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This allows you to bypass Pepperjam support and go straight to the source. It’s hardly revolutionary, but it is well implemented. So overall their customer support is about on par with other affiliate marketing networks. Let’s review what Joe and Josephine public has to say about Pepperjam, just to give you as unbiased a review of the network as possible.

So the first piece of feedback appears to be from an advertiser who’s pissed off that things didn’t work out. The problem is they’re annoyed but not specific – it’s just a shotgun blast of anger. Next up we have an affiliate who had to wait three months for payment. That’s not a good sign but it might also be an isolated case. And then finally we have a complaint about their customer service from after Pepperjam “parted ways” with eBay. The main issue with rounding up feedback is that Pepperjam disappeared into the folds of eBay for a few years, so recent criticism is kind of thin on the ground. Number of merchants: 930+ Offer types: CPA and sale. So, on review, what are the pros and cons of using Pepperjam as part of your affiliate marketing plans? They provide dedicated account managers or allude to do that A number of big brands worthy of your attention Intuitive affiliate dashboard You can receive payment via PayPal Easy-to-use affiliate link building tools Very straightforward sign-up process.

Limited payment options…unless you email them Oddly clumsy payment structure No public EPC metrics. And that brings us to the conclusion of our Pepperjam affiliate network review. My final impression of Pepperjam is somewhat mixed. They do some things really well, but just drop the ball on others. Like the missing EPC data and the odd fixation on PayPal payments. But they have a solid range of affiliate and customer service/support tools and do represent some pretty impressive brand names. So I can only surmise at least some of their affiliates are making bank. And if you’d like to figure out how to make some of that lovely Internet monies you might want to check out our free 2-hour training class. We cover the basics of putting together your first affiliate site. And it’s ideal for beginners, so you definitely won’t feel out of your depth. The one thing we do need to know though is where to send your invitation. And don’t forget to share this post on social media if you found this information useful. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing ways that bloggers, social media influencers, and YouTube stars have been earning from the hard work they put into creating their content. To start, it's the cheapest and easiest way to monetize anything you put online, and the Pepperjam affiliate network is one of the best ways to accomplish that. While many maintain blogs and websites just for personal expression, over time all of that hard work could lead to a very successful business as thousands of other digital entrepreneurs have found out through affiliate marketing. Like most other affiliate networks, Pepperjam doesn't require any money to participate in affiliate programs. Plus, the fact that you don't need any staff, and owning a domain is super cheap, the whole “affiliate marketer” gig is an incredibly cheap and easy way to start an online business. Through that partnership, if you're discussing a certain topic, you may insert links throughout that topic which guide your reader to an affiliated company that they may be interested in. If that person purchases something based on those links, you often get a commission of that sale. It doesn't require you to sell either – you just have to learn where is the most appropriate location to place the links and let the readers do the purchasing on their own. If you want to learn how to earn money with affiliate marketing, my free email course is a great way to get started. Affiliate marketing has two different setups that you'll find online in terms of affiliate “programs” and “networks”. The affiliate program as a term is when a single company hosts their affiliate marketing campaign on their own website. In an affiliate program you will work just with that one company, sign up with them, and utilize their platform to run the affiliate work on. Affiliate networks on the other hand are large platforms that companies can choose to put their affiliate program on.

Affiliate networks will have often hundreds or thousands of affiliate programs within it. The benefit of affiliate networks is that you'll only have to sign up once and you'll be able to access all of the affiliate programs within it easily with a one-click application to each company. Affiliate networks give you a big advantage as you can easily switch between different companies to see which one works best for you. It also eliminates the learning curve and application time that signing up for a single affiliate program one-by-one. Today's tutorial is on the Pepperjam affiliate network is a privately owned marketing company who created a simple yet dynamic affiliate network full of hundreds of popular brands including companies like Bath & BodyWorks, Nordstrom, Honey, Groupon, Aeropostale, Ace Hardware, Dollar General, and so many more.

Read on to find out more about how to sign up and use the platform so you can start earning form your digital masterpieces.


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