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“We were flying in the dark with this kid,” said Dr. Callahan, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist at the University of Utah, and an author of a letter about six vaping patients in Utah that was published Friday in The New England Journal of Medicine. “I kept thinking, his parents were there, if this were me and my wife, how crushed we would be for something that is completely avoidable. I worry that these products are really geared toward young people and kids, and we need a call to ban these things.

That’s my call to action as a father and a doctor.” The patient survived, and went home after two weeks in the hospital. It is too soon to tell whether people with vaping injuries will recover fully, or sustain lasting lung damage, Dr. He added that doctors need to take better histories of young patients who come in with pneumonialike symptoms to try to find the real cause. Some patients and their families are forthcoming about vaping, but others are not. In one case, he said, medical residents were puzzled by what could have caused the illness. He asked the patient’s mother to leave the room and then, instead of asking if the patient vaped, he simply asked, “What do you vape?” The answer was T.H.C. The state of New York, where 34 people have become ill, said on Thursday that vaping samples from eight of its cases showed high levels of a compound called vitamin E acetate. Investigators there are focusing on the possibility that the oily substance might be playing a key role in the illness. However, some of the more than 100 vaping samples being examined by the federal government did not test positive for vitamin E acetate, so that compound remains only one of many possible causes of the heavy lung inflammation.

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Broad-spectrum has many other things in the extract, and the one exception is that it does not have any THC in it.

Full-spectrum, on the other hand, has all of the other cannabinoids and compounds, including THC (it is usually shallow levels, less than 0.3%). The other effects that CBD may have on people are still being studied, but the studies are numerous. For example, this study found that CBD may be able to help with reducing intestinal inflammation. Another study found that CBD was able to help increase the amount of sleep that rats got in their normal sleep-cycles.


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