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But it seems to happen pretty rarely, compared to other survey panels. Let’s say you get five survey invitations per year. Assuming you qualify for all of them, that’s just $25 in ExtraBucks.

And that’s if you’re lucky enough not to get the shortest surveys! It’s understandable, but I still don’t think it’s convenient. My wife happens to have an ExtraCare card so she could sign up. And the rare earning opportunities certainly won’t motivate them to sign up for it. That means you will only be able to redeem your earnings at CVS. But it’s not okay for people who don’t even have a CVS in town. Frankly, they aren’t different from most similar survey panels like Mindspay in this regard. But I decided to mention and count it toward disadvantages because they used to do it until a couple of years ago, according to some users.

They offered $2 in ExtraBucks as a consolation prize. It would be nice to see that again sometime in the future. To those committed to frugal living and shopping frequently at CVS as loyalty program members, this certainly seems like another way to save a few more bucks here and there. It won’t account for much savings, but it doesn’t bring much hassle if any. Especially when combined with similar panels such as Ebates . However, if you don’t have a CVS nearby or just don’t prefer to shop there, joining this panel will most certainly be a waste of your time. You won’t even get a chance to redeem what little ExtraBucks you manage to earn by taking surveys. For you, it’s probably the best option to keep looking for panels like Fancy Hands you can make more money with. What's the difference in formulation between a cream, a salve, a lotion, and a body butter? I get this question a lot at craft shows and wrote this to help you undersand how they are formulated. What is the difference between a Lotion, Cream, Body Butter and a Salve/Balm? A salve or balm is a simple combination of oil(s) and beeswax. Beeswax is melted with the oil and then when it cools it will harden into your desired consistency. It's basically making a solid form of a herbal infused oil for ease of use. It can also have other things added to it such as essential oils, nut & fruit butters, vitamin E, etc. This gives it a long, stable shelf life without added preservatives. Lotion : A lotion is created when you take oil & water and blend it together using an emulsifying agent such as emulsifying wax or beeswax and friction like a blender to combine it all together. Lotion usually has a higher concentration of water to oil (70% water, 20% oil, 10% emulsifying agent). Depending on whether or not you use preservatives, lotions will have a shorter shelf life due to the high concentration of water. Lotions like creams are made with water and thus in order to have a stable shelf life, they either need to have preservatives added, or if you don't want to use a preservative, you need to store this at cool temperatures such as in the refrigerator in order to prevent the growth of yeast and bacteria. Cream : A cream is also created when you take oil & water and blend it together using an emulsifying agent, typically emulsifying wax or beeswax. Creams have a higher concentration of oil in them than lotions (45% water, 45% oil, 5-10% emulsifying agent), making them thicker, heavier and more moisturizing. Like lotions, creams contain water and thus need a preserving agent or should be stored in the refrigerator. You can make a cream with a lower percentage of water, and a higher percentage of oil. 15-20% water or hydrosol, 60-80% oils & butters, 10-15% emulsifying agent).

Body Butter : A body butter is created by blending natural butters like shea butter, cocoa, butter and/or mango butter with infused oils . My body butter blends usually tend to be a blend of butters and liquid carrier oils making them more malleable and easy to apply and absorb into the skin. An example would be 60-70% butters and 30-40% oils). With medicinal use of CBD on the rise, we’re seeing a big expansion in ways to effectively utilize this natural remedy. Thanks to the ever-growing number of studies showing CBD’s effectiveness when applied to the skin, topical methods of CBD application like balms, salves and lotions are becoming more popular. Known to have anti-inflammatory effects, cannabinoids can provide targeted relief for ​dry skin​, arthritis and even ​acne when used in skincare.

But what exactly are the differences between CBD salves and a CBD creams? Use of salves can be dated as far back as ancient Egypt. Back then, their primary uses were to treat infection, inflammation and pain. Salves are created by combining a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil with beeswax (or vegetable wax in vegan formulas), herbs and sometimes essential oils.


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