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your latest article or video, if content is at the heart of your business an event registration page, such as a Meetup or tradeshow. Just be sure to adapt your bio copy to incorporate a CTA for your new link when you add one. If you want to track how effective your bio link is at driving traffic relative to other Instagram sources, you can use a URL shortener like Bitly, along with UTM tracking, to measure click-throughs. Whatever you choose, keep your goals in mind and how you’ll achieve them in your business profile and content. You can change your bio link as often as you want and increase its effectiveness by letting users know in individual posts and stories to check out your bio link for more info.

Speaking from experience, it’s extremely common for users to contact you after they come across your brand on Instagram. Sometimes they’ll send you a direct message, but if that’s their only option it can quickly become hard to manage. That’s why it’s important to direct customers to your preferred channels, whether it’s a phone number, email, or even directions to your store if you have a physical location. Filling out your contact information on Instagram shifts most of this responsibility from your written bio to the appropriate “action buttons” that customers can easily find when they visit your profile. You can do this by editing your profile and tapping Contact Options. From here, you can enter contact information or channels that make it easy for customers to reach you, such as: phone number, which you can set for users to either call or text email address, which will open the user’s default email app, ready to compose a message to the provided address physical address, which will be converted into directions, allowing users to pull up your business on a map and see where it is in relation to their current location third-party services to book an appointment, buy a ticket, and more through platforms like Booksy and Eventbrite. People will use the contact information you provide, so only enter information for customer service channels you actually support.

If you don’t have a phone line dedicated for customer support, don’t add in your personal phone number just because you want to have something there. This contact info will appear as clickable buttons on your profile when viewed through Instagram’s mobile app. Enable Shopping on Instagram to showcase your products. You may have noticed the Shop action button in some of the examples above. The Shop tab will appear by default after you set up Shopping on Instagram and start tagging images with product tags. You can easily set this up in your own Shopify store. The Shop tab is also home to all the content featuring your product tags, giving users the opportunity to shop your collection through the photos you’ve posted. They can tap on any of these photos to view them and to learn more about the products featured and tap once more to visit the product page on your website to make a purchase. Try to only use product tags on photos that clearly show off your products in order to create a carefully curated gallery under your Shop tab. Here’s what the Shop tab looks like for the Lucky Tackle Box Instagram: 7. Instagram Stories are an essential part of Instagram marketing, and Story Highlights give them a longer lasting presence on your profile. Highlights allow you to save individual Stories into different “highlights,” which you get to name and organize as you see fit. These Highlights will live in your profile indefinitely, right underneath your bio, above your feed, and when clicked will show the saved Stories one after another. United By Blue has Stories curated for product collections, its environmental cleanups, its online store, news, and press. Not only will your expired Stories of the day be given a longer lifespan, but you’ll be able to feature content that strongly represents your brand at the top of your feed, where users are most likely to see it. This gives you a chance to control the narrative, and even produce Stories with the express purpose of turning them into Highlights. Creating Highlights is easy: Head to your profile page and tap New+ under your bio. Select all the Stories in your archive that you want to add to this specific Highlight. Choose them based on a specific theme or a narrative you want to convey. Note that you only get a maximum of 15 characters, including spaces, so you want to be clear and creative enough to grab attention on your profile. The last step is to edit the cover image (you can even create a Story to specifically use as your cover), and then your Highlight will be published to your profile. You can add to your Highlights at any time by simply clicking on it and pressing Edit.

There are countless ways you can organize your Highlights, but some of the more common themes include: event coverage or event details user-generated content product tutorials “how it’s made” content behind-the-scenes content product features or highlights of bestsellers news and announcements. To give followers extra incentive to jump over to your site and make a purchase, consider putting a coupon code in your bio. Nutriseed does this in its Instagram bio, offering followers 10% off their first order. Discounts and promo codes are proven conversion drivers.

Not only do they drive users to your site to make a purchase, they also give you a more accurate way to track these conversions. Use a code unique in your Instagram bio so you can see exactly how many sales you’re driving. Then dig deeper into the data and see what those people are buying. Use those insights to inform your Instagram strategy.


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