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Remember to be gentle, these are very delicate pieces. It takes very little force to raise the ring slightly. Most of the time this will solve the problem, assuming your battery is charged and your cartridge has oil in it. More and more people are turning to vaporize or vaping, as their preferred method of consuming cannabis, and we at LiT Vape Pens understand what a bummer it can be when your vape pen and refill cartridge malfunctions.

However, it isn’t always true that you must return the product to solve this problem. Sometimes all it takes is a little troubleshooting knowledge that can save you the time it would take to have the product rectified and sent back to you. Below are some tips on what to do if you ever run into problems while using your vaporizer. Problem #1: My Vape Pen is Flashing or Flashing Different Colours – What does it mean? LiT’s eLiTe Series Pens Error Codes – What it means and how to fix our pens: Issue Reason Solution. Coil protection This happens when the button is held for more than 10 seconds. Please release button and try again in a few moments.

Button light will flash 3 colors quickly to notify user. Button Flashes Purple light 3x when connected to the cartridge. Short Circuit Protection or cartridge is twisted on too tight Try cleaning the electodes on battery & cartridge or once cartridge is fully on, press button while taking cartridge off to find when button turns solid. Button Flashes purple light 3x when NOT connected to cartridge. Clean electrodes on battery, there is likely metal scraps that shorted the battery out temporarily. Take a tooth pick or pin and poke down the airhole to see if you can clear the blockage. Try taking a tool and lifting the connection plates as seen in video #1. One of the most common problems you’re likely to encounter with your vape pen is when the battery doesn’t fire the heating element (firing pin). There could be a number of reasons behind this, but 2 are usually the problem. Problem with the connection plate : What you need to do here is to adjust the connection plate inside the thread to get better contact with the battery. Remember the connection plate is what enables your charger to transmit power to the battery when charging. To fix this simply use a sharp object like a paper clip to push up the connection plate inside the thread as shown in the video below: B. The firing pin has residue on it : Vape pens are the most simple objects to clean and maintain, but not everybody does it. Cleaning regularly will not only extend its life but can help prevent problems with the firing pin. This can be done by dubbing the inside of the vape pen’s chamber with a cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alcohol, and you’re good to go. Sometimes your vape pen doesn’t produce any vapour even when the battery shows that it’s charged. When this happens the most likely cause is that the firing pin in the cartridge doesn’t have proper contact with the battery. This can happen when the cartridge is screwed in too tight. To avoid this, just ensure that the firing pin is pulled out to the point where it is flush with the bottom of the cartridge, which you can do by using the tip of a pocket knife, a razor blade, or paper clip. You can then connect it to a charged battery to check if it’s “pulling” properly. Below is a video showing how to pull out the firing pin with the aid of a paper clip: Using this simple method your vape pen should be working A-Okay. A word of caution- please be careful not to cut yourself while doing this. If you have a re-usable pen, it can sometimes get plugged while you’re taking a puff. If it does, try taking the reusable tip-off and gently blow into it on both ends.

Sometimes a puff of smoke will come out when you do this, which instantly unplugs it. While this list may not cover all the challenges you might run into when using your vape pen, we hope this information will go a long way in making your vaping experience more pleasant and trouble-free. In case you have questions this guide can help you resolve many of the issues that you’ll come across when using a vape pen. Vape pens are quickly becoming the trendiest way to consume cannabis because they’re very discreet and convenient , and we’ve got a ton of products to suit your particular taste. For example, you can now enjoy both our disposable and re-useable vape pens. Just so you know, re-usable pens come with a charger and refill cartridges and although they cost a little more, they’re well worth it. So go ahead, sign up now for an unforgettable experience. Due to High demand, This item may be unavailable from time to time.

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