles with anxiety. We dig into how learning to love himself more, and take care of himself and his health played a huge role in this, how meditation has helped him out, and much more! Show Notes 2:15

What does Tim believe? 5:30

What does Tim do in the world? 8:30

More about his story and what lead to him snapping and the anxiety taking over. 10:00

The blow up. 16:00

Being an anxiety detective. 18:00

What comes after finding out about people’s anxiety? 20:00

What were the shifts Tim made once he decided to make a change? 29:45

024: Tom Hatsis – The Psychedelic Witch

What an interesting journey down the rabbit hole this interview was. Thomas Hatsis is a psychedelic researcher and explorer that I was lucky enough to connect with at the recent Cannabis Hemp Conference here in Vancouver. We dig into Thomas’s book, the Witches’ Ointment, his history with psychedelics, some interesting history about cannabis that I hadn’t heard before, how cannabis improves his creativity and sex life, and loads more. I could’ve kept going for a while with this guy. Such a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of psychedelics and entheogens. If you’re at all into this world, definitely check this one out. It’s dope. Show notes 2:00

What does Thomas believe? 3:00

How did he get into the world of psychedelics and entheogens? 5:45

When did he start writing the book? 7:30

More about his book, The Witches’ Ointment ( 11:00

What is the Witches’ Ointment? 13:30

How does this ointment compare to a psych

023: Dan Harrison

Mindsets for abundance, why giving first can work, cannabis, and advice from another of the Grind Bar’s new advisors. We dig into lots of great stuff in this interview with Dan Harrison from Harrison Financial Group. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of someone who makes lots of income? Or how you can shift your own life to bring in more abundance? According to Dan, looks like one of the best ways is to give more away! This may sound odd, but in this episode, he explains why this works and how he’s creating life the way he wants it to be. Show notes: 3:00

A little about Dan’s business Harrison Financial Group. 5:30

What does Dan believe? 9:30

Dan’s financial goal now – Giving $10,000 a month to multiple charities. 11:15

Why giving first? 13:00

Why Dan has a goat on his vision board. 15:45

Why break off and work for yourself? 19:00

Thought patterns and money. 19:30

Everyone’s got a different story. 21:15

Mental patterns of successful people.

022: Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon returns for his second interview on CBD radio! Andrew was my very first guest on the show and I’m super grateful to have him back! Andrew is an amazing guy who’s doing a lot of positive, purposeful work in the cannabis space. He has worked with many dispensaries to help improve their community engagement and is now focused more on working with private clients to help set up legal access to cannabis. In this episode we dig into all sorts of stuff around the cannabis space, including the benefits of focusing on giving vs getting, how lucky we are to be in Vancouver to watch the cannabis space evolve, cannabis and kids, the benefits and legal confusion around CBD, dispensaries vs LPs, some advice from Andrew on my business, some great book recommendations, and much more! It’s a long one, but there’s a ton of gold in here! You can also listen to the episode on iTunes at: Enjoy! Show notes: 4:20

What does Andrew believe

021: Salimeh Tabrizi

After a magical journey into the Amazon rainforest Salimeh Tabrizi was inspired to devote her life to spreading awareness of plant medicine and specifically, the cannabis plant. Since then she has created the Vancouver Cannabis Hemp Conference, which is about to have it’s 3rd annual event in just a few short weeks! In this episode, we dig into beliefs (of course) and a ton of awesome info about cannabis what to expect at the upcoming conference Salimeh is organizing, which features over 50 experts in the cannabis industry sharing their wisdom and spreading awareness about this magical plant. And, this episode is our first that is on video as well! Check out the full video interview here: You can also check out the episode on iTunes at: Show notes 2:30

What Salimeh believes. 3:30

Why Salimeh does the amazing work she’s doing and how she got here. 7:30

Discomfort and growth. 9:00

More about the Vancouver Can

020: Byrce Evans

“You are the most important project in your life” Bryce Evans created the One Project many years ago as a way to both heal his own struggles with anxiety and depression and spread awareness about it with hopes of helping others heal theirs. In this episode, we dig into what anxiety is all about, how it feels, and lots of ways you can train your brain to be stronger and overcome it. We talk about Bryce’s journey and his own struggles with anxiety, how being an entrepreneur has brought even more of it into his life, and, among other things, how gratitude has helped him deal with his anxiety and reprogram his mind to be happier all the time. Listen and subscribe on iTunes: Show Notes: 2:00

