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30, the company operated 7,944 drugstores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, with plans to grow its store base by approximately 1.5 to 2.5 percent in fiscal 2013, according to its website. Agree Realty has an established relationship with Walgreens — nationwide, its top three tenants are Walgreens, Kmart and CVS. 2, 32 percent of the company’s annualized base rent came from Walgreen Co., according to a quarterly filing with the U.S. Agree controls the Ann Arbor property on the corner of Jackson and Maple roads where a Walgreens was constructed in 2010.

The company also owned the former Borders headquarters on Phoenix Drive and a portion of the former flagship Borders store downtown, but lost or sold those properties after Borders liquidated last year. CVS received city approvals in 2009 to proceed with an $8 million project that preserved the historic facade at 209-211 S. Located on two levels, the store is 13,040 square feet. Ann Arbor’s Historic District Commission is expected to consider the request to install Walgreens signs on the South State Street building at its Nov. Lizzy Alfs is a business reporter for Reach her at 734-623-2584 or email her at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at

This is a free country, even if that means Walgreens where you might prefer a small local operator. The fact is if any local business owner was up to the task they would have leased the property. Let the people speak with their dollars, don't frequent this Walgreens and it will be gone as fast as any of the other businesses we've seen come and go in this town. I have been part of the "opening crew" for stores such as this one, and I'll never do it again. goes something like this: 1)store is getting ready to open, the powers-that-be need a LOT of help to do so. 2)anybody who walks through the door with a pulse, gets a job. 3)poor slobs bust their behinds cleaning, stocking, etc. 5)higher-ups start howling about overhead costs, do what you have to do but bring those costs down!! 6)the majority of employees are let go, frequently w/o any explanation. Can we PLEASE bring in businesses that will properly use apostrophes?? Charles Walgreen Jr (son of founder) went to school at UofM before he became head of the company. And he donated $10 mil to build the Walgreen Drama Center on North Campus. This really pleases me, now I don't have to travel on the busy Washtenawe Ave. Emily- I've long thought an 'urban' Target would be successful downtown; however this location seems to be far too small as their typical locations are over 120k square feet and their condensed urban stores run around 75k sf. Commercial rental rates are exorbitant on the state street/liberty corridor so it is very difficult for any independent business owner to come in and survive. Colliers and Jim Chaconas list everything available for $40 or more a square foot and that is absolutely insane. They're the only ones with the incentive because no matter how many businesses fail, Chaconas could care less because he keeps collecting his fat commission as he drives out of downtown every day. If we want positive growth in this city, with new local retailers surviving and growing, it would be nice to have someone that is actually invested in downtown, stays downtown, and cares about it. The site is a historic location at a key position on State Street on central campus. To put a Walgreen's there is just a terrible decision. The Walgreen's at the corner of the Huron Parkway and Washtenaw is a dreadful bloated store full of overpriced goods and awful customer service. Does A2 really want a huge chain store to anchor State Street on central campus? If that is the best that the building owner can come up with, then send him back to Texas, which is full of strip malls.

One more example of the Disneyland, over-commercialized atmosphere of what used to be a classic college town. Ann Arbor of the 50s and 60s had many chain stores in town before the population moved farther out and the malls appeared. Back then along with SS Kresge there was Saks Fifth Ave on State, Sears on Main St. Automotive dealerships and Bowling alleys lined Huron Street and gas stations were on numerous corners throughout the downtown and campus area. There were five service stations on South University between N. If Ann Arbor stops evolving then we will be in decline. and I believe that "Monkey-Ward's" was actually on Fourth Ave., . Why do we need to have this obscene twinning of chains *everywhere*, including in our downtowns? I'm long past mourning the loss of interesting and funky in downtown AA, but do we really need to have the strip-mall battles waged at every peripheral road in towns all through this land there also? Just because corporate America scopes out all locations where a competitor exists and tries to wedge itself in there also, do we have to oblige?

Enjoy the chewing gum and contact lens solution price wars everybody! Although the logistics would be a nightmare, I think it would be better to have a grocery or perhaps a Meijer-type of store (grocery, hardware, etc) there instead of another drug store. As has been stated, there's a CVS across the street. I would prefer a locally owned & operated business, but realistically, this community probably won't support it.


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