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As the weather warms up, it’s a good time to think about getting a massage. Dawna Raehpour, Certified Massage Therapist at Encompass Massage Therapy. Valentine gift baskets are a thoughtful way to care for those you love! Who needs flowers when you can give the gift of health?

Call my office at 316-683-5490 to order yours today! The half hour massage gift basket is $50, and the one hour package is $75. Dawna Raehpour, Certified Massage Therapist at Encompass Massage Therapy. I love creating gift baskets to donate to worthy causes! Today, I'm delivering one stocked with spa items and a massage gift certificate for an upcoming fundraiser at Positive Directions in Wichita. Whether it's for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary, a massage gift basket is a special way to say you care about someone! One hour massage gift baskets are $75, and half hour baskets are $50. If you prefer to simply give a massage gift certificate, those are always available. We are closed again tomorrow but will be in the office Thursday and Friday.

Call to #schedule your #appointment before the holidays. Massage at Lakewood Dawna Raehpour, Certified Massage Therapist at Lakewood Chiropractic 316.683.5490 We are excited to announce that Dawna Campise Raehpour has joined our team as a Massage Therapist. Dawna has experience in several types of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Geriatric, Hospice, Sports, Prenatal and Lymphatic Drainage. Call 316.683.5490 to schedule a massage with Dawna! Dawna Raehpour, Certified Massage Therapist at Lakewood Chiropractic Expecting mother's often find chiropractic care helps them to feel less discomfort as their bodies grow and change. If you are a mom who used chiropractic care during a pregnancy, please tell us your story. Comment below to let others know how #chiropractic helped you. Chiropractic can reduce low back pain in pregnant women. #ThinkChiropractic Chiropractic care can play an important role in getting your employees back to work without the risk of addictive opioids. Labor force participation has fallen more in areas where relatively more opioid pain medication is prescribed. Chiropractic care serves as a first-line, safer approach to pain management for back and neck pain before opioids. We believe that the body is a self healing, self regulating organism. 5 Doctors with 1 Mission: To provide safe, all -natural healthcare to our community. We treat adults and children in our clinic and want to help as many people as possible achieve optimum health and wellness. Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in Wichita? I’ve wanted to do a raw sprouted hummus for awhile and thought it was finally time! Raw chickpeas have a much different flavor than the cooked ones I’m used too. Freshly sprouted chickpeas have a nice flavor alone, but in a hummus they are spectacular! I’ve also been playing around with my juice pulp making crackers and this raw hummus was a perfect complement to my new obsession! I made this sprouted chickpea hummus about the same as I would regular hummus, except I added extra of everything to really get a good and flavorful raw sprouted hummus. We know cooked chickpeas are good for us but they are even better after sprouting! Water is the key to unlocking their rich source of nutrition.

Germination is a life force and we can benefit by adding sprouted nuts and seeds into our daily lives. Once sprouted the protein content will increase by as much as 20%, nucliec acids by 30% and many vitamins by as much as 500% – yes 500%. It just takes a couple days of patience, but it’s worth watching your little seeds come to life and do their magic.

You don’t really need any special tools to sprout your chickpeas. I used a mason jar with a sprouting lid but any bowl or jar will do.


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