What does Bryce believe? 4:00

What the One Project is all about. 10:00

What inspired the start of the One Project? 13:00

What does anxiety mean to Bryce? 16:30

What did it feel like being stuck in the anxiety in the past? 22:00

019: Jan Kasparec

Jan Kasparek… What a beautiful soul. After a rather colourful upbringing and migration to Canada, Jan set his sights on being a painter. After almost being forced to give up his dream, he persisted through and trusted in himself and the universe to help him achieve his goal. He now spends his time creating some of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen and spreading light day to day as he moves about the world. So grateful to have gotten to do this interview as Jan’s been an inspiration to me for many years. He’s one of those guys that brightens a room simply by being in it. And I had a blast digging into his mind a bit and learning about how and why he lives life as he does. Lots of gold in this one! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Listen on iTunes: Show notes: 1:30

What does Jan believe? 3:30

How that belief influences his art. 5:00

Jan’s background – How he came to be doing such beautiful work in the world 10:0

018: George Hoffmann

George Hoffmann is yet another amazing example of a man choosing to be a shining light of positivity in the world. From his work at Network Immunology to passion project teaching meditation and mindfulness in schools, to his play of doing stand-up comedy, almost everything George does is spreading light and making the world a more love-filled place. As you can likely tell by the photo he chose to use, he is someone who very seriously values not being too serious in life 🙂 Once again, we see how comedy and making people smile can be a wonderful way to spread light in the world! In our interview, we dig into all sorts of stuff around wellness, meditation, mindfulness, masculine and feminine energy, comedy, living a life of purpose and much more. I’m starting to notice a trend with these interviews… haha. Lots of gold in this one, I hope you enjoy and get some nuggets to take with you and improve your own daily life in some way. Listen on iTunes:

017: Alex Sadowski

Yogi, funny guy, spiritual explorer, there’s lots of words that can describe Alex Sadowski, but I think the best would be that he’s simply a massive source of light in the world. Alex is an old friend of mine, and someone I’ve learned a ton from on my path about spirituality, plant medicine, presence, purpose, happiness, etc. and I’m crazy grateful to share our interview with you! You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll likely have your heart and mind opened. I won’t say any more, just listen. It’s a good one! You can also listen to the episode on iTunes at: Show notes: 2:00

What Alex believes 6:45

What God represents for him 8:00

How yoga has influenced his path 16:15

How he shifted his mindset to look at life as yoga and see positive in everything 18:00

On being a funny guy 25:00

Alex’s experience hanging out with the “bad” crowd 31:00

How cannabis has tied

016: Alex Kuhn

In this episode, I sit down with Alex Kuhn. Alex is a fellow seeker and consciousness explorer and we dig into all sorts of good stuff around spirituality, cannabis, mindfulness, breathwork, sexuality, and lots more. You can also listen to the episode on iTunes at: Enjoy! Show notes 2:00

What Alex believes 4:15

More about Buddhism and Taoism 7:30

Alex’s first experience with cannabis 14:15

How cannabis has helped with anxiety and paranoia since then 15:30

How the mind and body are connected 17:00

Digging into mindfulness 26:00

How diet has impacted his path 30:30

Creating more flow in your life 38:00

Sexuality and masculine and feminine energy 50:00

Playing with the breath 55:00

The power of having alignment within the body 58:00

On CBD Radio, David James Weale brings you inspiring conversations to help you understand and harness the power of your own mind. Our mission is to do our part to dissolve the stigma around cannabis…

Why is CBD on everyone’s lips?

CBD is one of the biggest buzzwords in food and drink. It’s been hailed the next big thing, with more and more chefs and producers using CBD in their recipes. So what is it? And why is it so trendy?

In The Food Programme, Charlotte Smith talks to the owner and chef at the UK’s first cannabis-infused restaurant, meets other experts in the field – and even samples CBD herself – to try and find out what all the fuss is about.

