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People have relied on the stress-relieving, sleep-promoting powers of L-theanine for centuries, by drinking tea—especially green tea. You don’t have to be a tea drinker to benefit from the soothing properties of this ancient herb—and even if you already enjoy a regular cup of tea, you may find an L-theanine supplement helps with relaxation, stress, and sleep. Baking Soda : $5.76 Witch Hazel: $0.06 Fragrance: $0.35 Cupcake Liner : $0.05 Labcolor: $0.15. Enter your email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in your email inbox. And in case you missed it, I did an SLS – free frosting version earlier in the cupcake game: =) If you want to stick with this recipe you can eliminate the SLS, decrease the water amount and add a little extra sugar.

Try a small test batch first =) OR you can check out some of our other frosting recipes here Is there anything I can replace the SLS with, since I'm trying to be SLS free? Excellent post – unfortunately, in the EU, you cannot sell (or even give away) any products that are "food like" for fear of someone (especially children) choking or eating something that will make them ill. If you do, you become liable for a large fine and/or imprisonment. SoapWoman, The hardest thing for me is to delegate because I always am like 'But, if I do it, it's FREE!' But the reality is that I am a much better resource to Bramble Berry marketing, designing new products and interacting with vendors than I am by packing boxes. Play to whatever your strengths are and then hire out the rest as you can. It will help you grow much more quickly than if you try to do everything alone.

Thanks for walking through the calculations for overhead, particularly adding in the extra paid help. It brings me closer to the notion that paid help could actually help my business grow, instead of taking away part of the precious dollars I get to keep… Thanks for the breakdown. I see some components I am not considering when pricing/calculating cost. i think i'm finally gettin it 🙂 You are wonderful and I am grateful for this useful info. It seems that a lot of people here are selling or planning to sell bath bombs. I recently bought a bath bomb online for $7.00 (and $3.25 shipping). There were so many great reviews and the pictures were amazing. When I received it, it was around 2.15" and 5-6oz only! And it colored my water a really pale blue and the smell disappeared within seconds of completely dissolving. After seeing this, I wanted to know how much you would price/buy a bath bomb? Let's put a 2.75" average sized bath bomb at 5-8oz. Note they didn't put product dimensions or size in description, but the reviews were great? Depending on the site and how much trouble the seller wants to go through its possible to fake some or all of the reviews. I bought one from lush couple months back that had to be a dud, no fizz little foam it just floated and did nothing after few mins I threw it away. I know a little something about sales and is where I have experience in my previous professional career. First you have to distinguish between online sales and retail sales at a store when determining pricing. With the exception of large retailer who has brick and mortar stores and also sells online. Brick and mortar sales are mostly impulse or purchased because they want to use it soon (today, tomorrow etc). You also have little to no competition in close proximity so for convenience there is a cost. (Vs the person getting in the car and driving across town to another place to buy that may be a little cheaper.) Online: not as much impulse or instant gratification. You know you will have to wait a couple days and the competition is tremendous. In seconds you can shop and compare from 100s of different sellers. Unless if you are a well known brand you will need to reduce the price in the same bath bomb online then you would sell in brick and mortar. (I can't believe people still pay $7 online what made you try it instead of one from anyone else much cheaper, the reviews?) Online you really need to market yourself, your product, branding and packaging is important and if you want to make money you need a good competitive entry price point to get people to give you a try and obviously you need a good quality product to sell, excellent customer service etc. If you develope a good brand, quality product you can charge more the your completion if not you will be basically competing with everyone else on price. Brick and mortar you just need a good display, online you need to get really creative from marketing stand point.

Brick and mortar you want to get people in the door. Online you need to get people to give you a try, think out the box. How can you get the most exposure and how can you stand out from the rest and compel them to try you. Licensed cosmetologist with 22 years of professional experience. Contact Luna Salon and Spa @810-231-3100, book with me and receive a complimentary conditioning treatment today! Call to schedule yourappontment @ Color, hilight, cut and complete style for Samantha Schulz!

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