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We are a friendly group simply sharing our oily experiences, favorite recipes, and quality research for educational purposes. Our group is a safe place for people to learn and grow at their own pace, ask questions, share personal experiences etc. No sales, just a great resource for exclusive oily information at your finger tips.

J e n n i f e r P e d e r s o n Young Living Wholesale Member #2155708 [email protected] We hope to become your essential oil resource — take a look around, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, browse the blog — get comfortable and know that we were all once oil skeptics. Everyone’s oily adventure is different but one thing is for sure — it’s a lot more fun with our group! Make sure to connect with the person who sent you here for any questions you may have, including how to get you all set up with your own Young living Essential Oils. If you happened to stumble upon our website on your own and would like more information, guidance, etc. We are happy to help you and get you all the information you need! Virtual Office is Young Living’s website where we place orders, keep track of our businesses, and keep up on Young Living news.

Here’s the link: Check out the Essential Rewards FILE in the Facebook Page Frank and Val for a more detailed explanation, but a shortened version is Essential Rewards is Young Living’s way of setting members up on an auto-ship program. You can change your ER order at any time during the month, and you save on regular shipping costs. You will earn 10% back on your total PV to use on future orders for the first six months. After 6 months, you will earn 15% back, and after 12 months, you will earn 20%. You can use these ER points on purchases, but any purchases made using ER points WILL NOT COUNT toward your commission ER requirements. What is the difference between an Enroller and a Sponsor? An ENROLLER is the person who is given credit for the sign-up and will earn the Fast Start Bonus (see below). The SPONSOR is the person DIRECTLY above the new member in your organization. If you are just starting out, the enroller and the sponsor will probably be you, but as you grow your team, you may want to move people under other sponsors in your organization. In most cases, the same amount you spend on an oil is the amount of PV you will earn. Some items don’t have ANY PV value and some only have half- most of these items are accessories. You can see how much PV is in your order at the bottom of your cart. It is the grand total of all the PV in your business including you. PGV is Personal Group Volume, and right now, you don’t have to think about it. Don’t worry, when the time comes, we’ll teach you all you need to know about PGV! The Lemon Droppers is a group of distributors in Young Living led by Lindsey Moreno. She provides AWESOME, AWESOME support to her downline by providing us with marketing materials, training, contests, and an AMAZING Facebook group called Team Hustle. The Lemon Droppers make up 1/5 of Young Living’s total sales, and we have only been around since early 2013. Team Hustle is Lindsey Moreno’s downline business group on Facebook. IMPORTANT: this group is for BUSINESS RELATED questions ONLY. Please don’t ask oil usage questions in this group. Share-O-Matic or SOM is a website where all the online available marketing is kept. It is ALL done for you, and it contains YOUR name and contact info so that you can share it with your prospects. Please, please, be mindful of this: Lindsey does all this FREE work for us, and she only asks that we keep it private and use electronically. If you would like to buy PRINTED material from her, check out the Lemon Drop Shop here: How do I get my own Share-O-Matic?

First of all, you MUST be a member of Team Hustle on Facebook. Ask your Enroller to add you to this group if you are committed to the business and ordering 100 PV every month. Go to and click on “Create an Account” Note: in order to be considered a Lemon Dropper, you have to place an Essential Rewards order of at least 100 PV each month.

We recommend that you sign up and download all the SOMs to your computer and your phone so that you have easy access to all of them. Oily Love is a Facebook group dedicated to people who have oil usage questions. NO BUSINESS-RELATED questions are allowed because we want to love on our customers and not make them feel like a number or money maker. Anyone who has bought oils from a member of Frank and Val may be added to this group.


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