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A bill that would have created a permanent commercial hemp program in Hawaii was vetoed in July by Gov. The measure also would have allowed growers to remove leaf and flower material – which contains CBD – from the growth site, which is currently prohibited in Hawaii. Ige said he was concerned, in part, because the bill restricted the state’s ability to test hemp plants to once a year. 6 comments on “ Much of Hawaii hemp crop destroyed as farmers search for viable cultivars ” What is the exact plant sampling technique used by the regulators?

Where did the sampling techniques come from and who developed the techniques? Are you using the sampling techniques recognized in global trade agreements? Please clarify, In hawaii we take the top TWO INCHES! It was claimed Yuma strain hemp seeds from China were used in the test cases? The state of Hawaii didn’t run their own test plant on a small test case first? Why are these farmers required to pay $250 ($7,500 a year in revenue paid by farmers) a year then an additional $2 for each acre or whatever? The state should pay the farmers for their time, energy and effort to bring the industry to Hawaii. Who is doing the research to determine the best hemp strain for Hawaii?

First please identify what market you are growing for? So far what I have seen is short Indaca looking dirt weeds. Nothing genuine to Hemp for cordage, rope, and canvas. HDOA’s industrial hemp pilot program regulates only the cultivation of industrial hemp. It does not regulate the processing of industrial hemp or products made from or containing industrial hemp. The pilot program places no restrictions on cultivating industrial hemp containing cannabidiol (CBD). However, there may be other laws or regulations that restrict or prohibit CBD in hemp, both during cultivation and after harvest. To ensure compliance with all laws and regulations, HDOA recommends consulting with an attorney or regulatory specialist. The 2018 Federal Farm Bill specifically did not invalidate current state regulations. Currently, the only legal means of cultivating hemp in Hawaii is the department’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program, which is based upon the 2014 Farm Bill and state law enacted in 2016. To view the HDOA news release regarding USDA’s recently released interim final rule regarding hemp production, go to: SEED/APPROVED VARIETALS. Unless a licensed grower in HDOA’s program requests to use a seed/varietal, it will not be reviewed for usage in HDOA’s program. In addition, presence on the list of genetics approved for usage in the program does not constitute a license to sell seed. Routine sample collection and testing will take place sometime within 30 days before harvest. Inspections may be announced or unannounced, and be performed to ensure compliance with rules, and confirm reports and adherence to stated research and best management plans. Will the tests be conducted in Hawaii or sent elsewhere? Potency testing for THC and sometimes pesticides screening. THC will be measured by combining THC and decarboxylated THCA. How is HDOA going to make sure that industrial hemp is not sold as real marijuana? HDOA will carefully review applicant’s security plans to ensure that it is appropriate for the location and endeavor proposed. Ultimately, it is the licensee’s responsibility to protect their crop, and report any theft to law enforcement. Will the Hawaii Department of Agriculture provide hemp processing facilities or buy hemp from growers? Will I need a permit from HDOA if I want to process hemp? No permit is necessary from HDOA, as HDOA regulates growth, not processing.

Those who process hemp may, however, fall under the regulatory oversight of other state and/or federal agencies. HDOA regulates growth, not processing or manufactured products. Other departments such as the Department of Health or Department of Public Safety may have applicable rules or regulation. Herbs have been used for thousands of years as a major part of traditional medicine.

Although some of these uses belong to the realms of fantasy, modern scientific research confirms and expands the uses of many medicinal plants as effective therapy. Interestingly, new clinical trials are recognizing the traditional role of whole plant extracts which enable activity while protecting from side effects. Selecting combinations of theses herbs is the job of a skilled herbalist.


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