The Food Programme: Why is CBD on everyone’s lips?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical extracted from the cannabis plant. Unlike its sibling tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s non-psychoactive and won’t get you high.

Why would you take it and what does it do to you?

CBD is thought to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm, with many arguing that it helps to relieve pain and inflammation and reduce anxiety. So far the studies aren’t clear as to whether eating small amounts has any effect or not but, despite this, it’s now a popular alternative for those seeking a remedy for anxiety or pain who don’t want to take a mind-altering drug.

Many people who take CBD believe it can help with a general sense of wellness as part of a holistic approach to looking after the body and mind.

What does it look like and how would you take it?

You can buy CBD in an oil in most health food shops. Minor Figures, who make canned coffee and oat milk, and are now producing CBD infused coconut oil. Their strategy is to sell it to cafes to display on their counter, so customers can pick up a bottle when they’re grabbing a coffee. Lexie Forrester, who does marketing for the company, describes it as “a rescue remedy following the over-consumption of coffee.” She claims if you’re feeling jittery after too many ground beans, a couple of drops under the tongue can calm you down.

Why drugs are more common than alcohol for students

Tom Wright investigates the normalisation of drug taking amongst Britain’s students.

The UK’s first cannabis-infused restaurant in Brighton, The Canna Kitchen, has an extensive menu of food incorporating the chemical, and even does a range of cannabis infused mocktails. Head chef Charlotte Kjaer says their ethos is all about healing whole foods, a plant-based diet and putting hemp in the spotlight it deserves. Customers can choose whether to have CBD suspended in hemp oil added to their dish or not, normally in the form of dressings, pesto or sides like tahini. This supposedly stops it losing its beneficial properties during the cooking process.

What does it taste like?

CBD has a distinct, earthy flavour so the oil can really change the flavour profile of food. For this reason it benefits from being paired with sweet foods, which counteract the natural bitterness. It’s no surprise that CBD gummy bears are so popular! You can also find CBD in coffee, cake, and chocolates in cafes and shops all over the country. One vendor even offers a CBD croissant.

What’s happened to make CBD popular now?

According to the Cannabis Trades Association UK, the number of people buying CBD in Britain doubled between 2017 and 2018 to 250,000. Why has it become so trendy all of a sudden?

Harry Sumnall is professor in substance use at Liverpool John Moores University and he’s been studying the rise of CBD in the UK. He believes one reason CBD is increasing in popularity is a growing public awareness of the potential medical benefits. The media attention around the cases of a two young boys with intractable epilepsy who are seemingly gaining benefits from CBD has played its part.

But it’s the United States that’s really leading the charge in this area. California was the first state to legalise cannabis for medicinal use in 1996 under the Compassionate Use Act, and this kick-started a wave of legalisation across many other states. The drug is mostly being sold for people to smoke, but edible cannabis has become more and more popular – giving birth to a new, exploding food industry.

Tips from ex-smokers on how to quit

Winifred Robinson talks to listeners who have quit and what quitting techniques they’ve found successful.

Is the future of CBD in drinks?

If we’re looking to America to predict the way the market goes here, then the future is in drinks. In the United States, money from multinational companies is pouring into cannabis infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Even well known, worldwide brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi are considering moving into cannabis and investing billions of dollars into the development of CBD products.

Is CBD here to stay?

At the moment CBD isn’t regulated, so you aren’t necessarily getting what is considered a functional amount of CBD in your product. Manufacturers can put a couple of drops in a bar of chocolate and charge ten pounds for it, without proving there is any benefit or effect at all. Also, the safety of CBD is currently being reviewed by the Food Standards Agency. At the moment manufacturers do not have to prove that the CBD their product contains is safe. If this changes, as it may soon do, it will pose a large challenge to producers and retailers of CBD products.

However, CBD doesn’t appear to be ‘just a phase’ and however its regulation evolves it looks set to stay on our shelves. The market is growing at an extraordinary rate, with some estimates putting the potential CBD market at around two billion Euros a year. So although you might not see cannabis-infused products on every street corner just yet, you may not find that you have to look too far for too much longer.

Tips for using seeds in your cooking

What is CBD? And why is it so trendy? ]]>