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It can get confusing at times so we’ll break it down into bite sized pieces for clarity. Being active or qualified means purchasing $47.47 worth of product yourself (on autoship) or $49.97 not on autoship OR having at least ten active/qualified, personally enrolled associates or customers. The best way to launch your business is to purchase one of the Silver, Gold, or Platinum packs. This gets you the best pricing on products hands down and opens up even more ways to be paid! Here are the 7 ways you can earn income from the CTFO associate pay plan: 1) Retail Income 2) Unilevel Commissions 3) Matrix Commissions 4) Profit Sharing Positions In The Matrix (PSP’s) 5) Infinity pay bonus and the Top Gun bonus.

6) Rank Advancement Bonuses (New Nov 2019) 7) Business Builder Packs (New Nov 2019) 1) Retail Income. Retail income is generated by selling the product at its full retail pricing. This can be done either in person or from your personalized CTFO website. In person, you just sell the product(s) you have purchased at wholesale and sell them at the retail pricing and keep the difference. When you sell from your site, and when the customer decides they’d rather check out as a guest and not create an account the customer will be charged the full retail. You keep the difference between the wholesale(preferred) pricing and the retail pricing. You also get 20% of the CV of the order paid as a commission from your unilevel pay. The products wholesale price is $59.97 but the MSRP is $80.97.

This means you’ll earn $21 for this product if you sell it in person. If you sell the product at retail via your website the same retail profits mentioned above would be paid but you’ll also get 20% of the CV. The CV of a 500mg CBD oil is 29, so 20% of 29 is $5.80. Add this to the retail pricing you made above and you’re total payout for this sale is $21+$5.80=$26.80 USD. *If the customer opts to create an account and get the preferred pricing then you would be paid only the $5.80. The upside to this is their new customer account is attached to you and any future purchases will also pay you commissions! These commissions are the foundation of the pay plan and has 5 levels in depth but can be infinite wide. This pays you 20% commission of the CV of your level 1 referrals. In addition it pays 4% of the CV in levels 2,3,4 and 5 if you are an active/qualified associate. This is a separate income structure with a separate downline. All CTFO associates are automatically placed into this when they join. This pays in addition to the unilevel pay as long as you are an active/qualified associate. This matrix downline isn’t only comprised of people you recruit, this downline is made up of all associate in CTFO. You are placed in a 3×21 matrix, and each associate can have only a max of three people under them. You will be the top level of your own Matrix, and will eventually have three people under you. These individuals will be on level 1 of your matrix. Each of those people can have three people under them, and this pattern can on 21 levels in depth. Note: The percentage and how deep into the matrix you can be paid is determined by your rank, which we have broken down for you in the green button on the main page located next to this one. To simplify, we are going to show the max percentage of commissions and depth level amounts: 1% of the CV on matrix levels 1,2,3,4 and 5 10% of the CV on matrix levels 6 and 7 1% of the CV on matrix levels 8-21 While these commissions seem small, over time you can potentially create a significant residual income. 4) Profit Sharing Positions (PSP’s) This is essentially an extension of the matrix pay but this is the portion of the plan that is exclusive to CTFO and is quite interesting. As we mentioned above you can have only 3 people below you in the matrix The 4th associate goes below one of those 3 but the 4th associate also goes into a new matrix with you at the top.

This happens with every 4th person which means you can have a ton of extra matrix structures. You earn what you would usually earn from the matrix, but you’ll also generate income from these PSP positions (structures). All that to say you can earn more than you would from a standard matrix. There are addition benefits which are explained much better in the comp plan video located from the green button located on the left of the main page called “show me the money”. The infinity pay bonus is a pool comprised of all the CV within your entire team. Starting at the rank of Vice President you will qualify for this bonus.

In addition each new rank you attain will pay you a higher bonus %. This goes as high as 19% of the CV within your team.


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