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“A typical recommended dose of oral melatonin is .5 to 5 mg,” Dr. Michael Grandler, director of the University of Arizona’s Sleep and Health Research Program, tells Rolling Stone . “But the dose of melatonin is very tricky to get right, and most people use more than is optimal.

I am not sure if [vaping] allows for tight control over the dose.” InhaleHealth , a Beverly Hills biotech company that in 2016 launched the first-ever melatonin vaporizer, makes theirs with lavender and chamomile. They also sell B12 and caffeine vaporizers, but according to CEO Daniel Wolf Shapiro, the “sleep on-demand” melatonin vaporizer is both the most popular and well-reviewed product on their website. Yet they go for a smaller concentration — each inhalation of its vaporizer yields an average .1 mg, with 40 mg of melatonin per device. “Less melatonin is necessary to take effect as it’s instantly absorbed, allowing consumers to use as they go, and take only what they need,” Shapiro says. For Dreamt , a vaporizer that launched in December 2019, melatonin wasn’t initially in the plan. They had hoped to create a cannabis vape that would help people sleep, but realized that marijuana wasn’t enough. “THC and CBD weren’t as effective as I expected them to be on their own,” says chief scientific officer Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, who has developed more than 40 cannabis products during her career. “But I introduced melatonin, terpenes, as well as valerian root to the distillate and I haven’t had trouble falling asleep since.” When combined, Mitchell says, these substances work synergistically to not only put you to sleep quickly but ensure you stay asleep throughout the night.

According to Mitchell, melatonin can only be vaporized above 900 degrees Fahrenheit — more than twice the boiling point of CBD or THC — so those molecules are dragged along with each puff, never reaching a gas phase. Therefore, it’s very likely a high percentage of it is absorbed before it even reaches the lungs. In each two or three second puff of Dreamt, there is .1 mg of melatonin, the same amount as in InhaleHealth’s vape, and five times less than Cloudy’s. Mitchell says Dreamt does not recommend taking more than three puffs, but she personally only needs one puff to feel the effects. Though these companies are finding success with melatonin vape products, the lack of scientific study concerns some medical professionals. Christine Won, director of Yale’s Sleep Laboratory, fears may happen with these vaping products — it can disrupt our circadian rhythm. Some physicians don’t even consider melatonin to be an effective sleep aid. “There have been quite a few randomized trials showing that melatonin is no better than placebo to help people sleep,” says Dr. Until vaporizers have been scientifically evaluated, physicians remain cautious about this recent evolution in vaporizers. “I have never heard of any research being done on melatonin and vaping,” Dr. Grandler told Rolling Stone after combing through published medical studies and ongoing Clinical Trials. “It sounds like this is an area that has had no research to explore it.” Calm Your Dog 4+ Relax Your Dog Naturally. Calm Your Dog is the first & only app designed to soothe & relax your dog. Calm Your Dog helps your dog relax with a collection of songs that have been proven to help dogs & puppies relax. Whether the source of your dog's anxiety is from fireworks, other animals, boredom, or simply being left alone Calm Your Dog provides an all natural alternative to help relax your dog while you are away. Most puppies are hyper & experience separation anxiety from their owners & Calm Your Dog makes it possible to soothe your puppy without the use of medication so you can feel good about leaving your puppy home alone. Cats & dogs alike respond similarly to simple, calming music & it has been proven that this type of music calms most pets & helps with anxiety & barking. The first and only app designed for pet owners by pet owners! Try Calm Your Dog today and give your dog the comfort they need when you are away! Calm Your Dog provides a wide variety of relaxing songs for dogs that will help your dog relax while you are away. This app provides calm music for dogs designed to naturally soothe and relax your dog no matter the circumstance.

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