cvs east milton square

They replaced the diamond and re-dipped my ring for free. Both rings look brand new and I am in love all over again. All I wanted for my birthday was to have my 35 year old cross necklace cleaned.

My husband just happened to see the sign and so he took it in without a lot of hope. They spent almost 30 minutes on it - and it was free cleaning. I am very pleased with my experience at the Dublin CDI. I had lost a small diamond in my ring and had another jewelry store estimate what it would cost to repair it. My daughter had been to CDI and was pleased so I decided to give it a try. Their price was far less, the time it took them was also less. They delivered the day they promised and my ring looks gorgeous. And, unexpectedly, they even volunteered a 25% discount when I picked up my ring. They will definitely be my jeweler of choice from now on.

My wife's wedding ring and band were such an easy shop a couple months ago. I went in with my budget and Ernie and Matt made things happen. Of course I can measure their success in her smile. I also came back to CDI a couple months later to replace my wedding ring. Ernie made it easy and we were done in a couple minutes. My fiancé bought my engagement ring here 2 years ago and it was exactly what I wanted. Here I am 2 years later and a diamond fell out of my band (for my lack of caring for it) and Matt and Jay could not have been more helpful to get my ring fixed. Wonderful customer service, great prices, and beautiful jewelry! Ernie was extremely helpful in my search for the perfect engagement ring! The CDI Team is very knowledgeable and Ernie took the time to explain to me not only details of diamonds in general, but also provided great detail on the specific diamonds I was looking at and the one I ultimately chose. Ernie worked with us to find the perfect engagement ring. We told Ernie what we had in mind, and he was able to put together a custom ring for us at a great price. If you want your search for an engagement ring to be seamless, CDI is the place to go. Got my watch (link) adjusted and battery replaced; also my wedding band/ring resized and all channels repaired, having set soldered. Thank you so much, Ernie & Matt for your expertise and personable service. They had the best prices out of anyone I called and even offered to do same-day appraisal if I dropped it off early in the day. When I came back to pick my ring up, he explained the appraisal to me and sent me home with an insurance recommendation and some jewelry cleaner! Matt was very nice to work with, he knew exactly what we were looking for. The first day we were there, he showed us some diamonds and settings. We told him that we liked a couple of the stones and mounts, but didn't tell him the exact combination. Once me and my wife decided which combination to buy, we went back to the store and guess what?? Matt had already sent the diamond and ring to be finished (before we even confirmed and paid for it), he said we could pick it up the next day. He was so confident of what we would decide on that he didn't even wait for us. We were very impressed, it definitely shows that he knows what his customers want. Such a wonderful store to bring my happiest day to life.

I had only a vision in my mind and this team was able to bring it to reality. I know its hard to believe but the final product was even better than I could have imagined. I recently noticed the prongs on my wedding ring were snagging thing so I took it to CDI to be fixed.

When Ernie called me to say the ring was ready fo pick up he also told me to bring my other rings in and he would clean them. My wedding ring looked like new and the other rings sparkled after a professional cleaning. I am very happy with CDI as the cost of repair was very fair and everyone in the store could not have been nicer. We had a wedding band made for my wife to match an existing band that she had.


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