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Give an example of a web page you are trying to access. (You can copy and paste from the URL address bar.) Can CBD help with tendonitis? One of the most common physical injuries, tendonitis can not only ruin your weekend activities but your working week too. So, how can CBD products help with tendonitis and why are they potentially perfect to help sufferers manage their condition? Simply, tendonitis is the inflammation of one of the tendons in your body. These are cords made from collagen that help attach your muscles to your bone and can undergo incredible strain if you are undertaking physical activity. As muscles contract and expand or repetitive actions are carried out (such as typing on your keyboard and swinging a tennis racket), this can cause damage and irritation to the tendon causing pain. As these injuries are often caused by actions you carry out hundreds of times a day, giving your body time to recover can be incredibly difficult. Failure to manage your condition can result in pain that grows in intensity, ultimately resulting in ‘locking’ or the athletes’ famous ‘frozen shoulder’ as the joint seizes up. Research has shown the CBD has strong potential for helping to treat inflammation and prevent irritation in the first place. While this should always be accompanied by warming up for exercise or avoiding repetitive activity, CBD can help alleviate the constant chronic pain that accompanies the condition – helping make rehabilitation and additional treatment a little easier. When it comes to specific, targeted pain, it is almost always best to use a topical cream that is applied directly to the area. This allows you to apply it to the contours of the spot of injury and enjoy a long, slow infusion of CBD to the affected site throughout the entirety of the day. Alternatively, if your tendonitis is causing constant, chronic discomfort, CBD oils and capsules could potentially be taken when needed to help manage pain when you are unable to stop and apply your cream. Of course, it is always better to prevent or manage activities that aggravate your condition wherever possible and seek guidance on how best to recuperate where that is not possible. In addition, if you are already undertaking treatment under the direction of your doctor or physician it is important to seek guidance from them when it comes to taking additional supplements. We would always recommend checking to confirm that any CBD infused products or additional care treatments do not have a negative impact on your current course of treatment. Tendonitis or tendinitis is an irritation, pain, or discomfort of a tendon caused by its inflammation. A tendon is a thick cord that attaches a bone to its adjoining muscles – quite like ligaments that connect two muscles. Tendonitis usually occurs in the elbows, ankles, shoulders, wrists, knees, and heels – anywhere bones are connected to muscles for voluntary movement. Usually prevalent among athletes who play: Baseball, known as Pitcher’s shoulder Basketball, Bowling, Golf – Golfer’s elbow Running, known as Jumper’s knee Swimming, known as Swimmer’s shoulder Tennis, known as Tennis elbow Gymming, known as bicep tendonitis May also occur among aged people , as their tendons become weaker, more fragile, and lose their flexibility. It is also common among certain people, like factory workers , who need to work under stressful physical conditions that require: repetitive motions, sitting or standing in awkward or unnatural positions/postures, being under constant vibration, forceful physical exertion, or frequent overstretching of the body (or overreaching by the joints) Does Tendonitis heal by itself? With sufficient rest, tendonitis often heals on its own.

A patient would need to give the affected area complete rest in order to recover. While there are both natural and conventional treatment methods and medications to assist a person in recovery, recent research has revealed that tendonitis can be healed quite efficiently by employing alternative methods as well. CBD oil can be used in different ways by patients suffering from tendonitis. Let us find out, in more detail, how CBD oil can help Tendonitis patients overcome the pain and discomfort. People suffering from chronic joint pain often turn to alternative methods of treatment to get relief. In this respect, CBD has been seen to offer relief to many across the world.

Even some athletic associations have permitted its use among its members. At a time when conventional medications, like pain killers, come with so many side effects, it is only natural that people will look for alternative, more natural methods that have fewer or milder side effects to manage regular pain, especially those whose profession makes them vulnerable to ailments and conditions, such as tendonitis (as mentioned earlier). Usually, when it comes to joint or muscular pain, people find it easier and more effective to use topical medications [1, 2].


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